Shania and davina geiss celebrate storm-free – and are secretly filmed!

Davina and Shania have the place to themselves in Monaco

While Robert and Carmen are having fun with friends in Dubai in fast cars, their daughters are enjoying the time off from their parents in Monaco – and are having a storm-free party in their newly refurbished apartment. If that ever works out .

"The Geissens" (new double episodes every Monday at 20.3 p.m. at RTLZWEI) are in Dubai – but this time not alone. For once, they don’t have their daughters Shania (17) and Davina (18) in tow, but architect Kurt and car tuner Andreas. Robert and Carmen want to thank the two men for their work with the trip to the desert state.

Robert has come up with a special surprise for car fan Andreas: a joyride in a Bugatti. Robert pretends however first, as the Bolide stands purely coincidentally before the hotel with open car door around. "Come on, let’s take a quick test drive before someone comes along!", he urges Andreas. He doesn’t think twice and sits down next to Robert on the passenger seat. "For me, this is really a dream", he raves. Robert also has obvious fun with the 1.The girl is in a 600-hp luxury car that costs almost 4 million euros: "It’s like being in a jet plane, pure adrenaline!"

Of course, car fanatic Andreas is also allowed to get behind the wheel himself and presses the accelerator fully. After the ride, he can hardly contain himself: "I’m completely wet, honestly! No one will believe me. My God, I’m so happy." This surprise can be checked off as successful. Robert grins contentedly: "What wouldn’t you do for good friends??"

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Shania and Davina take advantage of the absence of their parents

Meanwhile, Davina and Shania Geiss are also having a good time in Monaco – though Shania much more so than her older sister. Because the 18-year-old has to cram for her Abitur and also keep an eye on Shania, including cooking: "That’s very annoying, she groans. In the meantime, the 17-year-old turns up the music and celebrates in her newly renovated apartment in Monaco – contrary to her father Robert’s explicit instructions.

Of course, he knows his man and makes a control call from Dubai: "What are you doing?? But you are not in the new apartment?!" Shania cheats without batting an eye: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." Too bad only that everywhere in the apartment surveillance cameras record their alleged secret excursion. The pictures are transmitted live on daddy’s mobile app. If this does not have a bad repercussion.

Makeover for Rooooobert

After the departure of Kurt and Andreas, Carmen’s hairdresser pays a house call in Dubai. The 56-year-old swears by Elias: "He really is a color talent!" But not only she is to be beautified, also for Robert his wife has reserved an appointment. Robert is suspicious: "For me, hairdresser is a bit like dentist", he explains his discomfort "it doesn’t necessarily hurt, but I can’t sit still", he says, nervously bobbing his legs.

And then Carmen also has a makeover in mind: Robert’s hair is to be dyed: "He’s now at an age where you can wear gray", Carmen finds. Robert is not yet convinced: "I find it very difficult to change and have in principle 56 years almost not changed", so the multimillionaire.

"Have you looked in the mirror today??"

Is it nervousness that he gruffly pokes at his wife before the dyeing action? "By the way, I think this is totally for the ar. How you’re walking around here right now", he grumbles at the unstyled Carmen, who is sitting at the table with a scrunchie. "No makeup will help, no nothing will help." But Carmen doesn’t let herself be talked into it and responds glibly: "Aha, thank you very much. Have you looked in the mirror today?" At least: The new color pleases both Robert and Carmen.

The day comes to a conciliatory end when the hairdresser reveals to Robert that he has a friend who is a car collector and owns one of the largest Ferrari collections in the world. Freshly coiffed, the Geissens treat themselves to a visit to the private collection, which is not open to the public. Robert is happy: "You rarely see so many horny cars on one spot", he says and shoots many photos with his cell phone. Carmen senses evil: "I think my husband will now become a Car-Influencer. He’ll soon overtake me on Instagram, that can’t happen, of course!"

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