Stalker s.t.a.l.k.e.r. Anomaly

Am looking for a newer good mod for the first person shooter after replaying Metro Exodus with a different ending S.T.A.L.K.E.R. found. In English.
After I switched from Stalker to Fallout 4, Crysis 2+3, Tomb Raider Shadow and Metro Exodus in the last years –
I decided to dive into the Stalker world again.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly 1.5 Beta plays quite exciting.
At the beginning the player can choose where he starts, under which faction and that has quite significant influence on the gameplay.
Then the player also chooses whether the story mode and all maps should be open.
I tested this first, but in Jupiter there were some crashes with this constellation.
Better to run only the story mode.
Then the beta 1 runs.5 really good.
The AI of the enemies is very hard even under the lowest level as a stalker.

What is nice about this mod:

  • the gutting of the mutants and animals
  • For this the player gets parts of mutants and animals that can be further exploited or sold
  • gutting weapons and selling the individual parts to the dealers or better to the weapon technicians
  • the player starts in Zaton – then he will inevitably meet monolithers and they are almost always on the road in groups and very aggressive and extremely accurate, especially the monolithers are good snipers
  • only with a good armor it becomes more relaxing in the game
  • the waters are all radioactively contaminated, so the player should save on a good armor to protect the armor against radioactivity
  • also parts of mutants can be found to lower the radioactivity
  • the artifacts on the other hand are either non-radioactive or high radiation, which then also radiate the stalker
  • these irradiated artifacts you should bspw. bring to Jupiter to the scientists to collect a lot of money there
  • also the Oasis artifact is a contaminated object (funny that the funny scientist doesn’t have enough money to buy the Oasis artifact)
  • at the beginning it’s really hard to get money – so take orders which are feasible
  • the graphics can be turned up nicely – if the player calls a decent graphics card his own
  • new mutants e.g. in Jupiter Underground – altered bloodsuckers that envelop the player in darkness when not moving and staying or fast as Snorks the Luther, which are very dangerous and make a giant leap forward with one movement
  • .

The variety of objects that can be managed is also interesting.
This is very extensive.

Here is an example which is not yet extensive:

Tips are scarce with this mod.
But after I learned the basic principle with water gg. Radioactivity and the metal scissors to take out the weapons u.a. have understood – it goes continuously forward. In addition it applies to be just Stalker.

Vllt. has someone else like this mod.

Beta 3 Working addons:

Damaged = traders now also take defective weapons and suits, but not the landlord in Rostock bspw.
CoC_Max_Carry_Weight_3= Set Carry Weight Menu still from Beta 2.4 executable on Beta 3
English Voices = also runs under Beta 3
Rolling Fixes 4.1 = partial beta 3 of the Knife mod – all mutant corpses with normal knife
NVR1= scopes with night vision now green display
Better Starting Loadouts = better starting choices – not tested yet – sounds interesting

Greetings to all stalkers!


Lt. Junior Grade
  • 14. August 2019
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  • 29. August 2019
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Yes, it is a great mod.

I like it so much because the story is completely rebuilt.
The story begins with the fact that we explore the world of the Stalker again after the Brain Scorcher.
And the story also has some dependencies, where the old known Noah appears or.

Just the spawning of stashes or tasks is frequently changing.
The artifacts are completely reworked.
Some artifacts are radioactively contaminated and pose a high danger to life.

In the meantime I started new in Cordon and lo and behold also here the spawning is so that some things have changed. I find the campaign with the woman in the Rookie – village especially exciting.
Here it should be ensured that her weapon can also be repaired by herself and she is also regularly medically cared for. I got her the expensive Toz from the 2.Bandit trader from Garbage and thereupon I could convince them to accompany me.
Here you have to give instructions like in the many stalker abductions.
The variety of commands in a campaign alone is great.

Now I finally have a suit where two modules are possible for radioactive radiation from various battles with mutants. This is also the nice thing that the mutants are gutted and several usable things are taken from them, which are either sold or used here as a shield for radioactive radiation.

Also for armor are in this mod many many things to buy – so that the suit can be upgraded for example. The 2. Trader in Cordon is there mostly my point of contact.
Also the doctor in the swamps is important for buying medi-kids.
They are cheapest there.

This beta has it really in itself.
The stalker world has been upgraded.
There are also new levels like Maedow.
And other landscapes are partly completely changed.
In addition, the accesses to unknown areas can be purchased.
Otherwise no access.

