Solothurn: pianist alexei volodin gave a guest performance in the concert hall

Alexei Volodin was celebrated with a standing ovation during his performance in the course of the Frag-Art concert series.

The famous Russian pianist Alexei Volodin

The famous Russian pianist Alexei Volodin.

Reserved in appearance, unleashed at the piano: since Alexei Volodin won the Concours Geza Anda in 2003, he has played his way into the first league of pianists. Alexei Volodin has become famous for his sensitive touch and technical brilliance. He plays with the biggest orchestras in the world, but always performs solo recitals.

In 2006 and 2009, he also inspired people in Solothurn with this. After that, the virtuoso, who has continuously climbed the career ladder, gave another concert on the "Frag-Art stage" in 2016 – on a free tour evening. Meanwhile, Alexei Volodin has climbed the pianist’s Olympus and returned to 75. Concert promoter Franz Grimm returned to the Ambassadors’ city for his birthday, where he was celebrated with a standing ovation.

With a big, plastic tone, without any hysteria

A purely Russian program was to be heard, in which Alexei Volodin served up concentrated masses of sound without neglecting formal transparency. With feathery brilliance, elegant and clear, he seized the six-part "Petite suite" by Alexander Borodin. Be it technique, sovereignty and finger fireworks, Alexei Volodin’s playing also revealed pure musicality with Cesar Cui and Mili Balakirew.

Qualities with which Mussorgsky’s "Pictures at an Exhibition" advanced to a vernissage set to music, to a concert highlight and eruptive musical frenzy all in one. With a large, plastic tone, without any hysteria, with original phrasing, the virtuoso presented a completely independent Mussorgsky interpretation. The 1977 in what was then Leningrad and is now St. Petersburg.Petersburg-born Alexei Volodin can be a mighty tasker. Even more important: He has also the big breath for the calm, carried, Russian-endless, mystical-heated.

Probably never heard a wilder witch Baba Jaga

This is reflected in "Pictures at an Exhibition. In 1873 Mussorgsky’s friend, the painter Victor Hartmann, died. The composer took his paintings and sketches as models for an increasing piano cycle, whose "Promenade" as a recurring, slightly varied theme symbolizes the viewer walking through the paintings.

This is what it sounds like when Alexei Volodin plays. The pianist here at another concert.

Alexei Volodin beautifully captures how the mood of the viewer changes. It is particularly strong at the Limoges market. An unbelievable hustle and bustle reigns there, fast-paced, motorized, relentless Alexei Volodin goes. A wilder witch Baba Jaga has probably never been heard, and the "Great Gate of Kiev" he builds so massive that he joins the tradition of a Horowitz.

Perfect technique, creative intelligence and the spiritual and emotional penetration of the music make Volodin’s performances highlights of concert life. The pianist himself makes no fuss about himself: He hurries purposefully to the grand piano, bows curtly and plays a "Virtua Tennis". Not it should be in the center, but the music. This attitude also characterizes his game. There are no gimmicks, no empty effects. What counts is the score alone, which Alexei Volodin plumbs in all directions and shapes into stellar performances. Also in Solothurn.

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