Saying: live your dream

Live your dream. A dream doesn’t become a reality by magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work. One begins Imagination of his future life and then you start to turn that vision into reality. Piece by piece.

"Your dreams will not come true if you wait for them to come true, but if you are determined to take one step towards them every day." Dalai Lama

Dreams& Imagination is the engine of evolution

Having a big dream – does not mean that you are unrealistic or a weirdo? – It just shows – that you are a progressive thinker and visionary. – Horst Bulla Poet Author

Best example Thomas Edison. If he had given up after several failed attempts, someone else would have invented the light bulb. Also after several thousand attempts he did not give up and held out until finally a light came to him and he replaced the platinum filament with a carbon filament and thus achieved a burn time of 40 hours.

To be successful is quite simply explained: to stick to something until the goal is actually achieved. From the moment you realize that life does not determine the circumstances, but you determine the circumstances of your life yourself, you start to develop a passion for it, to shape your life the way you want it to be.

Live your Dream

What could be better than making your dream come true?! Dreams and goals, that is the fuel of daily self-motivation and the drive to strive every day to get closer to his goal. The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline, by the way. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. Because how often do you wish that the dream was reality and reality was just a dream?.


"If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger for wanting to make your dreams come true." Les Brown

Everyone is the architect of his own happiness. It’s no use waiting for someone with a big dream to come along and join you. In this case you are more the passenger then. The courage to do something to make your dreams come true. Is the secret of freedom.


I love my freedom – this means in the rarest of cases that you fuck each other all over the place and nail everything that is not in every three on the tree. When a man says something like that, he most likely means, because exceptions prove the rule, to be able to continue living his desires and dreams.

Especially in the beginning, some things, thanks to infatuation, move back a bit. This hormonal state of emergency lasts about a year. When I asked my ex-boyfriend yesterday, how was it with us, how did we get together?? Then he said: "We met in the winter, then at some point I woke up, it was summer and there was a woman and a child! No idea." I had to laugh so much and added – the hormones ..

After the infatuation phase, his desire for freedom was back, he again completed his sports program regularly and did his adventure trips – which I rather scowled at. After all, our time together was lost. Today I laugh about it and think – how stupid of me.

My dream

Because if you have your own dreams and follow them, then you have more understanding for the dreams of others. As a blogger you work seven days a week, have no real vacation and love what you do. No man should complain if I don’t have time on the weekend, instead he can pursue his interests there. There is a reason why I find men with big goals and dreams interesting. You impress me. If they have already turned some things into reality, I am practically at their feet. You are living my dream, I am an adventurer, because I would like to, I could, but I don’t really do it. I listen to the stories of the visionaries, accompany them on their mission and think I’d like to, too.

Besides my blog, where I also pursue my goals and already start to live a dream, I now have another plan – as the saying goes "Have dreams so big that they declare you crazy."I’ll be happy to oblige. In two or three years I want to go from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Crest Trail. So if a former heroin addict (The Great Tripp – Wild) can do it, with rather mediocre equipment, then so can I.

Saying: live your dream

The way is the goal

To get closer to my goal every day, I now start running with my new shoes. The next thing planned is an adventure vacation. Since my girls and I don’t have a clue about it, I have to learn from one of the best – my ex-FRIEND – before it starts. So I informed him about my plan and he was totally enthusiastic. I had rather expected a laughing fit, but the side blow came still.

"Great, then I’ll tell my parents now that I’m going on a trip after all. They won’t be surprised, but when I tell them Julia is coming along, they’ll be blindsided, they’ll never believe it. Surely there will be comments like: "You need two canoes – one for Julia’s luggage and one for yourself. Is there actually a villa as a tent? Surely then you’ll have to carry her makeup case."

I don’t need makeup, just a cream and artificial eyelashes … His answer: "A canoe." and a few clothes – He: "Two canoes."It will be a canoe tour with hiking through the wilderness, possibly Scandinavia, but of course the gentleman has already crossed all the rivers, he is now busy researching, I’ll be surprised where it goes. "Do your readers come with?" – "Yes, my readers come with." – "Then you really need a lot of batteries and powerbanks – three canoes." This could become funny&

No doubts

Maybe we should just stop doubting and start living. And that’s a lot of fun! And if it misses, you just try something else – not a platinum filament, but a carbon filament.

Self Discovery

Only since I found myself. I know who I am ALONE. Especially as a single person you have the chance to find yourself in a way that no one can if you have been in a partnership for a long time or have never been single for a longer period of time. You can not have everything, so use the single time to the optimal self-discovery trip, create dreams and goals that are important only to you. If anyone wants to join, they are welcome to do so, but it is and will always be YOUR DREAM.

Great inspiration

Last Thursday I was invited to an event – there I met Kai Markus, he is so crazy that he now starts on Sunday in HAMBURG from the Elbphilharmonie, with the destination SHANGHAI – 12.000 kilometers, the Pacific Crest Trail has only 4200 km. Eight countries in less than 300 days and he RUNS.

He has the support of his team and his wife, who always backs him up in his dreams and says, "Do it."The greatest gift you can give your partner is to let them have their freedom. Actually it should not be a gift, but a matter of course.

During the short crisp WARM-UP, running once around the Alster, my right and left lung overtook me at a brisk pace. All right, I have to start small.

If not now, when then?

At some point we get old and frail, it would be really annoying to then look back on your life and admit to yourself, I could have done so much, but I didn’t. I would have liked to have traveled more, but I didn’t. I had so many dreams and goals, but somehow I lost sight of them all ..

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