To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

Recently, the owners of consoles are increasingly faced with the question of where to get money for all the new items that you want to play. Discs are getting more expensive and interesting games are released quite often, so playing on Xbox from a flash drive can be one of the ideal solutions. Unfortunately, to run the game from a USB drive, you need to change the console firmware.

The Xbox 360 Factory Firmware comes with security and regional locking systems that prevent you from playing downloaded games, and can cause problems with discs that are not marked for the region where the console was purchased. Discs distributed in the CIS, for example, do not work with American and Japanese consoles.

To eliminate these inconveniences and be able to play from a flash drive on the Xbox, you must install the Freeboot firmware. It fits all consoles manufactured before 2014, including the XBOX 360 Slim Corona 9.6A. Flash services are offered in most cities. If your console hasn’t been flashed yet, look for a way to do it in your city.

Downloading the game to a USB stick

If your console already has Freeboot firmware, you can easily perform these steps yourself.

  1. Format the USB stick in the system To do this:
    • connect a USB flash drive and right-click on the icon in Explorer.
    • select "Format", in the "File system" field select "FAT32";
    • click on "Launch.

    Remember: formatting erases all data from the drive!

    • If the program doesn’t read the desired image, it’s ok. This means that the image does not fit the freeboot firmware and must be converted. To do this, you need to download and install ISO2GOD, run it and add the image it contains using the button "ISO" open. select the image you want, the folder where the converted version will be written and click on "Save ISO". The image appears in the list and you can convert it.

    Safely remove the drive after you finish recording your game. Now you can start the game from the flash drive on the Xbox.

    Start game on console

    1. insert the USB flash drive and launch the program
    2. Select the game detection mode "Game detection". once the program finishes scanning the USB flash drive, you will see a list of your downloaded games.
    3. Run the one you want and enjoy it!

    Now you know how to run a game from a flash drive on Xbox 360. This method will help you save money and nerves, it is as simple and convenient as possible. Remember that the flash drive must be large enough to hold all your games.

    It’s no secret that consoles are very expensive. You will have to spend an impressive amount of money to buy the device itself, additional gamepads for it, external hard drives, etc. buy. Besides, the games themselves are quite expensive, and that is the main problem. Unlike a computer, where you can download a pirated copy of the game at any time if you want and enjoy the gameplay almost without any problems, not everything is so simple with consoles. You do not read pirated games at all, so you should definitely buy expensive licensed products.

    Fortunately, if you really want to have a console and not a PC, there is special firmware that allows you to install pirated games on consoles. However, it is worth noting that it is very difficult to flash the console, so it is extremely rare that people take on this business themselves. In most cases, they buy a flashed console specifically to be able to launch pirated copies immediately. However, before starting, there is another important problem to solve: How to install games on Xbox 360 Freeboot? Finally, you can’t just torrent from the console like you can from a computer Go and then download the game you want. You need to do all this in a much more complicated way. At the same time, this method is available to any person, so you do not need to turn to specialists, as is the case with the console firmware. Well, it’s time to learn how to install games on Xbox 360 Freeboot.


    If you have decided to find out how to install games on Xbox 360 Freeboot, you must first prepare everything you need. Fortunately, you won’t need many different tools. All you need is the console itself with the firmware installed, a flash drive of up to eight gigabytes to write interesting games on it (the size should not be less, otherwise not a single game will fit on it) and access to a computer where you can download games that interest you, format a flash drive and other operations necessary to understand how games are installed on the Xbox 360 Freeboot. So, if you have prepared everything necessary, it’s time to proceed with the step-by-step instructions for installing the game on a flashed console.

    Preparing a flash drive

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    To install games in Russian, English and other languages on Xbox 360 Freeboot, you need an external medium. It can be either a flash drive or an external hard drive, but they must meet several conditions. First, as mentioned earlier, the size of the drive should not be less than eight gigabytes to accommodate full-blown games. Secondly, the format of the media must be exclusively FAT32, only your console can recognize it. To get this format, it is recommended to format the flash drive with a standard Windows tool. During formatting, simply select the FAT32 format and wait a few seconds, then the clean and formatted flash drive is ready for further work, ie to install games on the Xbox 360 freeboot flash drive.

