Soulslikes 2022: the most exciting current-gen alternatives to dark souls

From Elden Ring to Life of P, these current and upcoming 2022 games are ones Dark Souls fans should keep an eye on.

These games are already playable or will be released in 2022 and are modeled on Dark Souls

These games are already playable or will be released in 2022 and are based on Dark Souls.

Dark Souls has made a name for itself for more than just its difficulty. The game from From Software stands for Sophisticated battles, where every step counts. Players collect valuable resources like souls and must decide whether to spend them or save them – even at the risk of losing everything.

All this against the backdrop of a ruthless world that is inevitably falling into decay. We explain the fascination in detail in our Plus video "The Secret Behind Dark Souls"!

Whether or not this gameplay is unique enough to call Dark Souls its own genre is up to each person to decide. However, there’s no denying that with the Soulslikes, numerous games are now taking the Dark Souls principle, spicing it up with new ideas and developing it further.

These games are the perfect pick-me-up for those who can’t get enough of From Software’s heavy games. Therefore we present you the best current Dark Souls alternatives for 2022 Ahead, which are yet to come or are already playable.

Latest update: 31. January 2022
New: Death’s Door and Thymesia added to the mix
Changed: Released games adapted

You can already play these Soulslikes at the moment

The following Soulslikes are already released and playable.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Genre: Action role-playing game | Developer: From Software | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release: 22. March 2019

How it works? In Sekiro, you shouldn’t rely too much on your Souls techniques. Sekiro does without a stamina bar, which makes the battles much snappier and more dynamic than in the sluggish Dark Souls. The goal is to break the opponent’s stance and then overpower him and inflict damage on him.

You also control a prosthetic arm with different attachments such as shuriken, which serve as a ranged weapon, or a powerful axe. With the help of a grappling hook you can easily move from rooftop to rooftop and surprise enemies from above. It’s fitting that this time you’re not playing a leisurely warrior, but a dashing ninja in the context of a fictional version of the Japanese Middle Ages.

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For whom suitable? Sekiro is much shorter and more linear than Dark Souls and tells a clearer story around a defined protagonist. Nevertheless, you won’t have an easier time with the numerous enemies and nasty bosses. If you like the Japanese setting, you can find out more about how authentic it is in our Plus Report.

Dark Devotion

Genre: Roguelike | Developer: Hibernian Workshop | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Release: 25. April 2019

How it works? In a way, Dark Devotion is a 2D Dark Souls with roguelike elements that lets you explore a mysterious temple ruin. Your templar must not only compete against nasty opponents, but also prove her faith. If you die, it starts all over again, but fast travel points, equipment and items you take with you make progress easier.

Similar to Dark Souls, Dark Devotion also wants to tell a dark story about decay and death. NPCs, as well as chests with hidden clues will tell you more about the fate of the game world. By the way, because faith plays a central role in the game, depending on how you do, you will receive curses or blessings from a divine power that will influence your progress.

For whom suitable? In the battles you have a variety of medieval melee and ranged weapons to choose from. Enemies require skillfully placed strikes and tactically timed dodging if you want to stand a chance. In addition, your knight can be protected via armor and relics. The powerful bosses require special planning and skill.

So you should not only enjoy experimenting, but also be able to cope with starting from scratch again and again.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Genre: Survival Action | Developer: Gunfire Games | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release: 16. August 2019

How it works? In the survival action game Remnant: From the Ashes, as one of the last humans, you encounter terrifying creatures from an alien dimension. Alone or in a team you have to wipe out monster hordes and bosses to ensure the rebuilding of civilization.

You beat the monsters at this with their own weapons: People are able to create portals that transport them to the home of their enemies, where you can discover their secrets. But you don’t just fight, you also collect resources to survive.

The total of four worlds in the game change through their dynamic generation and present you with new maps, enemies, quests and events. Successfully defeat enemies and you’ll be rewarded with loot and enhancement materials that you can use to upgrade and modify your equipment.

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Suitable for whom? For a change, the game takes you not to the dark fantasy Middle Ages, but to a post-apocalyptic future. So for Souls fans who want a different setting, it could be a pleasant alternative. Loot hunting is also much more in focus.

If you prefer to watch instead of read, you can also find many current alternatives here in the video:


Genre: Action-Platformer | developer: The Game Kitchen | platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Release: 10. September 2019

How it works? In the action platformer Blasphemous, you’ll battle your way through merciless combat in sprawling, non-linear levels. You play the repentant, the last survivor of a massacre, who is caught in the eternal cycle of death and rebirth and is supposed to redeem the world from twisted and destructive religions.

Along the way, you’ll face powerful enemies, formidable bosses and deadly traps as you uncover the secrets of the world. You can use special attacks, combos or even brutal executions against enemies, as well as use relics, rosary beads, prayers or sword hearts to upgrade your skills and stats.

For whom suitable? If the retro pixel look and the particularly brutal fights appeal to you, Blasphemous could be just right for you.

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