The 16 crucial steps in building a house and the 8 most common mistakes

For many of us, building a house is the biggest single project of our lives. Everywhere lurk stumbling blocks and hurdles that want to be overcome.

But do not worryWith the right planning, knowledge of the important points and good partners, this task can also be mastered.

The following list serves the own dream house planning, the Avoiding mistakes and mentions references to the respective more detailed information.

Will already!

Contents: steps house building: 16 milestones (& 8 common mistakes)

1. Work out the appropriate financing

The first point also belongs to the Most important. They have a certain equity, a certain Income and may possibly hope for an inheritance or promotion in a few years time.

The personal Financial situation is individual, the rules for reasonable financing are not. With the help of these rules, your individual requirements and the current interest rate, you can calculate a sustainable financing plan Create that will not cut you off financially in the years to come.

Our helps:

  • Construction financing: What can I afford??
  • The house building calculator
  • Our construction loan calculator – tracking the burden over the years

1.1. Possible mistake no. 1 and 2

Mistake 1: Calculate with Buffer: 10 percent of the pure house costs seems to us a reasonable measure.

Mistake 2: Fyour financing will still work out, if the interest rate is 5 percent after the fixed interest rate expires? you have children and a loss of?

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2. Find a nice plot of land

The plot of the house wants to be checked mainly for two characteristics:

    This results in Connections to recreational facilities, shopping, recreational areas, schools and doctors. In addition, the location is important for the future Value development responsible for the property : will this area become more attractive in the future? If so, I can look forward to future increases in value.

Our helps:

3. Choose the right type of house

Choosing the best type of house is a matter of personal taste, of the Purse and the individual Preferences. Each type of house has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of living comfort, durability, free space and design options.

In our category "Types of houses you can get an overview of the different house types.

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4. Decision: basement yes or no

There are reasons for and against a basement. Cost reasons usually speak against this, on some properties a basement construction is not possible at all. On the other hand, the basement is relatively cheap living space.

5. Choose a future-proof heating system

Also in the future probably increasing Costs for heating energy and the alignment on the Climate protection make the choice of heating system a decisive factor when building a house.

Our help:

5.1. Possible mistake no. 3

Do not only go from today’s energy prices from. Which heating technology is likely to be used even in Future stay cheap?

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6. Sounding out the possible own contribution

Own work is considered Muscle mortgage and is added to the equity when calculating the financing. This tends to lower the interest burden. But you should own limits know, not to burden themselves too much in own work with the house building.

6.1. Possible mistake no. 4

At this point, quite clearly, the house builder Takes on too much or dares too much.

7. Find a reliable construction company

For most people, building a house requires Selecting a main construction partner. Falling for a rogue provider can result in years of hassle combined with legal disputes.

That is why you should not necessarily use the cheapest provider choose, but a "Good".

The best tips on how to recognize trustworthy construction companies, we show in the article "8 tips on how to recognize a reputable construction company". On the pages of Baugeschaft Weschpfennig are important checkpoints to the construction partner on the individual trades.

7.1. Possible mistake no. 5

Do not rely solely on the Statements of the construction company. If you’re considering a contractor, talk to previous customers of the company.

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8. Negotiate well thought out contracts

Contracts with construction partners must be detailed with expertise read and checked become.

To do so, read our notes on drafting contracts for home construction.

8.1. Possible mistake no. 6

If you are not a "professional are, you should have external consultants consult. The house construction contract is the be-all and end-all to which everything else refers. Point.

9. Obtain all necessary permits

What sounds like a matter of course sometimes becomes a stumbling block in practice. Normally, the general contractor or architect does this work, but you should Check permits upon receipt.

10. Take out important insurances

Important are Builder’s liability– And one Building Insurance in conjunction with a preliminary Shell insurance. Private helpers need to be involved in the Professional association are reported and insured.

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11. To set up a schedule

The construction schedule is prepared together with the general contractor or architect.

12. Start building the house

Finally it starts! Now the bset up and secured become. The start of construction is Building office to report.

13. Carry out ongoing quality controls

The daily Attendance of the builder on the construction site is mandatory. Construction defects must be reported in writing promptly after occurrence.

We will provide you with Construction diary available:

Construction diary

13.1. Possible mistake no. 7

Rely Not on verbal promises for troubleshooting. Keep any agreement in writing.

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14. Fleshing out the interiors

When the outer shell is in place, windows and heating installed, it’s time to beautiful works. Slowly the building takes its final shape :-)

14.1. Possible mistakes no. 8

Unusual tiles or the desired bathroom fixture can sometimes be long delivery times feature. Don’t order too late to avoid unnecessary delays.

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15. Move!

Finally moving in! So that with the removal smoothly, you use our check list removal.

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16. Garden and outdoor facilities

For some, the planning of the outdoor area is necessary evil and should be done as efficiently as possible. For others it becomes a passion.

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