    Downloading games to media

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    Installing GOD games on Xbox 360 Freeboot is done exclusively from removable media, which is your flash drive or external hard drive. However, in order to install the game, you’ll first need to burn it to your disc. You don’t need any special programs for this, you just need to copy and paste the game files. Just make sure you download the game that is appropriate for your console model as well as your firmware version. Otherwise, compatibility problems may occur. It is also recommended to create a shared folder for games on the flash drive, where you add individual games that do not contain additional folders. This means that the path to the game files should be as short as possible so that you can guarantee maximum performance.

    Installing the game

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    So, it’s time to consider the most important question: How to install the game on a flashed console? To do this, you need to connect the flash drive with the game files to the console and then turn it on. In the menu that appears, you need to go to the "Programs" item find. When you open it, you will see a new menu where you can select the item "Explorer" you need to select. As a result, you will see the screen of the standard explorer divided into two parts. On the left side open your flash drive and go to the games folder, and on the right side open the folder where you store games on the hard drive of the console itself. Then select the game on the flash drive on the left and copy it to the folder on the right. Once the copying process is complete, you can finally relax, since your game will be installed on your console. However, you will not be able to start it immediately. Why the? The fact is that so far it is only files on the hard drive. Now find out how to fix this.

    Console scan

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    When you have finished installing the game, you should return to the main menu, from where you should go to the settings menu and select the "Content settings" item select. You will see a window where you can click on the "Scan" tab and simply click on the "Scan" button need to click. This will start a process that will check all the files on the hard disk, and if new files are found, they will be processed accordingly. So if you did everything right, the scan will detect the full game in the files you copied to the console and add it to the list. That’s it, now you can enjoy all one-player games, two-player games and anything else you want to install.

    Common problems

    But before you try games in pairs with your friends, whom you invite specifically for this purpose, you should make a test run. Because sometimes it happens that despite following all the rules, there are problems with the startup. For example, sometimes the console may not recognize your game when scanning it. In this case you will need to go to the same "Content settings" Verify the correctness of the specified path for your games. If your console doesn’t even see the flash drive, you should check its format. Better yet, format it from scratch by selecting the above format.

    On Xbox 360 with Freeboot you can run games from a flash drive or an external USB drive. But for that the drive must be prepared. This simple operation does not take you much time and does not require any special skills.

    The Xbox 360 operating system only reads FAT32 media. Therefore, if you want to use your USB drive for Xbox games, you must format it in this file system.

    In this case you can use this disk not only with the set-top box, but also save data from your computer, for example backup copies of important files.

    How to find out the file system of your flash drive or hard drive.

    You may not have to do anything – your flash drive may already be formatted with the correct file system. This can be easily checked:

    Connect the USB drive to your computer. Then select "Computer from the "Start" menu-Menu. Select your USB flash drive or external drive in the device list (usually marked with the letter E). Right-click and select Properties from the menu that opens:

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    As a result, you will see the required information:

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    In the example in the screenshot the flash drive already has the format we need – FAT32. Here’s how you can record games and run them on Xbox. If you are using a different file system instead of FAT32, z. B. NTFS, the media must be formatted.

    Therefore, if the data you need is on a flash drive or floppy disk, move it to your computer or to another floppy disk.

    For formatting we use a special utility program fat32format Download it from the developer’s website. Then go to your download folder and run the file GUI format. exe in the administrator’s name (right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator") select).

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    Select the drive you want to format from the drive list. Make sure it’s an external flash drive and not your computer’s hard drive. When the drive is properly selected, click on the Start button. Click the OK button in the window that appears. Wait until the process is completed. Do not under any circumstances turn off your computer, close the program window or touch the USB stick!

    After the formatting is finished, exit the program by clicking the "Close" button click.