Ammo is low and I have often had to buy some from the merchants.

If Stalker 2 can boost the graphics and make it nearly as good as the mod Anomaly – then I’m looking forward to it now.
I have played through SGM and many other mods at that time.
But Anomaly surpasses in its depth all other Stalker mods.

What I got in addition – is

  • Script improvements that fix some bugs in beta 2.get rid of 4
  • A knife hack that makes the existing knife cut up all mutants
  • a hack for the carrying weight
  • Conversations after importing a file in English
  • Also the dialog in writing in English

There are only a few crashes and most of them can be solved in 99% of all cases by restoring the last running game state.
Only with the mutants there is still the error with the controllers.
I can only kill them from a distance or I run out of their focus behind a wagon and come forward again and then run out of their focus again.
Otherwise the game breaks for me.
As I said, there is a solution for this as well – don’t focus on it.

With the lurkers there are u.a. new mutants. Also here new challenges.
In addition even stronger Burer and and .
The modified Bloodsucker are also funny. There are now several types of Bloodsucker.
The wild cats, for example, have become very dangerous and is not a good suit – you do not live long.

Batteries must be present for the functionality of the flashlights, scanner etc.

By a suit change one can pretend to the opponents to belong to them.
Totally funny. In addition I collect with the many kills of bandits etc. Coat of arms from them, which I in turn can turn into money.

Another tip:
The stash at the exercises in the rookie village is on the tree.
You can only get there if you try to get up through the broken roof.

Many hiding places are new or reworked.

Another tip:
With the RF Receiver in Maedow just hold the receiver in your hand – then you can also set the frequency for the disappeared stalker.
Some things are really tricky.

The PDA has to be changed as soon as it is broken and probably can’t be repaired.
Just like a flashlight or scanner.
Food must be consumed every day just like liquid.
Here are a variety of possibilities.
The meat of the mutants is highly contaminated and not recommended.
Normal food is expensive but a must have.
Sell contaminated bread and do not eat.
Purified water is recommended.

Weapons can be repaired without a technician with expensive equipment which can be bought from the dealers.

Much more anomaly types and nicely animated.
In addition, there are now wandering anomaly types.

I hope I have given some stalkers useful info bzgl. this mod given.
I guess some won’t switch because everything is in English or Russian – conversations as audio and in writing.
But there is an English translation and it works really well as I think.

In addition, it is a new world with many unknowns.
Anyway, I’m having fun playing Stalker again.
And in various Youtube videos I am not the only one who enjoys it.


Lt. Junior Grade
  • 29. August 2019
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  • 29. August 2019
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Hopefully my new score will work under beta 3.0.
Otherwise I would have to restart again.


Lt. Commander
  • 29. August 2019
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  • 30. August 2019
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I also find the built-in radio system interesting.
So bandits and stalkers report detected enemies like mutants or military or .
Also, the dead stalkers and bandits are listed.
And also other conversations appear in the display.
This is so well done.
I don’t understand why this was only developed at Anomaly.

So you get a warning, that for example in the Swamps a Bloodsucker was sighted and at which place.

  • 31. August 2019
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  • 2. September 2019
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The version 1.5 Beta 3 has only Russian in the spoken language.
In beta 2.4 there was yes a patch for English conversation.
At least the dialogs in writing are in English.
To my first impressions.
The military has upgraded in Cordon and I have had to kill about ten or more soldiers.
In addition, the AI of the soldiers is designed in such a way that now when hiding in the bushes are basically thrown grenades. According to this, another strategy is needed.
And that is just to use the enemy suit and the corresponding gas mask.
Then again, some recognize the fraud – not all.
Really funny!

Overall, I don’t like that so many places have been created now where I am caught by an anomaly that is not visible. So at the exit of the technician in Cordon is directly an electric field and additionally an invisible anomaly which is really annoying in the beginning.
The settings menu is huge of course. So a stalker can set many things in the menu.
Among other things, also a HUD which is very useful.
In addition, also goes from beta 2.4 the weight, but here it is necessary to go to Apply every time when loading afterwards. This is also annoying. The developers have made a lot of things disappear in the database and the scripts are partly left out. The initial weight of 44 kg carrying weight is simply absurd. With the menu can then be selected up to . 150kg . up to 1000kg.
So also the many weapons can be transported to the next technician.
Something has also changed there.
The technician no longer offers to buy the disassembled parts of the weapons.
The technician has his own trading menu from beta 3 onwards.

