Sodastream leaking – repair and troubleshooting

A defective or leaking Sodastream quickly becomes a nuisance: the water does not bubble up or sprays out of the bottle and the carbon dioxide escapes. We will tell you the possible reasons for an unsatisfactory bubble result and show you how to remedy them quickly and easily.

  • Problems with the seals and valves
  • Scaling and soiling
  • Mistakes with the operation

Depending on the problem with your soda fountain, a different approach will be targeted. Keep in mind that the procedure varies depending on the type of device you are using.

1. Fix leaking Sodastream

If your Sodastream is leaking, it can show up in a number of ways:

  • The water shoots into the device head when the pressure is equalized (Sodastream Crystal and Crystal 2.0).
  • No fizzy water is produced, as the added CO2 escapes.

The first problem is often due to rebound valves that are too loose attributed. These may loosen over time, allowing the water to leak into the head of the unit. In this case, when opening the Sodastream Crystal at the Pressure equalization you won’t hear the typical soft hissing sound; instead, you’ll hear the water bubbling up with pressure into your head escapes. In addition drips the excess water comes out of the upper part or runs down the side of the machine.


  1. Open the cover of the CO2 cylinder and remove it. When doing so, follow the precautions in the operating instructions.
  2. Make sure that there is no more pressure on the lines by pressing the bubbler button.
  3. Open the carafe container so that the device head moves upwards. There is an opening at the back. Carefully insert a finger and push the cover upwards so that it comes off.
  4. You’ll recognize three valves that are attached with plastic nuts. Take an open-end wrench or a pair of pliers and carefully tighten the valve closures to. Do not apply too much pressure, otherwise you can damage the nuts.
  5. If there is water in the device head, you should wipe it up with a dry cloth if possible. Otherwise, it is recommended to leave the unit open until it is completely dry.
  6. Finally, put the lid on and press it until it snaps back into place. Reconnect the carbonation cylinder and use the Sodastream as usual.

On the other hand, if you do not succeed in making sparkling water because the gas does not reach the water and escapes beforehand, this may be due to three causes:

  • The supply line to the device head or to the bubbler nozzle is leaking.
  • The cylinder is not inserted correctly or the seal is defective.
  • The seal between the glass carafe and the bubble nozzle does not close completely.

You solve the first problem as described before: Put the medium valve in the device head of the Sodastream Crystal is for the Feed line responsible. Pull this if necessary.

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Also test whether the cylinders fit properly and strong enough attracted is. Tighten it with gentle pressure, avoiding to apply too much force to avoid damaging the thread. If gas still leaks between the cartridge and the thread, you should carefully remove the corresponding sealing ring and replace it with a new one.

If, on the other hand, the carbon dioxide escapes into the Pressure vessel, in which you put the glass bottle to bubble up the water, probably the seal inserted in the head is no longer intact. This closes between the neck of the bottle and the bubbler nozzle, so that the carbonic acid is directed into the water. Over time, however, it can wear out or become deformed. In this case you can install one to two millimeter thick Rubber disk into the container, so that the level of the water carafe is raised. Thus the bottle neck exerts more pressure upwards and the sealing force is sufficient again.

2. Sodastream descale and clean

Another common cause that can lead to a leaking Sodastream sparkling water maker is Lime deposits.

To descale and at the same time clean your Sodastream you can use citric acid as well as special Sodastream cleaning tablets. Diluted respectively dissolved in water you put it into the device and press the bubble button briefly. After a short waiting time, rinse with clean water and you can use the device again.

3. Possible operating errors

Incorrect handling when spraying tap water can also lead to undesirable results. We have summarized the three most common errors including solution for you:

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