Schweinsteiger unpacks about relationship with ana: “i never wanted to say it, but . “

Bastian Schweinsteiger Ana Ivanovic Private Tennis FC Bayern

Bastian Schweinsteiger talked about his family life in a podcast and unpacked about the first date with Ana, as well as playing tennis.

Munich – FC Bayern legend Bastian Schweinsteiger was a guest on the FC Bayern podcast. In the 25. Episode he chatted about his career. While most fans probably already know some of his active time, he now also chatted about his private life after the active career out of the closet. Things got interesting when a question from the audience was read out to him: "What do you actually do all day??" Schweinsteiger does not hold back with the answer and gives exciting insights* into his free time and family life. He talks about his children, Ana Ivanovic and his hobbies .

The 2014 world champion says: "I don’t get bored, it’s not like I’m lazing around on the sofa watching soccer. With children you always have something to do. I try to keep fit, ski, play tennis and golf." Does not yet sound particularly surprising, but one thing perhaps not many knew: "Like to go for walks in forests, in the hidden corners with us in Bavaria."Meetings with people and constant contact with his partners and sponsors are also on the schedule.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: You could write "several books" about wife Ana’s life

"For me it’s already important to achieve something, it was already as a player," says Schweinsteiger, who is very focused on his family and continues to push the ARD job. "I am currently very happy and satisfied," says Schweinsteiger, leaving the question of where he sees himself in ten years unanswered. He also can not imagine the coaching job at the moment, because he does not want to stand 365 days on the court.

Schweinsteiger talks about his new book, the biography written by Martin Suter. In which also the life of and with Ana Ivanovic plays a role. "I wanted her story to be told as well," says the ex-Bayern star. "My wife has had a great life. Actually, you can write several books about my wife". How was the first date, Schweinsteiger is asked?

Schweinsteiger unpacks about first date with Ana in New York

It was in New York. "It happened that way, it was also a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences, that was for sure. We went for a walk on our first date. I didn’t speak English that well back then. Of the first ten minutes, Ana spoke for 9 minutes 20 seconds and I only 40," Schweini reveals. "It was a special moment and I can remember everything," says Schweinsteiger, who says they now speak both English and German to each other. "She understands German, with Bavarian it becomes difficult. The children speak four languages now, I hope they’ll learn Bavarian, then it’ll be five," says the Bavarian-born Schweinsteiger about the mixed household with Serbian Ana.

Schweinsteiger on Ana: "I never wanted to say it, but . "

Afterwards a voice message from Ana is played in which she tells that ex-footballer Basti lost the tennis match against ex-tennis pro Ivanovic only because of his shoes and if he would be ready for a rematch? "Yes, that was also the case," Schweinsteiger says in response to the shoe question. "First, she chose a wrong place, and she is responsible for organizing equipment. That shoe of mine was not meant for the court at all. I bought new shoes for the rematch. It’s not always the shoes."

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