Slim through juice? We have tested 8 juice cures!

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You want to eat healthier, become fitter and feel good in your body all around? Then just press the reset button. And that’s with a juice cure. What’s behind the trend of getting drunk on nothing but juices for days on end, we’ll tell you. We also tried out a lot of cures ourselves.

So, how do you feel now? Can you really stand it? These are the two questions we’ve been asked most often after our juice cure test. Already in advance: Every person is unique. That’s why some people feel really good and full of energy after juice fasting, others have lost a few kilos and still others are just looking forward to being able to eat properly again. No matter what the personal conclusion of each individual is: If you absolutely want to and are in good health, you can stick to a juice cure quite well.

We have tested various juice cures and report here on our personal experiences. In addition, we will get to the bottom of the most important questions about juice fasting, tell you exactly how it works, what it is supposed to do and what you have to bear in mind.

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How the juice cure works

Goodbye solid food, hello juice! With a juice cure you do without solid food for a previously determined period of time. And that’s not all. coffee, alcohol and cigarettes should also be taboo. Instead, you can look forward to five to seven cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices every day. It is super important that they are cold pressed. Because only through this process all vitamins and nutrients remain contained.

Let’s calculate once again: During a juice cure you take between 1.5 and 2 liters of liquid in the form of juice per day. Since the juices should usually be drunk at intervals of two hours, you are theoretically fully supplied. This should keep your hunger pangs at bay and your blood sugar levels and energy levels relatively constant. To prevent an energy low, by the way, you may drink as much water and unsweetened tea, as well as a vegetable or chicken broth from time to time, to balance your electrolyte balance.

What are the benefits of a juice diet??

You somehow do not feel comfortable in your skin? You have recently eaten too much sweets, fast food or one or two alcoholic drinks too much? Then a juice diet is just the thing for you to simply give your body a fresh start. Solid food, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and sugar – all of these are taboo.

The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained in the juices nourish the body and are released directly into the bloodstream. Unlike a full stomach, the body can process all substances optimally. This is how the cure should ensure that the organism is strengthened and nourished. In addition, the digestion should be relieved and the cell regeneration and the fat metabolism get going again. The result: you should feel better and have more energy.

Can I lose weight with a juice diet?

Because you eat few calories during a juice diet, most people lose weight. However, it is usually water retention and not body fat. But be careful: if you do not change your diet after the juice cure, you will not be able to keep the weight off. In principle, a juice cure is a great start to get rid of bad eating habits. If you have gone without solid food for three to seven days, it will be easier for you to eat healthier and more consciously in the future.

Juice cures in the test: These are our experiences

We were curious and tested different juice cures. Here are our testimonials.

Juice cure from LiveFresh

The Total Juice Cure from LiveFresh at a glance:

  • per day you drink seven 250 ml bottles and three 60 ml shots of different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that is per day altogether 1.93 l liquid with approximately 713 kcal
  • the juices are cold-pressed and made daily from fresh ingredients
  • a 3-day juice cure costs about 77 euros

Our experience: Drink only juice? Can I keep it up? I spoiler already times: yes! On the one hand, of course, it is due to one’s own motivation and willpower, which one needs for such a cure, on the other hand, probably also due to the juices. I was allowed to test the 5-day juice cure from LiveFresh. The daily schedule: Every two hours one of a total of seven juices (250 ml) should be drunk. In the morning, at noon and in the evening there is an additional shot (60 ml). With this amount I was very well supplied. And, also important, the juices taste really good. My favorite: "Hey Wach" with orange, ginger and guarana and "green love" with kale, cucumber and apple.

On the first day of my very first juice diet, I’m super motivated and excited to see how the juices taste and how well I have my hunger pangs under control. Even if I catch myself many a time, how I "just once quickly" If I want to grab a snack because I’m kind of hungry, I stay strong and stick to my juices. During the next few days, my stomach growls from time to time, but I have the desire to eat something well under control – even when others around me are eating. I always look forward to the next juice and make myself a cup of vegetable broth at noon and in the evening and drink water in between.

What amazed me during the five days: I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t feel dizzy, and I didn’t feel low energy either. I also didn’t miss my two to three cups of coffee a day.

