Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings make your partner a very special joy. We have 60 sayings, short texts and quotes for you and give you tips with which you can easily write romantic sayings yourself.

Romantic sayings you can use for different occasions. Write it in a love letter or in a card for Valentine’s Day, send it on WhatsApp and Co. or frame it as a gift.

What romance actually is

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

What romance actually is

In order to determine which sayings are romantic, we must first ask ourselves this question: What is actually romantic?

Romanticism, after all, has not established itself as an epoch without reason. It is characterized by the subjective and imaginative perception of the human being. Their motives are longing and love.

Romanticism strives for infinity and a blasting of the boundaries between dream and reality. It is no different with romantic sayings.

If you are in love and write such a saying yourself, you are also writing down your very own thoughts about love and life.

Everyone has their own idea of what is romantic. Some like it cliche with fireworks and a carriage, others find it romantic when someone cooks for them or takes good care of their children.

Still others have no use for candlelight and love poems. Love letters can be romantic in a special way, because not everyone likes to be the center of attention and can relate to public displays of love. Not everyone is a fan of surprises.

Ultimately, you have to know for yourself what you and your partner consider romantic and what is not. In a romantic action, of course, should be in the foreground, what is romantic for your partner.

But you should not confuse romance with romantic cliches. So don’t assume that just because something is pink, public, or sung that it’s automatically romantic to a person.

Romantic sayings + 9 tips for the right choice

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Tips and romantic sayings

A saying about love does not come off the lips so easily. Many people find it difficult to talk about their feelings.

If you are not a fan of big speeches, a romantic saying can help you express yourself clearly instead of talking around your feelings.

Our numerous examples can help you to solve the blockade. Either you then manage to write a saying about love yourself or you find out which romantic saying suits you and your sweetheart.

Occasions for romantic sayings

Typical situations for a romantic saying are of course birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, a marriage proposal, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and so on. It’s always nice when you prepare a saying for one of these occasions.

But why not take advantage of the surprise effect and spontaneously create a romantic situation yourself? This doesn’t have to be a ride on a horse on the beach – the main thing is to create a private atmosphere so you can recite or present your saying in peace.

Just your effort to spend time and beautiful moments together is romantic. If you adapt the saying to the planned situation, your partner will know that you have made a special effort and lovingly planned everything.

Combine romantic sayings and gift

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Combine romantic sayings with a gift

If you want to give something to your partner on a special occasion or if you are planning a surprise with a gift, it is of course especially great if your romantic saying fits in with it.

We have some examples for you that fit certain gifts and situations. Theoretically, however, a suitable saying can be formulated for everything. How you can write romantic sayings yourself, you will learn in the course of this article.

Ski vacation:

Our love is like a snowflake – unique and light. To show you what you mean to me I want to fly with you through the snowflakes. I know you’ve wanted it for a long time: we’re going skiing!


You are my muse, the melody of my life. Your voice is like music to my ears every day. For this reason, I want to make sure that music also sounds in your ears. For both of us we are going to a concert!

Going out for dinner

I love that we cook together so often. But today I want to spoil you, let work rest and go out to dinner with you. With candlelight we have time to concentrate on ourselves. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


You are the jewel of my life, a rare diamond. You ennoble my life, so I ennoble your hand. Take this ring as a token of my love and know that you will always be the most beautiful thing in my life.

Homemade chocolates

Chocolate makes you happy. My little sweet tooth, you make me happy. Now I want to give you something back: these chocolates are for you.


This bouquet of sunflowers should tell you something: When you shine on me, it’s like sunshine on my face.

Your touches are like the warm rays of the sun on my skin. You dazzle me so that I forget all my worries and focus on the beautiful things in life. You’re like a sunflower and make me smile every day.

The right time in a relationship for love sayings

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

The right time for love sayings

It is actually never too early for a romantic saying. The only thing that makes a difference is the content of the saying.

Of course, you should not surprise a person you just met with a sudden confession of love. But you shouldn’t devalue a long-lasting relationship with a rather friendly saying either.

Sayings for the beginning of a relationship

Below you’ll find a few examples of sayings that are more for the beginning of a relationship or dating time. With them you can’t really rush anything. But they are a nice gesture to show that a person means something to you.

  1. I count the hours until you are with me again.
  2. You impressed me from the first moment and awakened in me the feeling of future.
  3. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the beautiful dates, thank you for the beautiful moments and thank you for the unforgettable kisses.
  4. It’s still too early for love, but I notice that I blossom more and more with you.
  5. I know that with you and me it’s more than friendship.

