Shaving – ways of shaving, equipment and practical tips

Blade or electric razor, that is the question here. For this topic is a perennial male dispute, after all, shaving already looks back on a very long history. When shaving, some swear by their usual wet shave, others claim that there is nothing that works as thoroughly as an electric razor. As for the ladies, when it comes to shaving, they usually go for wet shaving. Read all you need to know about shaving – about types of shaving, the equipment you need and the right way to do it.

The right technique for smooth skin: manual or machine shaving?

Shaving – a definition

With a shave or. after shaving, the body hair is just above the top layer of skin removed. The hair is shortened so that it is no longer noticeable and the skin appears completely smooth. To a smooth skin result, however, a shave leads only with suitable tools and the right technique.

Shaving thus does not remove the hair, as is the case with epilation. First and foremost, the beard or eyebrows. the shaving of the beard hair thought.

Shave legs, shave intimate area and Co. – Which areas of the body to shave?

But in addition to shaving the male beard, there are in principle on the entire body regions that are involved in shaving. Both the male and female gender makes use of it. Shaving is done, for example

Shave the beard

In male grooming, shaving is at the top of the to-do list. How much time one (s) dedicates to this, depends of course on how long the beard is and should be, how fast it grows and whether you want to give it so much attention at all.

So it is for one only annoying, while the other leaves it in sexy three-day beard style. Again other men need a lot of time for the care of their full beard or mustache and then there are the gentlemen who even cut real feats into it.

Many men do not take the beard care in their own hands, but go into the hands of a barber. If you want to try it yourself, here are some tips on how to care for your beard properly so that it grows back evenly. Information about different beard trimmers can be found here.

Whiskers: Shave sideburns

Together with the beard, many men also take care of their sideburns at the same time. Only if these are also accordingly trimmed, a coherent picture forms between head hair and beard. If you need tips on how best to trim your sideburns, find out here.

Shave the eyebrows

For many a little unusual, may be the shaving of the eyebrows. This is especially common among men. Above all with very thick and bushy brows one(s) reaches for the razor

Who has no experience with shaving the eyebrows, should leave this task to a professional. Here we give more tips on the subject.

Shave the head – shave a bald head

The head is also often shaved. This can be done at the barber or even do yourself. Read here what it depends on it.

General shaving tips

How to shave properly always depends on the particular body region and the razor used. However, there are also some general tips that should be followed when shaving. These include:

  • Clean the skin beforehand
  • Regularly change the blades
  • The blades or. clean the razor after shaving
  • Wash your hands before shaving
  • Always use a fresh towel
  • Be careful with sharp blades
  • For wet shaving use shaving foam / cream or shower gel
  • In case of bony areas (ankles/knees etc.), the skin should be treated.) Do not apply too much pressure
  • Care for the skin after shaving with body lotion or special cream or aftershave

Itching after shaving: What helps against itchy legs and co.?

After shaving itching is particularly common. The skin is stressed and shows this by just this reaction. There are special creams, which were conceived for these complaints. But in most cases this is already enough creaming with body lotion.

It can also be helpful to shave the corresponding area cool. In addition, help various Home remedy like

  • Juniper berry oil
  • compresses with apple cider vinegar
  • Envelopes with yogurt or curd
  • St. John’s wort oil or
  • Evening primrose oil.

Required care and aids before and after shaving

Numerous products are offered in the trade for the care before and after shaving. But which products are actually useful for which type of shaving? Do you really need a shaving gel for dry shaving. Answers to these questions and interesting facts about the care of the razor can be found here.

Wet shave

Who removes its beard hair with a wet shave, needs for it different care products than for a dry shave. Indispensable here is the use of a shaving foam or a shaving gel.

Use of shaving foam

What fundamentally differentiates wet and dry shaving is the shaving foam. This forms a film on the skin during wet shaving, which has two main properties:

  1. On the one hand, it straightens the hairs, which can thus be better captured by the razor.
  2. Furthermore, it also allows the blades to glide over the skin particularly gently and softly.

Anyone who has ever shaved wet without soap, shaving cream or shower gel will certainly not do it again so quickly:

  • The razor can not glide,
  • tears out in the worst case individual hair and
  • also after shaving inevitably comes to impurities and razor burn.

Therefore, most use a special product to soften the hair and prepare the skin for shaving. So no more annoying and painful razor burn can be feared and the skin feels much smoother and better cared for afterwards.