My conclusion: If you want to, you can definitely stick to a juice diet. After five days I feel good and somehow also a little lighter. What remains for me now? I would like to avoid sweets as much as possible in the next few weeks and not eat out of boredom. At the moment, due to the experience with the juice cure, it is also still quite easy for me. To reset my body every now and then, I can definitely imagine repeating the juice regimen.

Juice cure from pressbar

The Total Juice Cure from pressbar at a glance:

  • per day you drink six bottles of 250 ml with different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that’s a total of 1.5 l of liquid per day with about 680 kcal
  • the juices contain no sweeteners or colorants, no flavor enhancers, no added sugar, and are gently pressed
  • a 3-day juice cure costs about 83 euros

Our experience: The juices from pressbar were all very fruity and had only little vegetable content, so I could drink them well and they all tasted very good to me. Beet and cucumber were more noticeable, the fruit was pineapple. My favorites are the "Starter in orange (oranges, carrots, apple and ginger) and the green juice (apple, kale, spinach, lime and mint).

I did not have any problems on any of the days, that is, no headaches, dizziness, fatigue or lack of concentration. Now and then came the little hunger, but I have me the six juices well timed, so that he was then satisfied. In addition, I had three delicious oat drinks (with mango, coconut and flaxseed), which also satiated me in the evening. On two evenings I made myself a warm plate of vegetable broth. And I always drank a lot of herbal tea and water in between.

I was able to sleep well over the three days, maybe even better than before. The second day I did yoga in the evening and had no problems. For me it was easy to go through with the cure, since I had set myself up for three days from the outset. This is really doable!

Conclusion: After the cure I feel good, clear and more active. I have the feeling that my body has been cleansed and I don’t immediately feel like biting into a burger. I definitely try to eat more consciously now. I would do the cure immediately again, because it is very simple and the juices are just great. Therefore, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try a juice cure, because the price-performance ratio is right.

Juice cure from Frank Juice

The Juice Cure "Starter Bundle from Frank Juice at a glance:

  • per day you drink six bottles of 330 ml with different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that’s a total of 1.98 liters of liquid per day with about 880 kcal
  • a 3-day juice cure costs 89 euros

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Our experience: Every day there were six juices to drink during the Frank Juice juice cure. you should always start with green, otherwise you could choose the order freely. My personal favorite was the "Gold" juice (pineapple, apple, mint). Tastes like a healthy lemonade and very refreshing. My second favorite juice was the creamy cashew juice "battery to go" (Cashew, date, sesame, vanilla, cinnamon, water).

The first day I was a little hungry and around noon I got a headache and light dizziness. But that could have been due to the coffee withdrawal. On day two, headaches and dizziness were still there. I also felt very tired and floppy. I was in a bad mood and not concentrated. I had however no hunger. In the evening I went to the gym, but I was not in great shape.

On the third day I was well again. I was not hungry and slept great. All in all I could sleep better than usual on all three days. Since I was hardly hungry, it was not so difficult to do without food. Surprisingly, I was pleasantly full the whole time. In addition, it was easier for me to go through the juice cure together with my colleagues in the office.

Conclusion: After the cure my belly feels lighter and less bloated. I am now more motivated to consciously watch what I eat and see if I am really hungry or just eating something out of desire or boredom. I would do the cure again and also recommend, but only for people who react quite insensitively to food deprivation.

Organic juice cure from Berioo

Berioo’s juice cure at a glance:

  • per day you drink six bottles of 250 ml with different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that is a total of 1.5 l of liquid per day with about 672.5 kcal.
  • the juices are made from natural and organic ingredients, contain no additives or sugar and come in glass bottles
  • a 3-day juice cure costs 85 euros

Our experience: In the Berioo juice cure, you drink six different juices a day. Of these, three taste more fruity and sweet and three are more along the lines of vegetable juice in terms of taste, but they all taste good. Whereby I had the "afternoon snack" I drank it diluted with water as a spritzer. I had two favorites: The "dinner" with kale and ginger and the "Midnight Snack" with mango and turmeric are super tasty!

