Separate e-mail address for each online store – a different way to avoid spam

Do you know this? You have a brand new e-mail address and a short time later you receive spam because an online store where you entered the address has been hacked and customer data has been stolen?

Back in the days of the Adobe hack in 2013, I used a separate email address per online store or other website where I had to store my email address, back then I still created a new email address each time.
Over the years I have refined this procedure so that I don’t have to create an extra email address here.

This article explains this procedure using the example domain:

A separate email address for each online shop/website

The idea is to use an extra email address for each website, for example in this form:

The disadvantage here is that you always have to create these email addresses first, or else create a wildcard/catch-all, which you should avoid on the main domain.

Instead we configure a wildcard to a – by spammers – hard to guess subdomain. This subdomain accepts all email addresses and forwards them to the main email address.

In this example I use the sub-domain:, on which I create a wildcard/catch-all. The emails arriving here will be sent to the main email address [email protected] redirected.

Configured, it looks like this:

Email configuration for wildcards/catchall and forwarding

Email configuration for wildcards/catchall and forwarding

This means that you can use any email address with the domain: without having to set up anything else here.

All these emails are sent to [email protected] forwarded.

What are the advantages of this method?

  • You can set a separate email address for each website
  • Because the name of the store is in front of the @, you always know which email address to use
  • Do you get spam to one of these email addresses,
  • your main email address remains unknown to the spammers
  • Can’t a spammer log in to other websites with the combination of email address and password (if he gets hold of it), as the email address is only valid for one domain. Sure you can guess this scheme, but spam bots probably have no logic for this
  • you know where your e-mail address got lost

WHAT are the disadvantages of this method??

If you send with your e-mail program, normally your main e-mail address continues to be used, w hen it should be necessary to send with exactly the e-mail address, you must first set it up somewhere, my customers do this in the webmailer.

What do you do if you receive a lot of spam to such an email address?

I set up a forwarding for this purpose only for this e-mail address affected by spam, which I forward to Nirvana, but normal e-mail providers do not offer this possibility, you must ask your provider about this.

In the example here, the e-mail address [email protected] infested with spam.

By the way, I recommend this snake oil :-)

The sender will not receive a message, this method is not suitable for addresses to which important messages could still be sent.

Simply send the e-mail to nirvana

Just send e-mail to nirvana

Another method would be to create a mailbox with very little storage space, then incoming emails would usually be rejected very quickly. You could also combine this with an auto-responder.

set up a mailbox with very little storage space

create a mailbox with very little space

Which would end in a bounce once the 1 Mbyte mailbox size is reached:

Then the website gets a new e-mail address in the style: [email protected], for example [email protected]

Does this also work with Office365 / Exchange Online??

Yes, in this case you host the main domain at Office365/Exchange Online, the sub-domain at another provider. You must be able to configure DNS records, because for the subdomain "keinspam" need to set up an MX record. This must be configured on the mail server that does not support spam for your domain. is responsible.

DNS record for use with Office365/Exchange Online

DNS record for use with Office365/Exchange Online

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