Shoes – preferably natural and beautiful

Shoes from WERNER 1911 (advertising) I have discovered in the summer of 2021 for me. I had been lurking around a pair of Budapest loafers for quite some time, which ended up on my 50th birthday table as a gift from my husband and mother-in-law. In the fall, I added brown boots, the model Glutton fits me not only from the name.

Since I like to wear the two existing models very much, I am happy that it has now come to a cooperation with Werner Schuhe and that I can introduce the company to you in this post. Because shoes are pack animals, I received the classic Chelsea Boots model Steppenlemming (advertising) as a PR sample for it.

Can shoes be sustainably made and beautiful?

Of course! And also comfortable! I can wear the shoes of WERNER 1911 without wearing in immediately a whole day lay without feeling them. This also applies to seminar days, where I stand and walk the whole day.

I wear them without my individual insoles and still my feet do not hurt. Since I consider variety good for the foot muscles, the shoes provide a good mix to those I wear with insoles for the buckling, flat, splayed feet with hallux valgus.

The inner leather of the Chelsea Boots is a haptic dream. I love this soft, smooth leather that encloses my feet so comfortably that they simply feel well taken care of. That the Steppenlemming a lightweight, makes wearing additionally comfortable.

Shoes for all situations

Especially these Chelsea Boots I find suitable for all situations in life. With these you can go to the office as well as to the cafe or a round with the dog herumkaspern. Leather lined shoes can be worn all year round in northern Germany. Dark blue is the perfect color for all jeans lovers – fits always!

Werner shoes - classic Chealsea Boot - Steppenlemming dark blue - natural and beautiful - ecological shoes

Because the Steppenlemming is cut narrow at the ankle, it looks particularly good not only with pants, but also with dresses and skirts. With such an ankle boot you can emphasize your ankles or the lower part of the calf, without looking like a stork in the salad. When putting them on, the loop in the back helps, but I prefer a shoehorn at home.

At WERNER 1911 in focus: sustainable action

That the shoes are beautiful, we have now clarified, or? But what makes them sustainable? First, that the timeless model is wearable for a long time, because my words

The most sustainable garment is the one that is not produced in the first place.

Ines Meyrose

still apply. However, since on the one hand nothing lasts forever and on the other hand a bit of variety in the assortment is part of it for most people, it is good to then buy things from retailers who take ecological aspects into consideration.

At WERNER 1911, the focus is on sustainable action. The target group is conscious traders and consumers. According to the manufacturer, the supply chains are traceable and transparent. Since every production step is known, you can ask for details about production.

The cowhide of the shoes comes from organic cattle as an agricultural byproduct. The model shown here was made in Romania. The leather is vegetable, i.e. plant-based, tanned in Germany. Both tanning and dyeing are heavy metal free. It shows in the fantastic smell, says my fine nose.

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