The first day I was a little hungry in the evening, but it was bearable, especially since in the "Organic Juice Cure Guide", the accompanying booklet, is also pointed out that one can drink vegetable broth and herbal tea – the warmth satisfied the appetite directly. In contrast to many of my colleagues, I rarely drink coffee, so I did not have to struggle with headaches during the juice cure.

I planned the cure for five days. This worked really well, after day 1 there was no feeling of hunger anymore. In the evening I was really looking forward to my favorite juices. In the night from day 4 to day 5 I slept very badly. On the fifth day I was very tired in the afternoon and I could not concentrate very well. However, this was probably due to the fact that I slept poorly and I hardly reduced my physical activities. In total, I lost about 1.5 kilos, although this was probably just water retention.

Conclusion: After the cure I again paid much more attention to what I eat. Basically I can recommend the 3-day cure. Who plans a change of nutrition, can use the juice cure well as preparation. Also the accompanying booklet is really filled with many good tips and hints and is also super suitable for fasting beginners. For the 5-day cure one should bring along already something chamfering experience. It is important to know yourself and your body well and to know how resilient and disciplined you are, otherwise the juice cure could become torture.

Juice cure from Pure Delight

The Juice Delight juice cure from Pure Delight in the overview:

  • per day you drink six 440 ml bottles of different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that are per day altogether 2.2 l liquid with approximately 1.143 kcal.
  • the juices are cold pressed and contain no sugar
  • a 3-day juice cure costs 155 Euro

Our experience: Every day I could look forward to a lemonade, four mixed fruit and vegetable juices, and a nut milk for the evening. My favorite in terms of taste is the refreshing, slightly lemony Lemonade in the morning.

The special thing about the juice cure of Pure Delight is above all the gentle preparation. The juices all come without artificial additives and preservatives. In addition, they were neither heated nor pasteurized, so that really all the good ingredients in the juices are preserved. This explains the price.

Because I could drink a juice every two hours and the six bottles a day each contain 500 ml, no hunger pangs arose at all. I feel fit and concentrated. However, I was cold in between every now and then. However, tasty herbal teas helped me against that. I can recommend the juice cure of Pure Delight very much. Especially practical: every juice comes with a straw. This makes drinking even more fun.

Conclusion: The three days flew by and afterwards I felt fresh and clear. As a nice side effect I have also lost almost three kilos. The juice cure has helped me to enjoy food again consciously and to reduce the quantity of my daily meals. I am now always much faster full.

Juice cure from Cardea

The Juicy Treatment of Cardea at a glance:

  • per day you drink six bottles: 4 x 500 ml fruit and vegetable juices/smoothies, 1 x 500 ml Cardea Lemonade, 1 x 250 ml Nut-Drink (vegan) made from cashews
  • that’s a total of 2.75 liters of liquid per day
  • the juices are neither preserved nor pasteurized and do not contain stabilizers
  • a 3-day juice cure costs 163.50 euros

Our experience: With the juice cure of Cardea there are three days daily six juices, which should be drunk in the distance of approximately two to three hours. After 19 o’clock nothing more should be taken to itself then. The juices are for the most part really delicious. My favorites were especially those of the fruity variety. I had a hard time with the vegetable juices. Who tries such a cure, should definitely be aware beforehand that carrot, spinach, celery and Co. must be drunk in liquid form.

Unfortunately, because of the caffeine withdrawal, I had a headache every day of the trip. However, I only felt limp and tired on the first day. Otherwise everything was as usual. The stomach growling could be satisfied with juice, I could sleep well and I also had no problems with concentration. The only thing I missed was the coffee.

Conclusion: In the three days I lost 2,5 kilos. I wouldn’t say I feel significantly more energetic and active, but I’m proud that I stuck it out and feel healthier somehow.

Juice cure from Kale and Me

The 3-day classic juice cure from Kale and Me at a glance:

  • per day you drink six bottles of 320 ml with different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that are per day altogether 1.92 l liquid with approximately 716.8 kcal.
  • the juices do not contain additives
  • a 3-day juice cure costs 79 euros

Our experience: The Kale and Me cure includes 18 bottles of juice, each containing 320 ml for three days. The six juices all have different flavors. Tasty were all. Clearly ahead for me were Pamela Pine (refreshingly minty) and Amy Almond (creamy almond milk). The special feature of the juices lies above all in the regionality and freshness of the ingredients and in the creative naming of the various juices, which puts people in a good mood just by looking at them.

