Especially in everyday office life, reading and writing emails is a daily companion. But what should you look for when writing professional e-mails pay attention to?

Changed reading behavior of e-mails

Business emails are not only read on the computer screen in the office anymore. Thanks to mobile devices, e-mails can now be accessed anytime and anywhere. This affects how e-mails are written – after all, they should now be written in such a way that they can be easily read in the office, but also on the road.

This is important when writing professional emails

There is always a reason for writing business e-mails: You want to communicate your concern to the recipient in an unambiguous way, inform him about important aspects of the subject and leave a good impression at the same time.

In order for you to achieve your goal, it is essential to have be brief in your request. Refrain from long explanations and limit yourself to the essentials . Because it’s exhausting to read long emails, especially on a smartphone.

In addition, you should express yourself clearly, prefer to avoid using foreign words and limit yourself to using main sentences.

And last but not least, you should remain friendly regardless of the circumstances. A Polite salutation and farewell are the basic requirements. But the tone can also be read from the main text. Therefore, avoid using exclamation marks, which will be perceived by the recipient as loud shouting. Emoticons and emojis are also out of place in business emails.

Checklist for writing professional emails

Correct e-mail address selected?
Always use the identical e-mail address for business correspondence . When mixing email addresses with the same sender, the recipient gets confused. Please also make sure that you use a serious e-mail address for sending your e-mail and that the e-mail address does not contain any terms of endearment.

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E-mail subject line meaningful?
After reading the subject, it should be immediately clear to the recipient what the e-mail is about.

Correct email salutation inserted?
Avoid anonymous forms of address. Address the recipient directly and make sure to spell the name correctly.

All important information at the beginning?
The first sentence should already contain all the important information.

Get to the point?
Refrain from unnecessary background information that elaborates the topic too much.

One topic per email?
It’s best never to discuss more than one topic per email. Why? This makes the e-mail easier to find later, as it deals with the topic of interest. Also, this way the recipient is not overwhelmed with the length.

Structured main text?
In the main text, paragraphs and bulleted lists in particular create the structure. This increases the readability.

Email greeting inserted?
An email starts politely and ends the same way. Good and unhesitating greetings at the end are "Warm regards", "Many greetings" or "Kind regards".

Correct contact information in the signature?
With freenet Mail you have the possibility to add a signature under your e-mails. Make sure the contact information included there is always up to date so the recipient can reach them if needed.

Font format consistent?
In an email, you shouldn’t use more than one font format and size. However, you can emphasize important information by using accentuation sparingly, such as underlining or bold setting.

Checked for errors?
Before you send the email, double check it for errors in spelling , punctuation and grammar . Because an e-mail peppered with errors looks as if the sender has not made any effort.

Quick Tip: freenet Mail has a handy spell checker in its mail interface, so errors are shown to you and corrections are suggested. Spelling mistakes should be a thing of the past.

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