Mutant kills have not become more aggressive in my opinion.

Still interesting are the liberation of a stalker taken into custody who wants to be freed from bandits.

The radio news is just good. That can also be turned off.
I think this is a great feature.

I have not yet mentioned the weather. Here various settings can be made.
Personally, I like the setting that it remains dynamic.

Overall a successful mod.
So far no crash after the recent patch.

Will report further later.


  • 2. September 2019
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  • 3. September 2019
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Yesterday I tried on my landline computer, because it is no longer so warm there.
Behold, the scripts run from Beta 2.4.
D.h. I no longer need to press Apply. The carrying weight is now as set in the menu.
I still have to verify the exact reason for the notebook.

So gradually I get used to the many changes.
The swamps have been neatly reworked.
I will provide pictures later.
I find this much better. This really looks like a quagmire.

I’m going to take the English voices from the Beta 2.4 test.
Vllt. run the most part, because to hear only the Russian voices and nothing to understand – is somehow unattractive.

With the HUD set is bspw. to better coordinate the liberation of hostages.
Because when a prisoner is freed – it must remain in the focus of the stalker.
And since the prisoners tend to chase after every rat – the stalker has to chase after the rats too – or the stalker chooses another way to the exit. On the HUD the stalker sees the freed prisoner marked green. I will send pictures later. The stalker can try to cut open the rats, but I have not yet come across a rat where I could take something from it.
There are different sized rats. Just like the pseudodogs. There I encountered the days a giant – pseudo dog. This mutant dog also left behind very useful parts that protect against radioactivity when it was gutted-assuming the suit has module slots available after technical upgrades.

HUD also helps in the search for staches. The stash you are looking for is highlighted in green in the HUD and the stalker can search at that spot and doesn’t need to look into the PDA all the time.
Very advantageous.

When searching for artifacts, the standard decoder is used. I’ll buy the more expensive search tools later.
However, the standard – decoder is limited to a few meters, which makes it very dangerous in the anomalies. Besides, the artifact appears visibly only in the near Focus.

Really well implemented is at Beta 3.0 the radioactivity.
It’s not so bad to walk through the water anymore by far.
I like that.

My current conclusion of Beta 3.0 is very positive despite the many new anomalies.
It has become more difficult in some places to simply march through the terrain, but that the water is no longer so radioactive and also the many small changes to the landscape as well as the settings for the technicians are well done.
Apropos technician – there you can of course do the job as before – to get tools.
Gas masks can no longer be recycled. Why?
When recycling, the time of claiming has been shortened considerably – which I think is a very good thing.
It was annoying to always wait for a weapon to be completely dismantled.

What I have seen so far in Beta 3.0 have not yet tested – are the many toolboxes that are available for purchase from the traders. There are different toolboxes for each type of weaponry.
With that it was already with the 2.4 possible to repair the weapons independently.
Then there is also the possibility to carry out a special repair by using the same weapon as a spare parts store.

I saw a military patrol yesterday.
This also seems to be new. Three men marched quietly on the way towards the bridge in Cordon.
In addition, the military is much more present.
In Beta 3.0 the helicopter is switched off by default.
That was at the 2.4 different – there are helicopters flying around all the time that can only be taken care of with a rocket launcher?
I haven’t had a rocket launcher yet. Using a shotgun as in other stalker MODS does not work.

For the rest, I take almost no assignments where artifacts are involved. The search at the beginning is just too tedious with the standard decoder. Vllt. later.
This, of course, limits the orders a bit.
Also, I avoid having more than three to four open orders because some orders are cancelled after a certain time.
It still does not make sense to me – why.
In the beginning it’s a lot about hunting mutants, freeing prisoners, finding PDA’s.
PDA’s can be decrypted by technicians.
And the PDA’s can be sold to the traders if they are interested.

In Rostock it will also be exciting again.
In beta 2.4 was a random functionality in use.
D.h in the Wild Territory, one score had the Free Stalkers and the other had the Duty faction in the sniper position.
Let’s see how it will be in Beta 3.0 is.

  • 4. September 2019
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Cool report about the mod in Gamestar:


Cadet 2nd Year
  • 4. September 2019
  • #13

Hello dear lovers!

Does anyone know if there is a mod that lets me set up all upgrades on weapons and outfits? So not that I have to choose one of two upgrades from category two onwards.