After shaving, the stressed skin is happy to receive a pampering program with aftershave or aftershave balm.

Shaving foam softens the hair and prepares the skin for shaving

Shaving foam softens the hair and prepares the skin for shaving

use of shower gel

The favorable variant is conventional shower gel. Who is not under sensitive skin or problem skin suffers, can try it quite with it. It is important to apply the shower gel to damp skin and rub it thoroughly to create slippery lather. After that, the shave can already begin. It is best to take a shower gel that corresponds to the skin type:

  • If you suffer from dry skin, it is best to use a shower gel with moisturizing ingredients.
  • On the other hand, those who tend to have oily skin should prefer a lighter texture.

For which product man decides, depends above all on it, What skin type man has. The more sensitive the skin, the richer should be the care of the skin after shaving.

Women who shave their legs with a wet razor can also use ordinary shower gel. In most cases this is quite sufficient, because the skin on the legs is not so sensitive. But there are also special shaving foam or shaving gel.

Shower gel for wet shaving is not suitable for sensitive or problem skin

Shower gel for wet shaving is not suitable for sensitive skin or problem skin

Dry shaving

With the dry shave, the use of shaving foam or shaving gel is completely dispensed with. Instead of these products man can use a Prerasagetonic apply. These products contain a lot of alcohol, so that the skin is disinfected before shaving.

This is especially useful if a man tends to skin impurities. After shaving is completed, the skin is also treated with a Shaving lotion or a special lotion well-groomed. Whereby the use of a lotion is better, because the skin loses much moisture by shaving with the dry razor.

So it comes after the dry shave increasingly to a Dandruff on the surface of the skin, this is minimized by using a suitable lotion.

The history of shaving

If you go to a drugstore or supermarket nowadays, you will find various wet shavers and also razors there. One can decide on a kind of the shave, buys the necessary shaving care products and can already start.

Shaving history of over 2.000 years

In the past, shaving was only done by the barber

In the past, shaving was only done by the barber

In the past, people preferred to shave with

  • Stone knives,
  • Mussel shells or
  • cut flints.
  • Some people even used shark teeth, as they are particularly sharp and suitable for a close shave.

Already in the 4. Century before Christ the Egyptians shaved with gold and copper knives. Well-groomed men’s faces were very popular even back then.

The Romans also shaved – but with pumice stone. From the 6. Century originate finds of razors made of stone, which were sharpened to sharp blades and scrapers.

Early razors were simple knives with a fixed blade. To pluck out 1550 before Christ however already retractable knives became known.

In South America shaving was not very popular. Here it was once the order of the day to get annoying hair simply pluck out.

The barber

From the 17. Century men began to go to the barber. This removed the facial hair with excellent and particularly sharp razors. The visit to the barber was for men something like a first Wellness treatment, they could enjoy the shave and the skin was pampered all around.

Nowadays the barber cult exists mainly in Arab countries. While they almost disappeared from the scene in our country, as most men shaved at home, for some time now specialized barbers have been increasingly found again in their own salons or at well-equipped hair salons. The trend goes thus again du this professional way of shaving and men trust in the experience of the professional.

The shave takes different forms

From the beginning of the 20. Century men could shave at home thanks to the invention of King Camp Gillette. In the meantime there are always changing trends what concerns the beard:

  • In many countries, a well-groomed full beard is still considered sexy and elegant,
  • while in other cultures a smooth face without beard is particularly popular.

Meanwhile there are special beard trimmers, which allow to shave patterns in the beard. So everyone can design his beard as he wants.

Possibilities of shaving and tips for shaving

Apart from the different areas of the body, shaving can still be divided into wet and dry shaving.

The wet shave in portrait

Quite traditionally the razor, which is up to the 40s was used by every man for daily shaving. However, it was superseded by the Blade systems, which different manufacturers developed. These initially used only one blade, but in the course of the development of the shaving cells combined more and more blades in succession. New was also a strip with a lubricating film that facilitates shaving.

Many razor blades also have blades through which the skin is stretched, or a grid in front of the blades. These measures effectively prevent cut injuries.

Through continuous developments on the market shaving with a blade is today as nearly as safe as shaving with an electric razor. The advantage of wet shaving, however, is that one is independent of electricity. In addition, many men appreciate the ritual of wet shaving.

