Sahra wagenknecht: lifestyle leftists live in a different world

Sahra Wagenknecht: Lifestyle leftists live in a different world. Sahra Wagenknecht at the Marx-Engels monument in Berlin: she is being heavily criticized in her party for her new book. Here is an excerpt from it. (Source: imago images/imagebroker)

What is left today? What right? Many people no longer know. They consider the old categories obsolete. There is only one thing they are sure of: what they hear in public utterances under the label left is often unappealing to them. And deeply distrust the milieu they associate with it.

This was different for many years. Left-wing once stood for the striving for more justice and social security, it stood for resistance, for the rebellion against the upper ten thousand and the commitment to all those who had not grown up in a wealthy family and had to earn their living with hard, often uninspiring, work.

Sahra Wagenknecht, born in 1969, is a member of the Bundestag for the Left Party, for which she also sat in the European Parliament. She was deputy party leader from 2010 to 2014, and chairwoman of the Left Party parliamentary group in the Bundestag from 2015 to 2019. She also holds a doctorate in economics and has published several books. Her new book "The Self-Righteous appears on 14. April 2021 in the Campus publishing house. This text is an excerpt from it.

As left, the goal was to protect these people from poverty, humiliation and exploitation, to provide them with educational opportunities and career advancement, to make their lives easier, more orderly and predictable. Leftists believed in the ability to shape policy within the framework of the democratic nation-state and that this state can and must correct market outcomes.

The lifestyle left and morality

These traditional leftists still exist today. Comparatively often you meet them in unions, especially on the lower levels. In most social democratic parties they are already in the minority, at least in the executive levels.

The public image of the social left today is dominated by a type that we will call the lifestyle left in the following, because for them the focus of left-wing politics is no longer on social and political-economic problems, but on questions of lifestyle, consumer habits and moral attitudes.

Green Party leaders Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock: lifestyle leftists in pure form? (Source: imago images)

Green Party Chairmen Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock: Lifestyle Leftists in Pure Form? (Source: imago images)

In its purest form, the Green parties embody this lifestyle-left political proposition, but it has also become the dominant current in social democratic, socialist and other left-wing parties in most countries. For the political-cultural worldview of the lifestyle left, the term left-liberalism has recently become established.

The lifestyle leftist lives in a different world than the traditional one and defines himself on the basis of other issues. It is above all cosmopolitan and natural for Europe, even if everyone may understand something different under these catchwords. He cares about the climate and stands up for emancipation, immigration and sexual minorities.

His convictions include considering the nation-state to be an obsolete model and himself to be a citizen of the world who has little connection with his own country. In general, the lifestyle leftist values autonomy and self-realization more than tradition and community. He finds traditional values such as performance, diligence and effort uncool.

Dad’s fortune and mom’s relationships

This is especially true of the younger generation, who were so gently guided into life by caring, mostly well-off helicopter parents that they never got to know existential social fears and the pressure that arises from them. Dad’s small fortune and mom’s connections at least provide enough security to bridge even longer unpaid internships or professional failures.

Since the lifestyle leftist has hardly come into personal contact with social issues, they are usually only marginally interested in them. So, one wishes for a just and discrimination-free society, but the path to it no longer leads through the stodgy old topics of social economics, i.e. wages, pensions, taxes or unemployment insurance, but above all through symbolism and language.

Schnitzel with sauce: There is a dispute about the name for it. (Source: imago images/foodandmore)

Schnitzel with sauce: the name for it is disputed. (Source: foodandmore/imago images)

Accordingly, everyday language is constantly scanned for words that could offend anyone and that must henceforth be avoided. They are replaced by new word creations, which, at least among the strict believers among the lifestyle left, lead to a very idiosyncratic form of expressing oneself, which has only a limited connection with the German language.

To outsiders, it may often be unclear what the terms "refugee" and "father" mean or "lectern" or in the designation as "mother or "Father discrimination exists or why dubious asterisks are always found in the midst of left-wing texts, but those who belong to the inner circle know the rules and abide by them.

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Another commandment is to avoid so-called trigger words, i.e. codes that sound harmless but allegedly trigger trauma in certain groups or are used by right-wingers to camouflage their inhuman ideology. "Heimat" and "People are part of it and are consequently taboo, also the term "immigrant" is at least tricky, because all those who come to Europe are refugees and "strangers" or "parallel worlds does not exist at all.

The typical lifestyle leftist lives in a big city or at least a fancy university town and rarely in places like Bitterfeld or Gelsenkirchen. He studies or has a university degree and good foreign language skills, pleads for a post-growth economy and pays attention to biologically flawless nutrition. Discounter meat eaters, diesel car drivers and Mallorca low-cost air travelers are a horror to him.

