Why you should avoid shaving without shaving foam

shave without foam

You don’t have any shaving foam at hand right now and want to know if you can shave without it? In this article, I want to show you alternatives that allow you to shave without shaving cream. In addition, you will learn what the foam is actually good for and why you should definitely use it for a proper wet shave.

What do you need shaving foam for??

Shaving foam is supposed to protect your skin from razor burn and redness. This is achieved primarily by:

  • Softening the beard hair : After applying and soaking in the foam, your beard hair becomes softer and can thus be better absorbed by the blades of the wet razor.
  • Increased glide of the blades over the skin
  • beard hairs and stubble are straightened and are thus better captured
  • Nourishing and soothing ingredients

Foam can be whipped up either from shaving cream or shaving soap with the help of a good shaving brush, or obtained by pressure from the can. The first two methods should you for a really perfect shave in any case prefer the shaving foam from the can.

Why shaving without shaving foam is not a good idea

Shaving without shaving foam should be avoided

The advantages I have already explained in the previous section. Now I would like to show you why it is not a good idea to do without foam when shaving and what you can do if there is really no other way.

You probably know the following situation: You urgently need to shave, but you forgot to buy a new bar of shaving soap or canned foam. You briefly ask yourself what should happen if you shave without it and go for it. A few hours later you regret your blind actionism. The face burns everywhere, itching and skin irritations pursue one still several days afterwards.

The reason is that by a wet shave without foam you have no protective film between the blade and the skin. The razor does not glide over the skin as usual, but gets caught on the hairs, which can lead to nasty cuts. In short: The friction between razor and skin surface is maximum, the pressure exerted on your skin is too great.

To avoid this, you can help yourself with the following shaving cream alternatives:

Shaving cream substitute

These means replace the classic foam when shaving more (alternative 3) or rather emergency (alternative 1) well:

Alternative 1: The McGyver home remedy method

Now comes the emergency home remedies, one of which you’re guaranteed to have in your bathroom. In principle, anything that can be whipped into a more or less consistent lather is suitable. Include shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, or a special face wash gel.

If you mix these care products with a small amount of water and mix them in your hands, you will get a soapy foam that you can then spread on your face. The consistency is, of course, quite different, so do not wait too long to act, otherwise there will be nothing left of the foam. It is best to use a little less water to get a firmer and more durable foam. Especially conditioner is not bad at all because of its property as a hair softener.

In the best case you use body care products without additives and perfumes, in order to take into account the more sensitive facial skin.

Alternative 2: Care oils

Base oils such as jojoba, almond or olive oil soften your beard and help the razor glide more easily over the skin. In addition, the nourishing oils reduce the risk of razor burn.

Baby oil is also basically suitable for this purpose. women often use it to shave their legs, so why not you for your face too? Disadvantage of the oils is that the beard hair remains clog the blades of your razor more easily and stick together.

Alternative 3: Non-foaming shaving cream

The non-foaming shaving cream is especially suitable for men with very dry and sensitive skin and offers itself as a serious substitute to shaving cream. The replenishing creams moisturize the skin and prevent the beard hair from drying out. Apart from the lack of foam, this is also the biggest difference from its foaming counterpart.

Before applying non-foaming shaving cream you should make sure that your face is sufficiently washed and cleansed. If you let the cream work in a little after application, your razor blade will glide through your beard hair without resistance. Just as you would normally shave with foam.


Shaving without foam should be avoided in any case. This is the only way to effectively avoid skin irritation, injuries and razor burn. Substitutes include foams of shampoo and other soap- or grease-based grooming products or. non-foaming shaving cream.

Of course, all this applies only to wet shaving. With dry shavers you logically do not have to worry about it.

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