Shisha head building made easy – this is how it works!

Before you can start smoking hookah, you first have to make yourself a head Shisha head building. Roughly speaking, you have to put the hookah tobacco into the designated hookah head, which you later attach to the very top of your hookah. If you need assistance with building your shisha, check out our blog post!

"It’s easy!", you might think now. Simply fill the tobacco into the clay head and off you go. But that is not the end of it. I will show you how to build a perfect shisha head, so that you get your money’s worth when smoking shisha!

Before we start, you should know that it takes different methods gives to build a shisha head. This is among other things from kind of shisha head and from the preferred Procedure of the particular shisha smoker dependent. The bottom line is that you need to figure out for yourself what setup you will use to prepare your shisha head for smoking.

The following instructions are based on how we build a shisha head ourselves for our shisha session.

Basically, first the tobacco into the head filled. Afterwards the head is either filled with Tinfoil or a special chimney top covered and on top of it comes the glowing shisha coal. But more about that in a moment!

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Shisha head build Step 1: Fill in tobacco

If you have your Shisha tobacco well stirred you have, you can put this in the tobacco head. But please not all at once! The best way is to take a small spoon or thin wooden chopsticks (we always take chopsticks from the Chinese) and give the Shisha tobacco "in bites" into the shisha head.

Make sure that the Shisha tobacco nice loosely filled in the head will! This is the only way to ensure that enough hot air can flow through the tobacco when you pull on the hookah hose. Do not press the shisha tobacco into the head under any circumstances, because this would quickly become noticeable in a more difficult tightening.

Fill the tobacco loosely into the shisha head

Also fill in not too much tobacco one when you build your shisha head and you use aluminum foil to cover it! Otherwise the tobacco may burn and the smoke will be undrinkable. I recommend you just up to a maximum of half a centimeter to be filled below the upper edge of the shisha head.

Leave some space when filling the shisha head!

If you smoke with a Chimney top, you can build the shisha head in such a way, that it is completely filled with tobacco is. Since the coals are on top of the fireplace head, the tobacco can not burn.

Shishaholics Insider Tip: When the tobacco Holes of the shisha head clogged, it is recommended to make a small Insert the strainer, before you add the tobacco. This can be cut out of a standard kitchen strainer. Attention: Works only with screens made of metal, because plastic melts! You can also buy such a screen cheap in the Shishaholics Shop.

Build shisha head Step 2: Stretch and punch holes in the aluminum foil

Stretch your aluminum foil tightly over the clay head filled with tobacco. You can do this with household aluminum foil (ideally approx. 2-4 layers) or with a special Shisha aluminum foil or. "Panzeralufolie" (only one layer necessary) do. Make sure that you put the aluminum foil not tighten it too much, otherwise it will tear at the edges.

The Perforation of the aluminum foil is a science in itself. Some swear by a large number of small holes, others prefer a few holes that are correspondingly larger. Again, others just make a hole ring when they build their shisha head. We prefer a more coarse perforation, i.e. few, larger holes. For this you can use a thick needle from grandma’s sewing box or buy a cheap tinfoil punch.

Shishaholics insider tip: If the tinfoil setup is too much work for you, we recommend a Chimney head. With this one always has the same ratios and mistakes in the perforation or when stretching the aluminum foil are avoided. Also, the chimney top can be removed while smoking to check for any burning of the tobacco.

Ready-made hookah head with aluminum foil | Ready-made hookah head with chimney attachment

Building a shisha head Step 3: Check setup

Before you start smoking, you should make sure that your Check setup. Just take your ready built hookah head and blow lightly into its underside. So you can test whether a light draft given. If you need a lot of force to blow through, the tobacco is filled too densely or the holes in the shisha head are clogged with pieces of tobacco.

Check the draft of your built Shisha head!

Now you can start smoking. Just put the shisha head on the Head adapter and put glowing pieces of coal (usually 3 pieces) on the aluminum foil or the chimney top – done!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to build the perfect shisha head? Maybe you even proceed completely different than we do? There are also a variety of other setups available (e.g.B. Overpacking. ). Here was the probably most common among shisha smokers briefly explained.

Write us your tips below in the comments, so we all get something out of it!

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