Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

The Lunar Sale 2022 has started and floods Steam with offers. We help you browse through twelve special game recommendations.

from GameStar editorial team, Elena Schulz,
29.01.2022 09:37

Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

Just in time for the Chinese New Year on 1. February 2022 Steam Lunar Sale is launched to celebrate the new year of the tiger properly. If you’re not from China and don’t have much to do with big cats, there’s still a reason to celebrate: As always, there are a lot of games that are heavily discounted, and not only on Steam – you can also find bargains at GOG, Ubisoft, Epic or Humble.

With so much choice, it’s easy to lose track. That’s why we present you here twelve heavily reduced games, which were great highlights for us personally.

Do you know these games already, we have collected in addition still insider tips at the small price for you. Do you have any recommendations that are still worthwhile?? Then write them to us in the comments!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Genre: First-person shooter | Release: 3. December 2019 (Steam) | Discount: 60 percent (15.99 euros)

Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

Elena Schulz: The full pack of Halo has never been so cheap, and neither has the timing: because of the free and absolutely fantastic multiplayer for Halo Infinite, everyone can currently get a taste of Halo air. If you are also considering buying the latest campaign, you should take a deep breath – it can only really unfold its full emotional impact if you are familiar with the Master Chief, his faithful AI companion Cortana and their shared history:

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This is where the Master Chief Collection comes into play, where you can get six Halo parts at once: Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach and Halo 4. With this, you not only get a very good deal for 16 Euros, but you can also fully immerse yourself in the exciting sci-fi universe that stages a twisty war between humans and aliens.

If you are not interested in the deep lore around it, Halo also attracts with fantastic gunplay and many unusual weapons from the laser projectile slingshot to the deadly particle sword, which you will search in vain in other shooters.

Xcom 2 Collection

Genre: Turn-By-Turn Strategy | Release: 2016-2017 | Discount: 90 percent (12,14 Euro)

Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

Heiko Klinge: Admittedly, whoever still pays the regular prices of Xcom 2 these days must have missed out on 387 sales promotions. Finally, the tactics classic from Firaxis is reduced more often than yogurt at the supermarket. Regardless of this, 12.14 Euros for the complete package consisting of the main game (costs 4.99 Euros individually), the grandiose addon War of the Chosen (9.99 Euros) and all three DLCs is an offer you can’t refuse in my opinion, if you don’t already own this exceptional title.

Because even six years after release, Xcom 2 is still the best squad-based tactics game ever for me, in all disciplines. The dynamic campaign combines freedom of choice with an exciting story in an unprecedented way. The construction of your own flying base and the almost loving nurturing of your rebel troop motivates from the first to the last second of the game.

The tactical battles not only deliver nerve-wracking tension, wonderfully nasty enemies and tricky decisions in every turn, but are also incredibly chic and fast-paced – unfortunately still an absolute exception in the otherwise brittle and bone-dry genre. And at this price there’s actually no argument even for strategy skeptics to ignore this masterpiece.


Genre: Management | Release: 18. August 2020 | Discount: 50 percent (12,49 Euro)

Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

Mary Marx: If you need some soul food between all the bad news and the lousy weather, you should definitely pick up Spiritfarer. Here you play the ferrywoman Stella, who helps animal spirits make the transition to the afterlife. Well, that sounds super gloomy on paper for the time being.

However, if you take a look at the trailer or some screenshots, you’ll quickly realize that Spiritfarer is an incredibly positive game, in that it’s all about finding your own peace and contentment. Even our colleague Heiko goes into raptures during the test:

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Together with your boat, you’ll sail around islands, build dwellings for your ghost guests on your floating means of transport, catch fish and lightning and complete quests that help the deceased animals with their transition. In the genre mix of construction and management simulation and Metroidvania, there is always something to do.

In the meantime, the last content update has also been released with the Farewell Edition, so you now get a complete game full of happiness for a little less than thirteen euros.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Genre: Action-Adventure | Release: 23. June 2015 | Discount: 80 percent (3,99 Euro)

Steam lunar sale: 12 exciting game tips from the editorial team

Peter Bathge: Arkham Knight’s PC release was one of the sleaziest acts I’ve ever witnessed in my editorial life. But let’s leave that alone, in the meantime the final adventure of Rocksteady’s bat-hero runs without any problems on modern machines, and the lousy compensation for the catastrophic launch on the part of Warner Bros. (the four predecessors, which probably every fan already had in the Steam library anyway) nobody remembers anymore.

Time, then, to turn over a new leaf and praise Arkham Knight for what it is: a brilliant ending to the great story, featuring some cool "Did I dream that??" style. Even the Batmobile isn’t as bad as everyone says, at least when it’s used for fast movement and in the puzzles. The developers really could have saved themselves the tank battles for this one.

Arkham Knight may not be the indisputable milestone that Arkham City was, but for four euros, the cool superhero game with an open world is definitely worth a look!

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