Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Light dances across my neck, I can feel it.
Milky white and unobtrusive.
With tired eyes I squint over to the window and wonder what day it has become.
One hour, two hours.
The minutes fell out of my hand and shattered on the floor.
Behind closed doors I realize that I have forgotten them.
The time.
Time that would have given me so much.
Moments, burned forever on a small memory card.
Whereas "forever" is a very stretchy term these days.
The last for-ever lasted almost five years.
The next maybe just two.
My back is rusty and the hinges squeak as I stand up and walk to the window.
Sun spreads on my palm, moves further over my arm, up to my eyes.
I could have captured this moment.
The moment when the sun touches the earth and wins against the night.
Only with a camera.
And a few seconds that might have been the next forever

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Welcome to part 2 of the photo series Taking beautiful photos alone at home. Today, as announced, we will go a little more directly into the topics of technology and general details. There are so many steps behind a good photo. But in most cases these are quickly realized. Here are the next 5 tips on how to take beautiful photos alone at home.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Remote trigger& WIFI function

There are so many tricks how to make beautiful photos even alone. One way that hasn’t always worked for me personally, unfortunately, is the timer. Every camera, including cell phones, should have a built-in timer function. Once you have set the time, you press the shutter release and get into position. The problem behind it: The focus often doesn’t have time to settle accurately and the images become blurry or everything else is sharp, just not what should be sharp. For photos taken from higher up, this is definitely a great option. But not for everyone.

Remote triggers that you can plug into your camera/phone are better. You can find them cheap on Amazon . Even better, however, is a built-in WIFI function that allows an app to connect the phone to the camera, which can then be used as a remote trigger. (My Olympus has this feature.)
The advantage of this is that you can see yourself on the cell phone display, unlike with the normal remote shutter release, and so changes can be made directly before the first photo is taken. But not every camera has this tool. A solution: There are WIFI memory cards , that have the same effect and allow you to connect directly to the camera.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2
Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

near the window or photo boxes

Light is one of the most important factors for a good photo. Because too little light and you might lose important details or have to put more work into saving the primary colors. And that costs time. Often you can only do it with Lightroom and then best in RAW format. The best light source is still the window. So if you can take pictures near a window, you have a clear advantage and save some post-processing. I am lucky that my bed is directly opposite the window. But even that doesn’t always help, and especially in clouds or bright sunshine, it does more harm to the photo than good.
To save you some trouble, there’s a great option especially for apartments and rooms with little light. Photo boxes, ring lights& Co are your helpers in need. I can only advise you to invest some money in a high quality product. I have paid more attention to the final sum when choosing my boxes and am only moderately satisfied.

My tip: Treat yourself to a ring light. That not only saves space, it also distributes the light better than a single photo box. For me this one particularly liked. Pay attention absolutely with the purchase whether in the package a tripod is included. Without it, the ring light won’t give you the desired effect and you’ll have to dig into your pocket again.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2
Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

No tripod at home?

Let’s stay on the subject of the tripod. For me, when I started my blog, it was immediately clear that I had to get a tripod to make Youtube videos and self-portraits. Without a tripod I would have been quite lost the last years and would not have been able to take some pictures. I can recommend you my tripod thanks to its swivel head, adjustable size and swivel mount. It also has two built-in spirit levels. Here you can buy it.

But if you don’t feel like spending money again after the ring light, you’re in luck. In most apartments you don’t need a tripod at all thanks to clever furniture placement. My favorite alternatives are chairs, shelves, windowsills or even a pile of books (like in the picture below).
The only important thing is that you place the camera on a straight surface, otherwise there is a danger of tipping over. But also for the cell phone can be improvised quickly. Here I have a video for you, how you can easily make different cell phone mounts, which can be placed everywhere and replace the tripod.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2
Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Take great photos everywhere on my own? This is how it works!

All about the Focus

Lately, especially the focus has given me trouble again and again. Because sometimes the camera overdoes it a bit and prefers to focus everything moderately rather than a certain point correctly. Buying an additional lens has helped me. The Olympus 45mm lens is designed exactly for such eventualities. It focuses on a certain point and makes everything behind and next to it look nice and blurry.
But even the cheapest lens costs about. 250€. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your pictures sharper using camera settings.
For example, I like to experiment with my camera and set different numerical values for focal length, aperture and exposure time. You can find a detailed article about this here .

To get the perfect picture, it is recommended to alternately focus on different things from one image section. For example instead of the book in the foreground, the cup behind it. This way you will also get great shots and you can later choose your favorite from a wide range of products.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Play with light and shadow

Light and shadow are not necessarily things that have to be mutually exclusive in photography. Cool effects by shadows or partial light incidence can change a picture immediately and make it more interesting. A popular trick are for example light reflections or rainbows. With the help of an ordinary glass prism you can quickly influence the incidence of light and conjure up beautiful details.
But if that’s too much work for you, I can recommend the apps Facetune or Afterlight (available in the app store for little money), with which you can achieve exactly this effect by certain settings.
Especially Facetune has a fixed place in my image processing and I like to conjure up a few points of light in the gray sky. Otherwise, there are also free apps that work just as well.
More tips for light& You can find shadows at the gifted Christina Key.

Fun Fact: This photo was taken with the help of a cell phone flashlight and a cheese grater. &

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

Bonus tips: Lightroom& Co
A little bonus tip for you is to invest in Lightroom. I never want another program and am almost always completely satisfied with the handling and the result. My laptop sometimes doesn’t play along, but the program can’t do anything about that. Also, if you have the option, always shoot in RAW format. Because this way you can save even pictures that you think have turned out badly in most cases.

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These were my 10 tips for taking beautiful photos alone at home. I hope I could take some questions off your tongue and bring some clarity into the photography jungle.
Improving your photography skills doesn’t always have to be difficult or costly. Often you can do it with small tools.

Taking beautiful photos alone at home | 10 tips you need to know #2

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