The right technique for wet shaving

Especially with wet shaving is a good technique the A and O. Because if you use the wrong technique and, for example, shave crosswise, you will quickly get the dreaded razor burn. But also pimples, pustules and ingrown hairs can be the unpleasant consequences of a wet shave.

The first step to avoid them is to stretch the skin. During shaving, one hand should always stretch the skin, while the other drives the razor over the skin. It is important that no pressure is exercised, since this can lead to cut injuries. the razor should scrape over the skin and only the beard hairs should be cut off.

The correct technique and cutting direction is very important

The right technique and cutting direction is very important

With or against the grain in wet shaving?

On the question of whether to shave "with or "against" the line should shave, the spirits are divided. Some claim only shaving with the stroke, would effectively prevent injuries to the skin. Others say that a close shave is only possible against the grain. A combination of both has proven itself. So it is recommended to shave on the cheeks and upper lip, with the stroke and on the neck against the stroke.

One should always begin at the cheeks, because here the beard hairs are clearly softer than in the rest of the face.

After the beard, the neck is shaved. It is important to look at the ceiling to make sure that the skin of the neck is properly stretched. Because cuts at the neck are to be avoided absolutely, since these bleed extremely violently.

Finally, one shaves at the mouth and at the chin, since here the beard hair is particularly thick. It makes sense to pull the lips inward, so that the upper lip is well stretched.

Important for wet shaving: Regularly wash out the blade

Just as important as a systematic approach to shaving, is the regular washing out of the blade. Because this can be clogged by removed hairs. This makes it necessary to build up more pressure, which increases the risk of injury. To avoid this, simply rinse the blade regularly, every few shaves, under running water.

Shaving with a razor

Even today, many men dare to shave with a straight razor. Here, beginners should definitely let a professional show them how to use it, to avoid injuries. First basic tips we give here.

Shave with oil

Instead of using water and shaving foam and Co. – further down we go into more detail about the different equipment – especially women also like to use oil, for example to shave their legs with olive oil.

The advantage of this method is that it is not necessary to apply cream to the legs after shaving. One applies this Methoder on wet skin so it is advisable to take some of the oil with you in the shower.

With the wet razor one glides over the wet skin. As a disadvantage turns out the fact that you can use the razor Clean a little longer after use must be rinsed under running water, because the oil gets stuck in the blades.

Most men still prefer the wet shave

Most men still prefer a wet shave

Dry shaving portrait

A shave with the electric razor takes only a few minutes. Thus, an electric shave is particularly suitable for men who have little time, but can not do without a daily shave. Another advantage of shaving with the machine is the Skin irritation almost never occur.

Therefore, shaving with the electric razor is recommended for all men with sensitive skin or with acne. Because acne can be aggravated by the strong skin stress of wet shaving.

And also the injury danger is with the shave with the electrical razor hardly still present. Because an electric razor does not work with blades, but with a special shearing foil.

This means that cuts almost never occur. Another advantage is that the shaving foil does not become dull and therefore does not need to be replaced at regular intervals.

Wet or dry shave?

Dry and wet shaving have individual advantages and disadvantages. If you want to decide between the two most common shaving methods, you should include the following factors in your considerations.

Time expenditure

The time required for a wet shave is very large. Finally, the shaving foam must be prepared and applied. Before the shave can even begin, it must also be a certain amount of time to straighten up the hair.

In contrast, the time required for a dry shave is substantially smaller. Instead of long and cumbersome preparation for shaving, it can start right after you plug the razor into the outlet.

Power supply

Of course, this is also the biggest disadvantage of dry shaving, it can only be done where a Mains connection present is. Although there are dry shavers that use Batteries run, however, with these with the filling level of the batteries also the efficiency of the razor decreases.

Skin strain and results

The skin is much more stressed with dry shaving than with wet shaving. This is mainly due to the fact that the shaver blades glide directly over the skin and no shaving foam protects the skin. Injury-prone on the other hand, is the wet razor, because it can quickly come to cuts.

The result of shaving is good with both methods. However, many skeptics claim that with dry shaving the result is not quite optimal and the hair grows back much faster. However, this disadvantage is cancelled out because a dry shave is more effective due to the short duration can be done more often.

As further variants for the removal of facial and body hair you have epilators and depilatory creams at your disposal. Both also affect sensitive skin and are not tolerated equally well by every skin type.

If you can’t or don’t want to decide, you have the possibility to choose a waterproof electric razor to decide. This combines the advantages of wet and electric shaving and leads to an inimitably smooth result.

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