I tried to put this together myself, but unfortunately can’t get it to work

Maybe someone can help me on the hint or has in the end even a mod for it

  • 7. September 2019
  • #14

Here are a few pictures.
The penultimate picture is from Agroponom swamp.
The last picture is also from Agroponom of the moving anomaly.

  • 10. September 2019
  • #15

More impressions Stalker Anomaly 1.5 Beta 3

During the various fights with mutants it shows that with Beta 3 the suits have been changed.
There are completely new suits and above all the values of the suits have been changed.
The suits are not as strong as they were in beta 2.4.
Yesterday I bought and upgraded an exoskeleton for the first time.
With all other suits the improvements are instead of 20% only 10%.
Probably with the Exo also.
Nevertheless it is fun.
And with a well upgraded Exo it is also possible to survive the cat attacks.

With beta 3 the stalker also finds more ammo. This lies sometimes on boxes in the middle of the garbage dump bspw.
Stashes are plentiful.
And with the crates and cases the stalker finds useful items from time to time. It is worth to jump on the cases, which then open or to break the crates with the knife.

In Wild Territory I encountered a black mist yesterday. The surrounds the stalker and if the stalker does not move away quickly – then the stalker is pulverized. I did not know so yet.
Whether the fog is attackable I have to try again.
In Wild Territory the stalker can go into the building with the many wooden slats to do bspw. to find an extra hiding place(only after successful missions). There in the rooms it is only possible to survive by the stalker completely pressed to the ground to move in the highly radioactive contaminated rooms to the hiding place.
From the ceilings hang down these pieces of nettle and when touched, the health and the suit is directly hurt.

My strategy has also changed a little. I now dare to accept several orders at the same time in Cordon without the risk of not fulfilling orders.
I do not accept artifact orders. Finally, in the dialogue with the client, another mission can be chosen – sometimes up to three different ones. For example, the host in Rostock has three missions to choose from at the beginning.

The fights of the different factions are dynamic. D.h. depending on the game state and development it can be that the stalker in Wild Territory as a sniper Duty or Stalker or . finds.
This is what I love about the mod.
Much of the game is dynamic and staches change places – some of the orders change.
Nothing is chiseled into the ground.
Only the traders – they can not be attacked.
I found this to be the case with the 2.Trader at Rostock exit tried in Garbage.

I have only tested the story mode so far. Warfare or other game modes have been left out so far.
I will continue to play the story – it’s just too interesting.
It is difficult to work your way up over many many orders. The stalker can of course also search for artifacts.
But for this you need a decent suit and that of course improved.
Nevertheless it is advisable to save again and again.
Because even with a good radiation suit, the stalker’s life is constantly in danger – especially in the anomaly fields. And do not forget to bring containers for radioactive artifacts.

Tiresome is the disassembly of weapons, but faster in Beta 3.
The stalker sells the won parts best to the mechanic.
Incidentally, the cost of the mechanics has changed. The mechanics are not much cheaper after getting the three tools. The price negotiation of spare parts has been eliminated.
Prices are now always uniform.

So far I have not had a single crash and that after many hours of play.

I always wished for such a stalker mod. Much is open and dynamic and there is a storyline.
Annoying is gradually the radio message that Strelok was sighted and one or the other stalker wishes to talk to him.
The radio messages are ingenious in that it is possible to trace exactly who died where and when.

I also like the bounty hunters that are set on the stalker during certain missions.
At an early stage of the game the stalker can get good weapons this way.
However, the enemies at the beginning consistently have weapons that must be repaired by the technician or yourself with tools.
Weapons that can be obtained from the military or bandits or . are found – can be sold only repaired.
This is not worthwhile, because the repair costs are higher than the sales value afterwards.
Therefore it is worth to disassemble the weapons.
Only the scissors for the disassembly must be maintained afterwards. Otherwise the scissors are broken and a new one must be purchased.

I started to read cooking recipes and other journals. The stalker finds these in hiding places and with opponents. A cooking equipment as well as a medicine equipment can be acquired. Thus a self production is possible.
So many extensive possibilities a stalker has.

It is advisable for a radioactively strongly loaded area to always have medicine in stock.
Yesterday I needed two of the red pills to be fully healed again.
Add a medikit and the stalker is healthy again.
Otherwise, the health level quickly drops into the critical range and the breath stops.

In general the stalker’s bleeding is also well animated. When hit by a shot, the stalker starts to bleed.
And that the stalker should quickly treat with a bandage. Otherwise the stalker sees his own blood on the floor and the health condition decreases rapidly.

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