To delete your yahoo mail account

To delete your yahoo mail account

As Yahoo suffers massive data breaches and sells itself to Verizon, you may want to delete the old Yahoo account. If you still have important data in your account, you can download a lot of it before you delete it too.

First: download your Yahoo emails and other data

Delete your Yahoo account and Yahoo will delete all related data with it, including your Yahoo emails, contacts and calendar events. If you have important data stored in your Yahoo account, you should back it up first.

Each service – email, contacts, and calendar – has different methods for exporting its information. If you want to keep any of it, you can follow Yahoo’s instructions here.

Use POP3 to download all your email – if you set up the account with IMAP, your email client won’t necessarily download everything

Make sure that you do not need the email address

Since you are closing an email account and losing access to an email address during this process, you should be absolutely sure that you don’t need that email address before further.

Many online services – from bank, credit card and investment accounts to social media services like Facebook and stores like – rely on your email address. Make sure you have a new email address linked to all major online accounts before proceeding. If you delete your old email address while important services are still associated with it, you may lose important email notifications and not be able to use your email address to recover your password. Log in to your important online accounts and make sure they point to your new email address and not the old Yahoo account you’re deleting.

If you need to create another email address, you don’t have both Google’s Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are good alternatives.

To delete your Yahoo account

You can delete your account from Yahoo website. Yahoo warns that your account may not be recoverable if you change your mind, but you are welcome to create a new account in the future.

To delete your account, go to the End Yahoo Account page. Sign in with your Yahoo account details if you haven’t done so already.

To delete your yahoo mail account

You are warned that you will lose access to all data associated with your Yahoo account, including any paid services associated with it. Your account will be deleted within about 90 days, and other people will probably be able to sign up for the same email address later on.

If you want to reserve your old email address so it can’t be taken by someone else In the future, you will need to keep your Yahoo account open and not delete it.

Once you are sure that you want to delete your account, you will need to enter your account password and enter the CAPTCHA code on the "Cancel this account" button.

To delete your yahoo mail account

You will be informed that your Yahoo account has been terminated and the data will be deleted from the Yahoo user database in approximately 90 days.

To delete your yahoo mail account

How to restore a deleted Yahoo address account

If you want to recover your Yahoo account within the next 90 days before it is deleted, you can use the Yahoo sign-in helper page and provide the account details to confirm your identity. Depending on how long it takes you to reactivate your account, some of your emails, contacts and other account data may already be deleted when you regain access to the account.

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