This is how you attract money – here are my quickly applicable tips

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I have to say that I have already had a few clients sitting with me who wanted to know, what blockades they have on the subject be able to dissolve money flow. Because if any patterns in life keep recurring, it’s very likely that there’s some kind of "programming" going on in your subconscious mind. But then you can’t get to the root of it with logic and pondering possible causes. And each time, the feeling of frustration and also fear, which has to do with one’s own financial existence, intensifies.

I also know many people who want to bring their heart’s project into the world and are always thwarted by financial hardships. Most of the time you struggle, does all kinds of things to get going, but then obstacle comes after obstacle and you become weary and discouraged.

It all depends on the mindset

If this topic also applies to you in any way, then I would like to give you some food for thought here on how you can steer your mindset in the right direction.

Because I am convinced that you can change a lot by yourself. It is not always the environment that is not "well-disposed" towards you. It’s not just your commitment or your doing that will make your project work. It is about you, your mindset about money. The way you consciously, but most of all unconsciously, think about money has an impact on your physical reality, the flow of money in your life.

So what levers can you pull? Here come my 3 most powerful tips for you:

1.What’s the need behind your desire for cash flow?

First of all, it is important that you make clear to yourself what deeper need actually lies behind your desire for more financial prosperity.

What is it about for you?

Is it about the The need for freedom – in the sense that with a well-stocked bank account you will become independent from others? If you are self-employed or want to become self-employed, then a strong trigger can be that you no longer want to work in a company with fixed structures and as a result you can organize your family life much more freely. Instead of working from 9-17 H, you can now decide to take your kids to the swimming pool in the afternoon, do the rest of the work in the evening. So you are free in how you spend your time, but also in what you want to do.

Or is it about The topic of security? Is it important to you to always have a financial reserve in case an unexpected event occurs? That you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to pay your rent and that when you go shopping, you’ll always be able to choose whatever you’re in the mood for? That your basic needs and those of your family are always met?

Maybe it’s about your Self-realization? Maybe you want to get into a whole new professional field, get to know new things, be able to invest in further education?

The values behind your need for more financial prosperity are individually different, everyone has a different starting point. But it would definitely be important that you get clarity for yourself about this aspect.

This is how you attract money - here are my quickly applicable tips

2. What do you think about money?

So, hand on heart: what do you really think about money?? Is money for you "a necessary evil", it is rather "always scarce", maybe even "dirty"? Or lies Money for you "on the street, there is always enough money and you are convinced that you can generate new money every day?

I once heard a story about 2 business friends sitting at the lunch table discussing their business. The one tells his friend that he has just lost several millions. The other person then asks him: "And – isn’t that difficult for your company to cope with??"His business friend replies: "No, why, I’ll just create a new business. Can you pass me the salt??"

Yes, this is how you can think about money and money flow. But this is surely rather the exception.

In Germany we have the worst possible starting conditions on this topic and I can well imagine that these beliefs are somehow still stuck in our collective consciousness. Our parents and especially grandparents had experienced a recession with demonetization, the war and reconstruction. Money is collectively afflicted with trauma, even if we are no longer aware of it. Thus, the topic can always resonate with the feeling of fear of losing everything and no longer being able to survive.

With this consciousness we are automatically connected with lack and the bitter aftertaste of "having to earn money", as it is so widespread among us. I must yes first earn money, so that I can do this or that.

But how about turning the tables?? That you focus less on "doing" and more on "being"? How about "reprogramming" the thoughts and feelings about money, which are most likely rather focused on scarcity?

For me, your thoughts and feelings that you associate with the subject of money are the first thing you should be aware of. For me, it should even come before concrete steps of implementation – but it is absolutely a priority if money is to flow into your life!

To come back to Horst: He told me that there were always fights at home about spending money. With each issue discussed and The feeling that money is scarce, seeped deep into Horst’s consciousness. Many of our unconscious imprints and beliefs take place in our childhood years. In a sense, we "bathe" in these values. Later in life we are not really aware that we have them at all.

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