This is how courtship can protect against viruses

Standing out and generating interest – that’s hugely important for companies, especially in corona times. So why not combine advertising with the useful and give customers an extra dose of protection? DNHK member Leoprinting has a few bright ideas.

The Dutch-German company specializes in promotion and helps customers create sustainable added value for their brand and become more visible in the marketplace. Miele, Ikea, Hugo Boss, Philips, but also pop singer Helene Fischer have already had promotional items personalized here: Cosmetic tissue boxes, notebooks, powerbanks or even beanbags. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Leoprinting has expanded its portfolio. Now, for example, fabric masks can also be printed with an individual advertising design.

Masks are the big seller in Germany

"It’s important for companies to consider how they can protect their employees and business partners," says Corinna Neumayr, Account Manager DACH at Leoprinting. "And we want to support them in this." Leoprinting has therefore gone in search of useful products that can be used with

Companies can combine advertising and virus protection.

In addition to the masks, which are in high demand, especially in Germany, a small hygiene key also made it into the assortment. "It’s curved in such a way that you can open door handles without touching them," Neumayr explains. "It can also be used to operate buttons on an ATM, telephone or EC card reader contactlessly." The key, which is also well suited as a pendant on the key ring, is available in plastic or brass – both variants can be individually branded.

Handgel was sold out in March

This also applies to hygiene wipes and disinfectant for the hands. Both belong already for a long time to the offer with Leoprinting. However, due to Corona, the demand has increased rapidly. "In March, there were so many orders that we couldn’t deliver to all customers immediately," says Corinna Neumayr. The company responded immediately and broadened its network of suppliers. This is where it paid off that Leoprinting is active in seven countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, the UK and Spain, in addition to the Netherlands and Germany.

Contact with suppliers has also been intensified. "In the past, we used to order when customers ordered from us. But the time for on-demand ordering has passed for many products since Corona," explains Neumayr. "We are therefore in weekly contact with our partner companies to avoid delivery bottlenecks."

Gift boxes for Christmas

Three-quarters of all German companies use advertising media. In 2019, they spent around 3.65 billion euros on it. In the case of the Dutch companies, it was still 637 million euros. The pre-Christmas period is usually high season. Since many employees will probably still be working from home offices this year, Leoprinting is offering an extra service: Upon request, personalized Christmas gifts can be individually wrapped and shipped to employees’ and customers’ home addresses.

For the first time, the promotion specialist also offers hygiene sets that can be sent to customers or employees in an individually designable envelope. "Hand gels, mouth guards, antibacterial wipes or disposable gloves may not be the most Christmassy corporate gifts, but they are definitely the healthiest and most useful this year," says Corinna Neumayr. "They also show that the company cares about the recipient." And that is then again very christmasy.

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