    Your flash drive is ready to use with Xbox 360 Freeboot.

    For users of other operating systems

    If your computer has an operating system other than Windows, you must use applications designed for your operating systems.

    Mac OS

    The operating system of Apple laptops and computers comes pre-installed with Hard drive utility. How to format your external drive. Make sure the drive you want to format is selected in the list on the left and go to the "Erase" tab. Specify MS-DOS (FAT) as the format, the drive name can be arbitrary. Then click on the "Delete" button.

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games


    Most Linux distributions have a harddisk utility Gparted or, if you live in a KDE environment – KDE partition manager.

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    If you don’t have this program yet, install it from the terminal or application center. Detailed instructions on how to install the program are available in the community of your distribution kit.

    By installing one of these programs, you can format any flash drive or hard drive to FAT32 or any other file system.

    Important note!

    Unfortunately the Xbox 360 does not see some flash drives. What this is related to is unknown. Therefore, it is impossible to make exact recommendations such as "Only use flash drives of such manufacturer or only of this size" to give.

    If you did everything correctly and the console does not recognize your flash drive, you can try to use another one or buy a ready-made flash drive for Xbox 360. It is formatted and tested for compatibility. Games recorded on this flash drive will definitely run on your Xbox.

    If you are looking for a way How to run a game on an Xbox 360 from a flash drive, this item is what you need.

    Most likely, many are faced with the problem when the hard disk of the set-top box is full. To load a new game, you need to delete something, but what if you do not want to delete anything? may play on Xbox 360 from a flash drive.

    It is very convenient to copy games to external media. It is doubly convenient to run games from them, since You do not have to waste time with the installation.

    Let’s make a reservation first, to implement everything discussed in this article, your Xbox 360 must have the motherboard firmware (freeboot) installed. Nothing works without them.

    All about flash drives

    Let’s make it clear that the larger the storage capacity of a USB stick, the more likely it is that the required game will fit on it. As trite as it sounds, copy a game with more than 8 GB to a flash drive with less memory simply impossible.

    may Play Xbox 360 from external hard drive. The process of setting up, copying and launching is no different.

    Any external device that stores data must be in the formatted in FAT32. Xbox 360 does not read other formats. This article describes how to properly prepare the drive. We recommend you to read the information provided there and then come back to it.

    How to copy an Xbox 360 game to a USB flash drive

    After the flash drive has gone through all the preparation steps, you can proceed to copy games.

    Games are downloaded in 3 formats: GOD, JTAG, ISO.

    GOD – official game format. It was created by the developers of Xbox 360 software.

    Each game recorded in this format has its own name, consisting of letters and numbers. Better Do not rename folders so that there are no startup problems.

    To copy a game, right-click on a folder and hover the mouse over it "Send". In the displayed list you must Select media.

    Go to the game folder on the USB drive, and $ Remove system update. This is necessary so that the system does not ask for updates, whose freebie is very dangerous.

    The JTAG format is specially designed for Freeboot consoles. To copy such a game, go to "My computer", open the drive and create a folder GAMES. Next create a directory with the name of the toy and transfer all files there.

    If after downloading in front of you a file with the extension .iso, you have to spend some time unpacking it. They perform this task excellently. Xbox Image Browser and Iso2God software. You can find detailed instructions.

    Let’s briefly describe the unpacking process using Xbox Image Browser as an example:

    • Going into the program and pointing to the top of the menu File;
    • We press Open image file;
    • We find and open the image;
    • In the left window, select the very first item (name of the image);
    • Press the right mouse button and select Extract;
    • In the window that opens, select the USB flash drive, click on OK.

    Do not forget delete the $ System Update folder.

    Running games on Xbox 360 from a flash drive

    There is very little left and it will be possible Launch an Xbox 360 game from a flash drive. To do this, you need to remove it from the computer and plug it into the appropriate port on the console.

    For convenient launching of games from any medium, you can add a special graphical shell if you don’t have one. We are talking about analogues of the standard system written specifically for Freeboot.

