Shisha instructions

There is no shisha that smokes best. It always depends on the head setup and how you build the head.

Which shisha tastes the best?

There is not THE best shisha. There are more than 100 different hookahs.
A shisha can have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 connections. She can blubber quietly or loudly. Have a light or even very strict swipe. Shishas are currently available in more than 100 different designs – which of course has nothing to do with how it smokes.

What exactly is XY?

You have questions about a certain product or name mentioned in this guide? Look with pleasure in my SHISHA A-Z by, where I explain every word!

What are your top products in the shisha area?

You can find a listing of all my top shisha products here .

How can I save money on some shisha products?

Click here to get to my coupon codes! There you can find some codes to save money on shisha products. This does not apply to tobacco.

The best beginner hookah?

In the beginning there is of course the question – which hookah do I buy??
What can be quickly narrowed down.

Would you like alleine smoke?
Then get a hookah with a connector.
My favorite: Aladin MVP470 for 99€ (at code: Doelid)

Do you like with friends Smoke?
Then it is advisable to buy one with two or four connections.
My favorite: Aladin MVP480 for 100€ (at code: Doelid)


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What head / head structure as a beginner?

Don’t you have a lot of experience smoking a shisha yet? Then I always recommend using the head that comes with buying a shisha.
No master has yet fallen from the sky and that’s why you should first try it with a simple Fireplace setup try it out.
When you have more experience, you can also get a Phunnel with a HMD/ Kaloud buy.

My fireplace setup recommendation: Clay Head (often included when buying a shisha) or KS APPO
My Phunnel / HMD recommendation: Werkbund Zeus , Oblako M and Hookain Lit Lip


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Which tobacco should I buy?

It’s always hard to tell at first, everyone has their own taste. In the shisha area there are more than 100 different flavors that come in more than 10.000 different tobacco tins.
Do you like it fruity? Do you like it sweet or rather tart?? Or do you like something more unusual?

How did I find out my taste? I started with what I liked.
Do you like to eat blueberries? Then try a blueberry tobacco.
Do you like watermelon? Then try a watermelon tobacco.

I make a list every 6 months (mid and end of the year) of my favorite tobaccos from the previous months.
Feel free to check out one of my videos, maybe a tobacco will meet your taste too.


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