Zodiac sign cancer: feeling is everything!

people with Zodiac Sign Cancer are compassionate, loving, helpful and lovable. They rarely criticize. In places where they spend time, many other people also very quickly feel at home.

So empathic and yet so distant: The zodiac sign Cancer keeps its distance

You can only get really close to people who were born in the Zodiac Sign Cancer are born, only in rare cases. Yet you would love to have her as a close friend or best friend. For few are as empathetic and helpful as they are. Their distance results from their great sensitivity. No one is as vulnerable as the Cancer.

With too much closeness, they are afraid of being disappointed or of unknowingly and unintentionally causing pain to others. That is why the Cancer is often surrounded by an invisible protective wall. When the Cancer woman or the Cancer man give away their heart, then forever. And no one takes it harder than they do when a loved one betrays them.

The typical Cancer often looks like someone who has jumped from earlier decades into the present. Cancers attach great importance to Tradition and a polite tone. They still hold on to the "you" when everyone else is already on a first-name basis. Cancers think long and hard before taking action and therefore have the reputation of living according to the principle "two steps forward, one step back".

Yet they have never taken these famous two steps! They just pretended while they thought about everything again carefully. This is also reflected in their clothing. The Cancer woman loves fashion and everything beautiful, but the choice of her outfits is rarely really courageous.

Parents of Cancer children are usually quite relaxed, because in this Sign of the zodiac there are almost only very well-behaved children. parents hardly need to do anything, and yet the child seems extremely well brought up. When choosing a career, however, there may be difficulties, since Cancer youths only focus on their Heart listen and seldom let the mind prevail.

If all good friends or buddies go to this and that university, then you go too – although you might be much better off in another education. Luckily, since Cancers are good listeners and take everything very seriously, good advice can save you from the worst bad decisions.

When the Cancer woman or man gives their heart away, it's forever

When the Cancer woman or man gives their heart away, it’s forever. (#01)

Celebrities born under the astrological sign of Cancer

Surprisingly, two famous princesses in this Zodiac born, and both are known for their great compassion: the late Princess Diana and the popular Swedish Crown Princess Victoria! Other well-known Cancer personalities are Gunther Jauch, Tom Hanks, Walter Scheel and Nelson Mandela. You can find more celebrities on this website.

The zodiac sign Cancer: You can rely on these people!

Since Cancers learn to make brisk decisions only as they grow older, the Career choice long drawn out. Not infrequently they break off educations and start a new one. Since they are very sensitive, today’s pressure to perform in many professions can cause them problems even during training. However, since they are also very responsible, the change is not easy for them. Decisions of this kind are thoroughly considered and must be Family and taken seriously by friends.

But when they do find the right place in life, they fill it with great enthusiasm. It is important that they can bear responsibility and that they have a Profession where they have their Empathy can live out. In which field they do it depends on their natural talents. So, on the one hand, they can be great at managing other people’s assets, but on the other hand, they can also become compassionate nurses or pastors. It is important that they can still keep a certain formal distance from their fellow men, as they feel very uncomfortable if you get too close to them.

However, they do not tolerate stress and great pressure. If you have to give them a deadline for professional reasons, be generous. Thanks to their sense of responsibility they keep Cancerians any date, but they work better and feel more comfortable when they have more time to reflect. They also feel uncomfortable among many people. A job at the fairground is not for them. Even the open office can be a bit borderline. They work best in their own space.

Cancers love children, animals, plants, beautiful things and ancient traditions. Just like the fish, the crab has a peculiar pleasure in water. Completely independent of his others Characteristics He or she feels comfortable in all professions that have something to do with lakes or the sea.

Decisions are thoroughly considered and must be taken seriously by family and friends

Decisions are thoroughly considered and must be taken seriously by family and friends. (#02)

Cancerians feel at home in these areas:

  • Social
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Counseling centers of all kinds
  • Marine Biology
  • Port management or seafaring
  • Medicine
  • Pastoral care
  • Architecture
  • Law of all kinds
  • Commercial field

These professions are particularly well suited to the zodiac sign Cancer:

  • Pastor
  • Marine biologist or animal keeper
  • Nurse or caregiver
  • Life coach
  • Psychologist
  • Wealth manager or bank advisor
  • Interior designer
  • Advocate

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The zodiac sign Cancer and the Ascendant

How much this or that Property The way in which the Cancer is pronounced depends of course on the other planets, the position of the houses and the family Ascendant (AC) from. Some tolerate stress better than others, some are even more sensitive than others. A general horoscope can only ever point the direction. The analysis becomes a bit more accurate if you at least take a look at the AC that results from the hour of birth.

