Soon six children : cristiano ronaldo’s and georgina rodriguez’s family construct is this confused

The model and the professional footballer have been a couple for five years now. Together they are currently raising four children. But family relationships are complicated.

The football star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children

The soccer star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children.

Two more are already on the way. The couple is having twins - a boy and a girl

Two more are already on the way. The couple has twins – a boy and a girl.

However, not all children are from the same mother

Not all children are from the same mother, however.

Cristiano Ronaldo (36) and Georgina Rodriguez (28) have been a couple for five years.

Together they are raising four children: Cristiano junior (11), twins Mateo and Eva (4) and Alana (4).

But not all have the same mother.

This year, Cristiano and Georgina are expecting another offspring – a boy and a girl.

However, the professional footballer is strict when it comes to parenting.

Currently, the Netflix series "I am Georgina" provides a glimpse into the lives of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo (36). In it, the couple shows themselves in everyday (luxury) situations in their villa in Turin, on their yacht in Monaco or in the private jet to Paris. Often with the party: the offspring.

Although at first glance it looks as if all four children are from the 28-year-old, the family relationships in the Ronaldo house are more complicated than thought. For the offspring of the football star have different mothers.

His children from surrogate mothers: Cristiano Jr., Mateo and Eva

Cristiano junior, the eldest son of the 36-year-old, saw the light of day in June 2010. The professional athlete announced the news two weeks later via social media. In the post, he stated that the identity of the mother would remain secret and that he would apply for sole custody. Subsequently, the Sunday Mirror wrote that the now eleven-year-old was the result of a one-night stand. About the identity, the international media seem to disagree, some assume an American waitress, while others dub her a British college student. The footballer is said to have bought the rights to her son from her for more than ten million dollars. He has never confirmed the rumors. By the way, at the birth of Cristiano junior Ronaldo was in a steady relationship with model Irina Shayk (34).

The family tree of Cristiano Ronaldo and his children

The family tree of Cristiano Ronaldo and his children.

In 2016, he met the saleswoman Georgina Rodriguez in the Gucci store in Madrid and – to this day – love her. The model was therefore already by his side when he became a father for the second and third time in June 2017. According to the Daily Mail, twins Mateo and Eva were conceived in a test tube and carried by a California surrogate mother.

Offspring with Georgina: Alana, the twins still unborn

His own offspring with the 28-year-old followed just a few months later: On 12. November 2017 saw the light of day their daughter together Alana Martina. A first photo of the little one posted the proud mom on Instagram.

At the end of last year, Georgina and Cristiano shared that they are again in joyful anticipation with child number five and six. They are expecting twins – a boy and a girl. The baby news announced Ronaldo in October with a Parli photo and the ultrasound image in hand on the social media platform.

Strict upbringing

Although the couple and their children enjoy a life of luxury, the offspring must abide by Ronaldo’s strict rules. Cristiano junior is supposed to wish for a cell phone for his birthday, but Ronaldo’s dad says no. "He often asks me if he can have a cell phone. I then answer: it still has time," confesses the 36-year-old at an awards ceremony in Dubai. First he wants his children to learn the proper use of media and cell phones, before they get their own devices.

"Of course technology helps us. We must learn to use it, but we must not be obsessed with it," says the professional footballer. He wants only the best for his offspring, however, Cristiano junior must also learn that you have to work hard for success. "He sometimes drinks Coke or eats French fries. He knows that I then get angry," Ronaldo continues to tell.

The eleven-year-old wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and also become one of the world’s most successful footballers. The professional tries to make his son understand that this can only be done with a lot of discipline, with hard lessons: "I sometimes tell him that after the treadmill he has to dive into the cold water to recover, and he says, ‘Daddy, but it’s so cold’."

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