The best shisha head in comparison

The shisha head is located on the top of the smoke column and is therefore also the most important piece of a shisha, because this is filled with the necessary tobacco. A shisha head is therefore very important and can be decisive for the quality, taste, smoke development as well as the correct management of the heat.

Without a shisha head also can not smoke a shisha, it is located on top of the shisha and decides according to the type of head how much tobacco must eventually be filled. The behavior also differs, showing different effects on the taste of the tobacco and the development of the smoke. In most hookah sets are included conventional tobacco heads, which are the standard. With the use and purchase of additional tobacco heads, which are recommended here, of course, much more can be gotten out of the tobacco and the hookah.

The best shisha head in comparison

What types of shisha heads are there?

  • Nature clay head
  • Glass head
  • Silicone head
  • Stone head
  • Aluminum head
  • Fireplace head set
  • Single hole head (phunnel)

The listed different types of hookah heads differ not only in appearance, but also in material. Based on the material also directs the heat emitted to the tobacco.

With very cheap Shishas in most cases so-called Chinaheads are sent along, these supply really only the minimum requirements to a head and are optically as well as functionally not particularly good.

One chimney head set consists of one tobacco head and one screen attachment. The screen attachment is used to deposit the hot charcoal and sits directly on top of the tobacco head. Originally, the sieve attachment was used with a perforated aluminum foil, which is, however, in newer heads also back in use.

Shisha head – Current test winner

Currently we prefer the Hookah head from Hookain. This brand should not be foreign to many Shisha owners, because they now offer a wide range of Shisha accessories. The Phunnel Hookain Litlip is relatively inexpensive and offers a lot of quality. It is very light and has an attractive design. The tobacco consumption is about 15-20g. It is a very robust head with multi-hole. We were especially convinced by this phunnel because of the low tobacco consumption and the very intense taste while smoking. We recommend the use of the Hookain Litlip with a additional smokebox. Other advantages of the stone head is the optimal heat distribution, the glaze at the Hookain Litlip allows easy cleaning of the head. Due to the fact that the molasses in these phunnels can not flow off, the taste of the tobacco lasts longer.

  • HOOKAiN PHUNNEL | MULTI HOLE | COOL WATER Limited | Drip Bowl Shisha

The best hookah head

With our recommendation it concerns Hot Shot, because this combines the advantages of other types of heads and proves hardly any disadvantages. It offers some good advantages like a good distribution of the holes, which are on the outside of the head, as well as the individual usability of the head in each Shisha.

  • Numerous setup variants

An optimal heat management and a smoking pleasure of up to 2 hours provides the Sapphire Hot Shot RT a very good smoking experience. Only 10 to 12 grams of tobacco are needed, which is placed in the head, which then guarantees perfect draft.

The best Shisha clay head

  • COMPLETE SET: DFESKAH Clay Head Set Including 1 x Clay Head, 1 x Tobacco Strainer, 1 x Chimney Top and 1 x Silicone Gasket. Buy this clay head set from DFESKAH you get everything you need to build a perfect head!

The best funnel head

With a so-called Funnel head (Phunnel) it is a hookah head with only one hole in the middle. The tobacco is logically inserted around the larger hole so that it remains clear throughout the smoking process. The draught is not affected.

  • Color: Brown

The best smokebox

A relatively new trend in the field of hookah head is the Smokebox. More and more manufacturers offer this new type, where only one coal is needed. On the product pictures you can see that this attachment can also be closed upwards, so that no air gets in. On the one hand you can save a lot of coal, on the other hand the quality of the charcoal should be good to smoke for a long time.

  • COAL SAVING – Smoking hookah with only one coal without disadvantages. Perfect for a quick session.

The best hookah head with glass and smokebox

A very good and noble shisha Glass head as phunnel of the manufacturer Rosenfeld with matching smokebox as well as lid and 2 heat resistant handles and a rubber seal. There is a molasses depot in the glass single hole head and it fits up to 3 shisha coals with 26mm each purely. Suitable is this product for all common heads.

  • ๐—ž๐—ข๐— ๐—ฃ๐—Ÿ๐—˜๐—ง๐—ง ๐—ฆ๐—˜๐—ง: noble shisha glass head with matching smokebox with lid and 2 heat resistant handles and rubber seal. Glass single hole head With molasses depot. Ideal for shisha tobacco, stones and paste.

More questions about a shisha head

What is a Phunnel?

The phunnel is a so-called single-hole head, because it has a large hole in the middle of the head. This provides a relatively good draft as well as the advantage that the molasses no longer seeps through to the smoke column and comes into the bowl. Also recommended is the use of a phunnel with a so-called smokebox.

Why do you need a tobacco screen?

The tobacco screen is responsible for a certain safety, because this prevents the tobacco from getting into the shisha head or smoke column. The tobacco screen also ensures a good draught as well as not clogging the holes.

What brings a Smokebox?

A Smokebox offers several advantages, because it serves as a windbreak for the Shisha coal and replaces the aluminum foil. The two handles provide a correspondingly ideal heat protection. Due to the fact that the heat can be regulated optimally, it is also charcoal saving.

What is the best way to build a Shisha head?

By building a good hookah head should be a pleasant and long smoking experience with tasty flavor. Before the Shisha tobacco is filled into the head, it should be mixed and stirred vigorously. The tobacco should be placed lightly in the head in small pieces, never press into the head to fill in as much as possible. If there is no hot air flowing through the tobacco, a good smoking experience cannot be guaranteed.

Before the shisha head filled with tobacco is fixed on the end of the smoke column, it should be covered with an attachment or a tight aluminum foil. If an aluminum foil is used, it is important to make individual small holes with a needle or a toothpick. There are no holes to poke in a fireplace attachment. At the end, the hot coal can then be placed on the head.

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