    The most commonly used clams are:

    • Freestyle 3;
    • Aurora.

    Freestyle 3 (FSD) is the most popular version of the graphical shell for Xbox 360 with freebie. Therefore we will use it as an example. Note that the start of games on Aurora is about the same.

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    To play an Xbox 360 game from a flash drive, go to "Conductor". There you need to select the appropriate medium (most often it has the name USB0:), then open the folder where the games are located.

    If FSD is not installed, you need to run the XeXMenu program. You can open any game or application with it. Wait until the list of available games appears on the screen, select the one you want and find the file with the extension .xex and press ONE.

    Our workshops produce install Freeboot on Xbox 360. You can safely rely on the long experience of our specialists. Call and log in!

    Possible problems

    If Xbox 360 does not see the game on the flash drive, try to eject the media, restart your console and insert it again. Also make sure that the game files are not corrupted. May need to Download image from another source.

    But sometimes it happens that the Xbox 360 does not see all the files on the flash drive. In this case, you may have skipped the formatting step, named the folders incorrectly, the media is not supported by the Xbox 360, or there was a more serious problem, whose solution you will most likely find

    So you have Freeboot installed to download games from the internet, burn them to USB media and play those games on your Xbox. However, for this you need to go through several preparation procedures. It will not be difficult if you read this article.

    To let the STB "see" your USB drive it must first be formatted in FAT32. How to do it is written. And now we will explain how to burn an Xbox game to a USB flash drive or an external drive.

    With this, you have prepared your USB media for recording games for Xbox 360. Connect it to your computer, open this media in the file manager (Explorer program or the shortcut "Computer" on the desktop and in the Start menu) and create it on the USB flash drive the folder Games. In this folder you will record games for your console. You can also create other folders, for example for Live-Arcade.

    What is.god

    In order for the game to run on Xbox 360, it must be recorded in a special format – .god. This is the only game format that the console "understands".

    You can find a ready game on the Internet in the .find and download god format. In this case, it is sufficient to copy this game to your flash drive or floppy disk in the Games folder, unless the instructions for the game specify a different path.

    But very often torrents come across games in ISO format. This is an image that should be burned to a DVD. If you copy the image to a USB stick, the game will not start. However, this image can be copied to the .god format to be converted. There is a special program for this.


    ISO2GOD is a program that converts ISO images into a format for playing games on Xbox 360. It can be found and downloaded from the Internet.

    With this program you can convert not only images from the Internet, but also backup licensed discs that you can create on your computer using CD and DVD burning programs.

    Run this program on your computer and click the button "Add ISO":

    You will get a new window:

    To run downloaded games on xbox 360. Freeboot: prepare usb media for recording games

    To add an image for conversion, click the button Browse next to Image location and select the path to the game image (it must be in the folder you specified for saving torrents, or in the download folder if you downloaded the image through a browser).

    Then select the folder where you want the program to store the converted game. To do this, click on the following button Browse, besides Output location.

    Before you press the button "Add ISO", pay attention to point Padding removal. It has 3 options:

    • None– Conversion without compression
    • partial– When converting, the game will be compressed
    • full– the maximum possible compression of the game.

    the no-option is the fastest, the full-option takes a bit longer, but reduces the game size by 15-20.

    After you have made all the settings, click on the button "Add ISO". Click the Convert button in the main window of the program.

    When the conversion is complete, the game folder will be displayed in the location you specified when adding the image to the output directory. The name of this folder is a code of the form 455F324A, which is unique to each game.

    There is a possibility that your folder has a different name. Do not change in any case!Just transfer it to your Xbox stick in the Games section. If you connect this flash drive to Xbox 360, you can start this game.

    Check your game folder!

    Before inserting a USB flash drive or floppy disk into the console’s USB port, open the game folder and see if a folder exists $ SystemUpdate. If such a folder exists, delete it. This is necessary to avoid problems in the further work of freibut.

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