On the Internet there are several ways to reduce Ascendant to calculate, u.a. also on the web page Astroportal:

  • Sun and AC in Cancer:The Double Cancer is mostly popular everywhere thanks to his sensitive nature and has to be careful not to be taken advantage of. These people are romantic and responsible at the same time and can become good wedding planners or conservationists.
  • AC in LeoCancer wants to withdraw, Leo wants to be the center of attention. Perfect for people who are in the Profession should radiate a natural authority now and then. Good for pastors, asset managers, and anyone who works in show business.
  • AC in VirgoEmpathy meets analysis. Here you are not only sympathized, here you are also told why you have problems and how it could be better. Doctors, psychologists, nurses, life consultants could have success with this combination.
  • AC in Libra:Both Zodiac sign love the beauty and harmony. Since no one loves their own home as much as Cancer, this combination could produce excellent interior designers.
  • AC in Scorpio:Passivity meets action! These Cancers come out of their shells more easily than others, they can also speak their mind more clearly. They are very thorough, good at managing finances and – depending on their talent – can even become very successful on stage as singers or actors.
  • AC in Sagittarius:Both are very sensitive, justice is for both of them Zodiac sign very important. They are thoughtful and popular people who become happy as lawyers, marriage counselors or even animal rights activists.
  • AC in CapricornHomeland feelings meet ambition. These people make a career without stepping on others’ toes. The famous elbows are foreign to them. They are traditional and not infrequently learn the Occupation, that their parents also had.
  • AC in AquariusThoughtfulness and slowness meet quick thinking. This is a natural contradiction with many implications. Sometimes these Cancers become just a little bit faster than others. Others develop a fine feeling for the supernatural or everything psychological.
  • AC in Pisces:Two emotional beings who love the water. One should not be surprised if they study marine biology or work in environmental protection for clean water.
  • AC in Aries:Sensitivity meets explosiveness. Whoever hurts these people can be prepared for something! Here you can find those fellow citizens who fight against social injustice and sometimes doubt the world.
  • AC in Taurus:Sense of responsibility meets pleasure. Here life must be fun. At the same time both have Zodiac sign a flair for money. You will be happy in commercial professions or even excellent accountants who can enjoy a long lunch break now and then in peace.
  • AC in Gemini:The light-footed Gemini takes the slowness out of the level-headed Cancer. They do not take things quite as tragically as other crabs. These people are good pastors without having to be pastors because of it. They can give comfort and always build others up thanks to their good humor.

If an office is particularly cozy and there are photos of the family on the desk, there is probably a Cancer working here

If an office is especially cozy and there are photos of the family on the desk, there is probably a Cancer working here. (#03)

The zodiac sign Cancer as a colleague: always take it easy!

Cancers are capable of great achievements, if they have the time to do so. If the boss or the others Colleagues push, on the other hand, nothing goes. Since they are always doubting themselves, they sometimes appear insecure and can also make mistakes in the early stages. A Cancer colleague should therefore always be given a little time. Both during induction and later in everyday work. Since he takes things calmly, he rarely looks at the clock and does not mind working overtime. Good things take time!

If an office is furnished in a particularly cozy way and there are photos of the family on the desk, a Cancer is probably working here. This Zodiac sign always has his closest family in his heart and manages to make a bit of home out of even the coolest and most impersonal room. Since Cancers are always very friendly, there is also a natural Feel-good atmosphere. In addition, they never push, rarely criticize and listen well.

It’s no wonder when the Cancer office becomes the place to go for all the other colleagues. Here you can tell that the children are sick, the wife or husband is causing problems at home, the money is not enough, the vacation was lousy, the hairstyle does not fit – the crab listens to everything understandingly.

Unfortunately, they are so considerate that they also make poor negotiators and salespeople. They are easily taken advantage of and rarely cut a good figure in sales talks. They can do anything but act. Considering this, they will instead be recognized for their reliability, sense of responsibility and their Humanity no longer want to miss!

The zodiac sign Cancer as a boss: Should we or shouldn’t we??

As a boss, the Cancer is either perfect – or totally unsuitable. It depends on the innate talents and the rest of the factors in the horoscope. The typical Cancer can have a hard time in the boss chair at any rate, because he is reluctant to make decisions. Since he is always rethinking the implications of his actions, it may take days or weeks before he signs or decides anything.

This perpetual dithering can create feelings of insecurity among employees. For who knows exactly what this cancer fears and thinks? He only lets very few people get close to him.

If there is an Cancer but makes it to the boss’s chair and succeeds there, he is one of the best bosses ever. He’s still working when everyone else has long since called it a day. Cancers hold on to the traditions of their company, and they make sure that the work spaces are as appealing as possible. Everyone should feel comfortable in this house.

The Krebs boss, of course, always listens to the concerns of his employees and will do everything to ensure that there is never any trouble or even tears. Cancer’s boss would be huggable – if only he would let it happen. And of course that does not happen. On the contrary. This boss, even after 35 years and numerous company parties, is still on speaking terms with his closest colleagues.

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