Shaving with a razor: a guide for beginners

Shaving with the razor

Many men do not even know how close the shave with a razor can be.

Not only can it give you a better result, shaving with a razor also looks more masculine and gives the shave more style.

However, shaving with a razor is not without its dangers and you need to pay attention to many things.

Which are, you will learn in this tutorial.

Poor preparation is reflected in the result

Preparation is very important. The skin must be adjusted to the shave. If it is not, it can quickly lead to injuries and an unclean result. That’s why it’s important before shaving to either take a hot shower or dip a towel in hot water, wring it out and then wrap it around your face. Leave the towel on your face for five minutes before you take it off. Repeat the process afterwards. Here’s how to make sure your pores are open and your whiskers are soft.

Whip up the shaving foam

The shaving brush is used to whip up the shaving foam

In the next step you begin to mix the shaving foam from shaving cream or shaving soap. While doing this, pour hot water into a bowl and stir the foam with your shaving brush. Keep doing this until the foam has a good consistency. After that, wet your face with warm water and spread the lather on your face with a brush. Feel free to be a little more generous here. Because if you apply too little foam, it will probably take revenge during the shave.

To avoid stains, you should take a white towel to remove foam that may have landed on your clothes or faucets.

Let the foam afterwards ca. for five minutes. If you think that the lather is still too dry in some places, feel free to apply more lather.

The shave: The correct position of the razor is crucial

Hold razor correctly

Hold the razor with two or three fingers on top of the knife

Now the shave begins. Remember the right grip: beginners should hold the blade with at least two fingers on top – three are better. If you hold the razor wrongly, you will probably hurt yourself possibly fast. Consequently you should open the razor completely. When the blade is pointing up and to the right, grab the razor from the bottom and turn it around. Now the handle points upwards and the blade to the left. If you are still inexperienced, then at least two fingers should be on the blade, but it is better if three fingers are on the blade, so you have the most control.

Feel free to try out which handle you feel safest with. Then you start to shave your cheeks. If you’re shaving your left cheek and you’re right-handed, pull up the skin at the level of your ear. To stretch the skin. Make sure that your razor is at a 20 degree angle to the skin. To do this, place the blade straight on the skin and then lift it up a bit.

By the way, any pressure is superfluous. A good razor is so sharp that at most very dense beard hair can cause problems. When the blade is at the right angle on your skin, slowly and gently go down your cheek. You shave in the direction of hair growth. Shave only a few centimeters and if you don’t get a close result the first time, don’t worry. A good shave consists of several passes.

After the first pass, wash your face with warm water and remove the stubble. Then apply foam again and this time shave sideways to the direction of hair growth. Make sure that your skin is taut. First you shave your cheeks, then your upper lip and then your neck. When you’re done, wash your face with warm water and apply shaving cream a third time. After it has soaked in, shave against the grain.

You must be especially careful. Shave generally only a few centimeters. Especially on the neck, it can quickly come to injuries and do not forget that the blade is sometimes very close to your earlobes. In between you remove the foam and beard hair with a paper towel.

The aftershave rounds off the shave

Now you are almost done with the shave. After you have shaved the last part, wash your face with warm water and dry it briefly. Now you wash your face with cold water and dry it well. The cold water closes your pores. Then it’s time for an aftershave. Which one you use is of course up to you. Just make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients and massage it in well. Also give your neck the care it deserves.

After you have cared for your face, you must of course care for the utensils. Make sure that the razor is completely dry, otherwise it can happen that the razor rusts. Your brush and the bowl also deserve care. Wash the brush thoroughly, as well as the bowl and dry it well. The brush you hang ideally upside down on a hook and let it dry.

Admittedly, shaving with a razor is not very easy. But if you have practiced it several times, you will probably only want to shave with a straight razor.

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