During the three days I actually felt good all the time. Since I did not drink coffee before, I did not have any unpleasant headaches at all. I had no concentration problems and could sleep well as usual. I didn’t do any sports, because I simply didn’t have enough energy.

Conclusion: It was not difficult for me to keep up the regimen. Only at lunch with the colleagues I could not deny myself the one or other envious look at the pizza. The good feeling after a delicious meal is simply missing. Nevertheless, I was extremely motivated to successfully complete the cure. Overall, after the three days I have a flatter stomach and feel lighter.

I can recommend the juice cure of Kale and Me to everyone who wants to relieve his body for three days. The price is more than fair and the taste of the juices convinced me all along the line.

Juice cure from Yuicery

The Classic Juice Cure from Yuicery at a glance:

  • Per day you drink six bottles of 330 ml with different fruit and vegetable juices
  • that’s a total of 1.98 l of liquid per day with about 931 kcal.
  • the cold-pressed juices are vegan and have no additives
  • a 3-day juice cure-costs 111 euros

Our experience: The juices from Yuicery have all tasted quite good to me, very light and fresh. But you should like ginger and lime, because these ingredients are very common and you can clearly taste them. My favorite is "juice Number 6 – the almond milk – very tasty and filling.

On the first day I was already a little hungry in between. On the second day I felt a bit weak and could not concentrate very well. I didn’t do any sports during the cure, because I was still struggling with a cold. I slept very well, even better than usual.

It was not easy for me to stick to the three-day juice diet. The juices are delicious, but I have often wanted something "neat" between the teeth. And I was also really hungry in between and my stomach was growling.

Conclusion: After the cure I actually feel the same as always, but a bit tired. Whether I have lost weight, I can not say exactly, because I do not weigh myself regularly. On the clothes or visually I could not notice any difference. But I am very motivated by the past few days to continue to eat fresh and healthy. I would definitely recommend the cure, but three days were a bit too long for me. I find a detox juice day optimal if you have feasted too much beforehand.

What are the advantages of a juice cure to order?

Push into the shopping cart and click on order – that’s it. Totally easy! Now all you have to do is wait for the juice pack to be delivered to your doorstep and then you’re ready to go. Your only task: drink the ready-mixed juices every day. This is convenient, uncomplicated and practical.
Unfortunately, the whole thing has a small catch: juice cures, which you can order, are usually not cheap. A 3-day cure costs about 80 euros. If you chase the right fruits and vegetables through the juicer yourself, you will of course save money. However, you need a lot of varied ingredients, a juicer and time.

Make your own juice cure: This is how it works

If you are motivated and have enough time, you can of course mix the juices for your cure yourself. All you need is fresh fruit or vegetables and a juicer (for example from Philips, via Amazon*). Recipes you can find for example here: 3 Detox Smoothies to mix yourself

Our tip: You are looking for more information and recipes? In the book "Super juices you will find many helpful tips and recipes to copy (store here at Amazon*).

Can I prepare myself for a juice cure?

To make it easier for you to stick to the juice cure, you should reduce your consumption of alcohol, nicotine or coffee as much as possible a week before you start, or do without them altogether. It is also helpful if you try to skip the one or other snack in between, leave the chocolate in the cupboard and allow the bag of chips. Instead, eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes or brown rice – food that is not so hard on your gastrointestinal tract.

Am I allowed to do sports during the juice cure??

May you. For strength training and long endurance sports you will probably lack the strength. Therefore, prefer to do yoga, Pilates or walking.

What to do after the juice cure?

The day after the cure you should not stuff yourself with all kinds of stuff directly. Give your body time to slowly get used to solid food again. Optimal is also here a lot of fruit and vegetables, in the form of soups and smoothies. Slowly increase the amounts and only after a few days enjoy your normal portions.

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