Shaving tips and tricks

Shaving tips and tricks

You’ve probably experienced this before: Razor burn after shaving, cuts in the skin, still hair after shaving, hair grows back faster. And so on and so forth. Shaving properly is actually not a high art, yet you can do some things wrong. In order to avoid mistakes and mishaps, I would like to show you tips and tricks with which you can shave better and easier, so that you like the result and above all you do something good for your skin.

Shaving tips and tricks

Shaving tips and tricks Creative Commons by Dharion

Shaving tips and tricks

Shaving tips and tricks #1: Sharp, sharper the sharpest

The very first thing you should do is to make sure your blade is clean and sharp! There are blades, which are already worn after one, two times use and then there are some that last forever. From the cheap disposable scraper to the vibrating high-tech shear system, the test palette ranges. Gillette clearly prevails in the duel against Wilkinson. However, expensive is not equal to better! Every skin reacts differently to different razors. Here either at Stiftung Warentest make clever or wildly through the shaving jungle try through. But as I said always very important: it must be sharp, otherwise nothing works at all.

Shaving tips and tricks #2: Cold water

It is always preached that you should treat the face, the skin, with warm water, so that the hair can be shaved off better. I personally do not recommend! This opens the pores too much. You can cut yourself faster and the skin becomes more vulnerable, especially for razor burn. So it’s best to wash your face with cold water beforehand and afterwards when you wash off the leftover shaving cream. This seals the pores, cools the skin, reduces razor burn, avoids redness and makes the skin look fresher and younger. No kidding!

Shaving tips and tricks #3: Shaving gel instead of shaving cream !

There we are already with the shaving foam. Which one do I use? Which is the best? None at all. Shaving gel is the answer here. I can not tell you directly why, but shaving gel works more pleasantly and more gently on the skin. It’s also easier to spread, easier to dispense and easier to handle than shaving cream. Shaving gel has incidentally also a cooling effect, which is known to be good (see tip #2 with the cold water). Here I can recommend the shaving gel from Nivea Men Sensitive. Without alcohol it avoids burning on the skin. I promise you baby bottom smooth skin!

Shaving Tips and Tricks #4: Peeling before shaving

What also leads to a very good shaving result is, if you undergo from time to time before shaving a peeling. Here it should be said that one should prefer a mechanical Peeling to a chemical one! So scrubs with small "grains" in them, which gently removes skin flakes and exposes ingrown hairs, as well as hairs which are covered by old skin flakes.

Shaving tips and tricks #5: Cold cream

As you’ve probably already noticed, avoiding redness, pimples and razor burn is the name of the game when shaving. It also helps if you apply a cooling, previously cold, moisturizing cream to the skin after shaving. I simply put my Nivea cream in the refrigerator or in the cool seasons on the window sill outside. The cream is then nice and cool, soothes the skin and helps more than very well against redness and general irritation when shaving.

Shaving Tips and Tricks #6: Time of shaving

The best thing is not to shave every day. If you shave too often, the hair does not grow back faster, as is always wrongly assumed, but it becomes thicker in its circumference. Say: the hair root and the hair itself become stronger. And solid hairs are just annoying to shave. So it’s best to just shave every two .. shave three days, then you can counteract it. And such a three-day beard suits everyone!

Shaving tips and tricks #7: Shaving before breakfast !

To avoid heavy bleeding in case of a cut, too much redness or small red pimples, you should shave before breakfast. If you should cut yourself nevertheless once, it does not bleed so strongly, as if you had already had breakfast. Sounds totally unbelievable, but it is so! When eating, or rather chewing, the cheeks are supplied with a lot of blood, which is why the skin bleeds more when shaving.

And now get to the razors! On your marks, get set, go!


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