Greta Thunberg at a'Fridays for Future'-Demonstration: Auch Lifestyle-Linke, sagt Wagenknecht. (Quelle: imago images/Dogwoof Pictures)

Greta Thunberg at a "Fridays for Future"-Demonstration: Also lifestyle leftists, says Wagenknecht. (Source: Dogwoof Pictures/imago images)

That doesn’t mean he himself doesn’t drive a car or never boards a plane. But these are not Ballermann tourism, but educational trips that help to get to know other cultures, to visit the last remaining wild orangutans or to get closer to the inner self in an Ayurveda hotel. The fact that, on the other hand, inner-city trips are often made by bicycle or electric second car eases the conscience.

What makes the lifestyle left so unappealing in the eyes of many people, especially the less fortunate, is its obvious tendency to regard its privileges as personal virtues and to glorify its worldview and way of life as the epitome of progressiveness and responsibility.

The unmistakable lack of compassion

It is the self-satisfaction of the morally superior that many lifestyle leftists radiate, the all too obtrusively displayed conviction that they are on the side of good, right and reason. It is the arrogance with which they look down on the world of life, the hardships, even the language of those people who have never been able to attend university, who tend to live in small-town environments and who pick up the ingredients for their barbecue at Aldi because the money has to last until the end of the month.

And it is the unmistakable lack of compassion for those who have to fight much harder for their little bit of prosperity, if they have any at all, and who perhaps also because of this sometimes seem harder or grimmer and are in a worse mood.

A hard-to-deny bigotry also certainly contributes to the lifestyle left’s low public profile. Anyone who has trouble affording a vacation once a year from their less than adequate salary, or has to live on a meager pension despite a lifetime of work, doesn’t appreciate it when people preach renunciation to them who have never wanted for anything in their lives.

And one does not want to be lectured about immigration as a great enrichment for our society by friends of multiculturalism, of all people, who take great care that their own child attends a school where it only has to make acquaintance with other cultures in literature and art lessons.

Of prolls and covids

There are the lifestyle leftists who simply despise the poorer and less educated. In Germany, the old white men are a popular bogeyman in lifestyle-left circles . The term "chav" is also often used to describe a group of people about whom one can make disparaging remarks without hesitation and for whom the sensitive considerations regarding hurtful language suddenly no longer apply. At the end of 2019, the name environmental sow circulated for people who buy their meat at Aldi, Lidl and Co. buy. In the Corona crisis, the covidiots were added to the list.

Unconventional thinkers demonstration in Stuttgart: Is the term 'chavs' a good one?'Covidioten' ein Ausdruck der Verachtung? (Quelle: imago images/imageBROKER/Martin Storz )

Lateral thinkers’ demonstration in Stuttgart: Is the term "covidiote" a good one? an expression of contempt? (Source: imageBROKER/Martin Storz /imago images)

On the other hand, of course, there are also lifestyle leftists whose sincere concern includes standing up for the poor and disenfranchised of this world, which of necessity includes the poor and less privileged in their own country. But instead of respecting these people and simply standing up for their interests, they are usually met with the attitude of the benevolent missionary who not only wants to save the unbelievers, but also, and above all, to convert them.

What also makes the lifestyle leftist less likeable, of course, is that he continually calls for an open, tolerant society, but often displays a frightening intolerance himself in dealing with dissenting views, which can easily compete with that of the far right. This gruffness of manner results from the fact that left-wing liberalism, in the opinion of its adherents, is ultimately not an opinion, but a question of decency.

The majority: racists?

Whoever deviates from the canon of their thought commandments is therefore not a dissenter for left-liberals, but at least a bad person, probably even a misanthrope or equal a Nazi. According to surveys, 60 to 70 percent of the population in all Western countries reject high levels of immigration and want more restrictive rules. Of course, this is exactly enough to be considered a racist according to official left-liberal reading.

The same pigeonhole is used for people who feel insecure when they are alone on public transportation with a larger group of men who speak a foreign language. Because of the obvious spreading of such "resentments" In left-liberal discourse, the term everyday racism has become commonplace .

Anyone who expects their own government to look first and foremost after the welfare of the local population and protect it from international dumping competition and other negative consequences of globalization – a principle that was self-evident among traditional leftists – is now considered national socialist, with the suffix -ist if desired. And anyone who thinks it is wrong to transfer more and more powers from elected parliaments and governments to an opaque Brussels lobbyocracy is definitely an anti-European.

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