To list your business on google maps

With a Google Maps listing you optimize your online visibility for your business. The entry is free and can be created within a few minutes. This will allow you to optimize your online presence in a targeted way. Your company will thus additionally appear in Google search for suitable local search queries. you do not need your own website for this.

How can I list my company on Google?

For your business to appear on Google Maps, they need a free Google account.

  1. Go to Google My Business and click on the button in the upper right corner Launch now
  2. Log in with your Google account or create a free account
  3. Click on the blue button that says Add location
  4. In several steps, Google now asks for various details about your company. This includes the company name, address or information about the company category and opening hours. You can also enter a website (if available) here
  5. After clicking Finish, you still need to verify your business. Choose one of the options offered for this
  6. even if your company is not displayed immediately, you can already edit your entry and, for example, upload photos or the company logo

What’s the point of a Google Maps business listing?

  • better online presence for your company
  • higher visibility in local search queries
  • Picture gallery and tours can be deposited
  • Collect ratings and reviews

By providing a website URL or phone number, searchers can easily contact you or get to your website. Mobile users can call So directly at your company or plan a route with just one mouse click.

In the Google My Business section you can manage your entry at any time. There are a variety of options there, z. B. how to further improve ranking in local search results. Via recommendations and tips, Google will show you here what details should still be added. Also, here are more interesting figures about your business listing on Google. In addition to the number of overlays in Google Maps, the views in Google Search are also overlaid. Additionally, it will track clicks on your website, on uploaded images or on retrieved web descriptions (route planning).

Have Google My Business listing created

You would like your company to be found on Google Maps as well, so you can reach new customers? We create Your professional Google My Business entry for one time 159 € net. Includes all the important settings for your perfect listing.

Should I also submit my company to other directories and search engines?

In order for your customers to find you on all relevant channels if possible, you should definitely be listed in the most important directories and business directories. A consistent site marketing is particularly important here. Always make sure that the basic information such as company name, address, phone number and website are maintained identically in all services when adding a listing to other directories.

With the FLYERALARM Listing Service you can list your business in all relevant business directories, online directories and navigation systems in just a few clicks. Also the company entry in Google Maps resp. Google My Business is with you. Your data will be synced automatically and will always be up to date. A time-consuming maintenance of each individual service is virtually eliminated. With one click your company entry will be published in over 18 different services. Take your local marketing to the next level.

Do you want to be found better?

List your company in 18 TOP directories.

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Hi, I have a business listing, but unfortunately I only get a marker when I enter my business name in Maps. Looking at the map like this, I see all sorts of neighboring companies, but not mine. Who has a tip for me?
Many greetings

Have a nice day,
Why only I see my company?
And the marking is nevertheless presented differently than by other companies!
I ask for your help

a branch of ours has changed location, the old location was in a shopping center. It will display, "Located in…". The new store is in its own building, so I would need to remove the "Located in …". Can anyone here tell me where I can delete this?

You will need to log in to "Google my Business" with the Google account you used when you created the search engine listing, and then you can change the address or do anything else like eg. different phone number or contact details.

When they have questions then log in

Good day
How can I update my companies when the previous company entry is not available?. And new owners am? LG Colonia

in the Google My Business help there is a corresponding guide for this purpose. There you can find recommended actions for different scenarios.
As I understood the question, the profile is currently claimed by the previous owner. This person then simply needs to store the new email address as the owner.

Many greetings,
Julien from the FLYERALARM Digital Team

why does my company only appear when I am logged into Google? As soon as I log out the mark is gone, all other companies in the area are still marked. We are in a rural area and do not have a lot of companies in the next radius (means it’s not because of the display resp. zoom factor). Thank you.

thanks for the feedback. I have looked at the company on Google and see no problems at the location of your entry. Depending on user relevance,
but other entries can be displayed. Unfortunately you have no influence on this. I have captured what it looks like to me in the following screenshot:
Screenshot company entry in Google Maps (Sportinsel Schelklingen)

Many greetings,
Julien from the FLYERALARM Digital Team

my company entry in Google Maps keeps jumping to the neighboring property.
Is there a way to save the entry permanently

this sounds like a known problem. Have you already placed the location marker directly on your property via the profile in Google My Business,
or was the marker set automatically via the combination street and house number? The latter could be a cause.

Often it is also due to the zoom level in the map. The closer you zoom in, the more accurate it gets.
With a larger map section, there may also be shifts, depending on the integration.

Best regards, Julien from FLYERALARM Digital

Hello, how do I manage to get my business tagged in the map? I have a listing, but am not visible without searching.

thank you very much for your answer to our article.

You have a Google My Business entry and it is not displayed when you zoom to the respective location in the Google Maps map without having searched for it beforehand?
Did I understand this correctly?

Many greetings, Julien from FLYERALARM.Digital Team

I have this problem too. The company is displayed when you search for it, but not when you are on the map without having searched for the company.

I have this problem too!
Do you have a suggested solution in the meantime?

of course we understand that this is annoying and have done some research on Google. Unfortunately we do not have an exact solution either. Generally speaking, the location label or store marker is usually displayed in the form of a pin on the map.

If there are many entries for a certain map section, Google tries to display the most relevant entries for the user. In any case, this information can be found on Google regarding this issue. If you zoom further into the map, there is automatically more space to display more markers resp. Entries.

Therefore: The location label of a Google My Business entry is NOT always displayed at every zoom level and you cannot influence this directly in your Google profile. If your own business has been verified, it is more likely that the location label will show as well.

Google writes the following about this:
The location labels displayed in Google Maps are determined using an algorithm based on a variety of factors. One of these factors is the accuracy of the company information as well as the amount of content about the company.

We hope this information helps you to optimize your online marketing.

Best regards, Julien from FLYERALARM Digital

How can I display multiple locations of a company? Thanks for an info! MFG Karin

Hello Karin, thank you for your comment. Multiple locations/branches can be z. B. add via bulk tool. You can find more information at Google directly at There are also examples for the structure of an Excel file, if that should be the preferred solution.

is this only possible with companies or could I also add the location of my support group with web link etc?. enter there?
Fur Info thanks with greetings,

Hello Bille, thank you for your comment. You can find all information at "Non-qualified companies" also includes courses or. regular services.

Thanks for the helpful contribution. My entry is now also finally findable.

Hello, how can I delete a rating from my Google profile. Does the? Mfg

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