Unclean cat – how to get your cat housebroken again

cat unclean

Your cat has been using its litter box obediently, but now makes them go everywhere? They pees in bed? They power on the sofa? And also leaves their poop in other places and drives you crazy with it?

Don’t be afraid, in this article we will look at the possible Causes of your cat’s uncleanliness and give you tips on how to housebreak your cat again get.

Really unclean, or marking?

First of all you should clarify whether your cat is really unclean, i.e. does all its business outside the litter box, or whether the cat is marking. Marking is the process of marking certain objects with urine, leaving scent signals for possible sexual partners and demarcating their own territory against conspecifics.

This behavior can show all intact males and females, more rarely neutered house cats. Above all, however, unneutered tomcats have a tendency to mark. A castration can remedy this.

Unfortunately, especially male cats, which were neutered relatively late, do not get used to marking at all. That’s why you should start thinking about neutering your cat at an early age.

The correct behavior for unclean cats

Did your cat pee in the bed? On the sofa? Or go somewhere else? Then please take a deep breath and don’t get upset for a while. Your cat wants you do not fret!

Cats are very clean animals and do not give up their learned habits (going to the litter box) so quickly and also not without reason.

Cats also do not pee in the bed, on the couch or anywhere else out of malice. Before you get the idea to give your beloved cat away again, you should go on cause research. Because there is always a reason for such behavior. And this one is to find out.

Cat pees in the bed

You should don’t scold your cat, when she has done her business outside the litter box. This will only cause more discomfort for your cat and for you as well. Your cat can’t make a connection between punishment and "peeing in the wrong place" and will only become afraid of you.

In the first step it goes now however first of all around the Elimination of the mishap: ignore your cat and clean the stained area thoroughly. For this you should absolutely special cleaners use products that completely remove the smell of cat urine. Because places where your cat has peed once, are often peed again and again, if the smell of cat urine is not completely removed.

Our recommendations for suitable cleaners against cat urine:

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:27

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:29

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:29

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:29

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:30

By the way, special UV lamps are very good for detecting urine stains:

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:29

Unclean cat - how to get your cat housebroken again

Last updated on: 1. February 2022 22:29

Impurity in cats – the causes and their solutions

When cats become unclean, it has in most cases a very specific trigger. This must be found and eliminated. Unfortunately, the causes are often not easy to identify.

Among the most common causes of uncleanliness in cats include:

  • health problems
  • Stress
  • The litter box
  • The cat litter

Health causes of uncleanliness in cats

As health causes for uncleanliness, come Bladder infection, stones or other kidney diseases under consideration. In such a condition your cat is tormented and distressed by constant urge to urinate.

In this case, it often happens that cats look for a place where they feel comfortable. There they often do their business. The bed of her caregiver is here an often chosen destination. It offers warmth, the smell of the caregiver and safety by an elevated lying position.

In addition, can also Diarrhea be a reason for uncleanliness. Your cat just doesn’t make it to the litter box in time for her big business then.

Other health problems that can be considered as a cause for uncleanliness are among others Hormone disorders, inherited genetic defects, arthritis and Memory problems (senility).

If your cat is unclean, you should first exclude health causes. For this you should consult your veterinarian. It can be useful to remove urine or. Collecting stool samples and taking them to the veterinarian.

If the vet finds a disease, a specific treatment often helps not only against the disease itself, but also against the uncleanliness.

Customized cat shirts

The litter box as a cause of uncleanliness in cats

Cat goes everywhere

Another cause of uncleanliness in cats can be the litter box. many litter boxes are simply too small for cats. Learn how to choose the right size litter box for your cat here: Choosing the right size litter box.

Most cats prefer open litter boxes. Here less odors accumulate and the cat can better keep an eye on its surroundings.

Even if your cat uses a litter box with a cover, if another small trigger (such as stress) is added, it can cause uncleanliness more quickly.

In addition to the size and coverage, another important aspect is the cleanliness of the litter box. You should clean the cat litter box at least once a day from your cat’s leftovers. In addition, depending on the type of litter box, you should completely change the cat litter every one to three weeks and thoroughly clean the litter box with hot water (and a mild cleaner if necessary). with a mild detergent).

In addition, the location of the litter box plays an important role. How to choose the best location for the litter box you can find here: The best litter box location.

If you have several cats, the number of litter boxes can also play a role. There must be at least one litter box for each of your cats. Best even: Number of litter boxes = number of cats + 1. If there are too few litter boxes available, it can lead to uncleanliness out of protest.

If there are several cats, the litter boxes should be placed far enough away from each other. If the toilets are too close to each other, the cats may hinder each other when two have to go to the toilet at the same time.

You should definitely refrain from using cat litter boxes. Artificial scents can irritate and disturb your cat and make it avoid the litter box.

The cat litter as a cause of uncleanliness in cats

Getting your cat housebroken

Also Cat litter can be a cause for uncleanliness. Cats are very choosy and above all creatures of habit. It is best to let your cat decide which type of cat litter to use. When choosing the right litter, only a test helps how your cat behaves with the cat litter.

If your cat has "chosen" its preferred cat litter, it often finds it difficult to switch to a different litter and you should stick with the tried and tested type.

When using a new type of cat litter, you should allow your cat at least 1 to 2 weeks to get used to it.

By the way, many cats prefer fine-grained cat litter.

When using clumping cat litter, it is easier to remove urine and feces with a cat litter scoop than with non-clumping cat litter. This is of course better against odor and therefore more pleasant for your cat.

You should refrain from using cat litter with artificial fragrances. By these artificial scents, your cat can be irritated (as well as from cat litter boxes) and avoid the litter box.

Stress as a cause for uncleanliness in cats

Your cat is a sensitive pet. Cats may react to changes in their living arrangements by peeing or defecating in undesirable places.

Changes that can cause such a reaction are for example:

  • new furniture
  • Redesigning the apartment
  • Renovation
  • Moving
  • a new housemate (no matter if cat, other pet or human/baby)
  • Loss of caregivers or conspecifics
  • Change of the location of the litter box
  • Vacation
  • Change of your working hours
  • Change of food

If a change is the cause of the uncleanliness, just give your cat a little time. She will usually get used to the new situation within 1 to 2 weeks. In this time you should give your cat a lot of attention and show her that you are there for her in the new situation. Give her some treats and extra cuddles.

If there are changes that you can influence yourself, you should not bring about the change abruptly, but slowly, so that your cat can slowly get used to it and gain confidence in the new situation.

If your cat retreats under stress, then you should allow him the rest and provide sufficient retreat possibilities.

In case of uncleanliness caused by stress, cat pheromones can help your cat to feel more comfortable again.

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