Writing a funeral card: thank you notes

Thank you card

With comforting words, close relatives and loved ones thank all mourners for their support during this difficult time. Gladly in thank-you notes also over the appreciation and allowances of all kinds, thanked. This can be monetary donations, flowers or simply a silent handshake.

How to write a thank you note and what to look for, you can read here with us. Our Templates and text examples for thank you notes you are welcome to individually adapt to their needs.

Writing a thank you note: This is how it’s done!

Before you write a thank you note you should consider who it is for. Address all mourners in general or does it need individual texts for companies or associations? If the thank-you note is addressed to all those involved, the classic variant, a thank-you note in the local newspaper, can be chosen. Specially designed and written thank you notes are popular for doctors, companies or associations of the deceased, used.

Almost anything is allowed in a thank you note. Short funeral sayings, quotes or personal words are common here. The text should, however, radiate confidence and optimism and honor the deceased in his or her own way. If you write a thank you note yourself, you should write it preferably on a suitable stationery.

Text examples and templates for a thank you note in case of bereavement

Much too early and completely unexpected you leave a gap of unspeakable extent.We thank you for your unconditional love, your work and the precious time we were allowed to spend with you.

With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to our son, who was released after a serious illness.

Many thanks to all relatives, friends, neighbors, schoolmates and acquaintances who felt connected to us in silent mourning and expressed their sympathy in many ways. The burial took place in his hometown …

Sincere thanks
for the many signs of sympathy
in the hours of farewell,
for affection, friendship
and appreciation in word and writing,
for flowers and gifts,
the relatives, friends,
neighbors and acquaintances,
who accompanied him and also to those,
who could only be with her in mind.

It was a great comfort not to be alone in the painful parting of the person we loved so much. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and letters, flowers and financial donations.

With ease and joy you went through life, full of optimism and kindness. You were always there for everyone. Very sadly we quietly say goodbye to … We thank you for the wonderful time we were allowed to spend with you. You will always remain in our hearts and thoughts.

Unable to thank each and every one of you for the countless expressions of sincere sympathy, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have expressed their closeness to us.

Thank you … for all the words of comfort, spoken or written,for a handshake, a hug when the words were missing,for the flowers, wreaths and monetary donations, to all those who accompanied our … on his last journey.

It is the mourning for your life, for all that might still have been possible, what everyone wished for you and wanted for you. But, that you no longer exist we do not even understand. With you missing, a shining light in our lives. To all who accompany us in the painful loss of our beloved … we say thank you.

There is no real guide to writing a thank you note in the event of a bereavement. Allowed almost everything that speaks from their heart. Saying thank you is not a bad thing, even if many things are still taken for granted in the event of a bereavement. Address in their closing words empathetic, also in view of the deceased, to all friends and acquaintances and relatives.

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