Sayings and romantic texts for a longer relationship

Now a few examples that are suitable for a long-term relationship. Even after so long it is still nice to get a confession of love. Make sure you appreciate and emphasize the depth of your relationship and that your feelings have not diminished with time.

  1. The love between two people
    lives from the beautiful moments.
    But it grows through the hard times,
    that both of us will master together.
  2. Look into your eyes, tell you everything
    entrust, share every joy with you,
    overcoming all pain.
    Sink into your eyes, into your love almost
    drowning, that’s what I want from you,
    together – we!
  3. There are people with whom you can rest your legs and your soul. You can just be yourself, without facade, without doubt, sometimes even without words. These people are rare, once you have found one you have to hold on to him.
  4. Every day a little more. Every day I love you a little more. Every day I miss you a little more and every day I’m more sure that you’re the dream girl I’ve been looking for.
  5. Like two leaves in the wind we found each other,
    now we have a child and are connected for eternity.

Beautiful "love is…" sayings

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Beautiful "Love is…" Sayings

The beauty of "love is…" sayings is that they are versatile and you can always list a few of them. They look nice in a card if you have any space left and definitely belong to the romantic sayings variety.

"Love is…" sayings are honest and bring important characteristics of love quickly to the point. They also adapt to any situation and relationship.

Especially if you have trouble finding the right phrases and don’t want to be too corny, you can just write down yourself what love is for you. So you have quickly written a romantic saying and can, if you want, write a little matching text to it.

  1. Love is … reaching for the stars together.
  2. Love is… when reality is more beautiful than any dream.
  3. Love is… never wanting to be without the other person.
    Even if there are days when we don’t see each other, I’m incredibly happy to know that you’re by my side. I can no longer imagine life without you.
  4. Love is… when a two becomes a three.
    I can’t wait for our son to be born and I am forever grateful to you for fulfilling my dream of having a family.
  5. Love is… sharing your dessert.
  6. Love is… listening to each other.
  7. Love is… a belly full of butterflies.
  8. Love is… like a day at the sea.
  9. Love is… letting them choose the movie in the theater.
    I could never get tired of seeing your beaming face when we watch a Disney movie in the theater.
  10. Love is… an adventure.
    It is adventurous that every time I see you I fall in love with you anew.
  11. Love is… a step in the same direction.
    I can hardly wait until we move in together and lay the foundation for our future together.
  12. Love is… friendship.
    I love that you are not only my great love, but also my best friend.

Romantic aphorisms

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

In this chapter we have romantic quotes and aphorisms for you. They also have the character of sayings and are usually life wisdoms that have been carried on for many years.

You treat the subject of love in a general way. So you can’t do much wrong as long as you don’t pressure your relationship prematurely with serious quotes.

Look at the quotes in terms of your relationship and think about what suits you. Here you can find many more love quotes.

  1. When two lovers are united, difficulties are no obstacle.
    (Alfred de Musset)
  2. For where I am yours, I am first all mine.
  3. True love comes from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters.
    (Theodore Simon Jouffroy)
  4. They say that love robs those who have brains and gives them to those who have none.
    (Denis Diderot)
  5. To write a love letter, you must begin without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you have said.
    (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
  6. The more love you give, the more of it you possess.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  7. True love stories never end.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  8. A drop of love is more than an ocean of understanding.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  9. After all, if there is a better way to cope with life than with love and humor?
    (Charles Dickens)
  10. Our life cannot always be full of joy, but always full of love.
    (Thomas Aquinas)

Romantic Movie Quotes

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

For couples who would like to have a relationship like in the movies, romantic sayings from movies are also suitable. You can use these quotes with a serious background or with a slight wink of the eye.

Make sure your partner understands the quote correctly. If you are not sure, write a little text to add to it.

Maybe you have a favorite movie together or you know your partner’s favorite movie and pick a romantic quote from it.

  1. "It doesn’t matter how long you wait,
    but to whom."
    (Some like it hot, 1959)
  2. " When one has understood,
    that you want to spend the rest of your life together,
    then one wants the rest of life to begin as soon as possible."
    (Harry and Sally, 1989)
  3. "Because of you I want to be a better man."
    (It doesn’t get any better than this, 1997)
  4. "The only thing that may be special about me,
    you are."
    (Great Expectations, 1998)
  5. "I am content with one moment, just one. So perfect that it lasts for a lifetime. I don’t want forever, I want now. And I want it till I’m old and gray."
    (Aimee& Jaguar, 1999)
  6. "You are my heart, little one.
    Could I live without my heart?"
    (Blow, 2001)
  7. "You are the fulfillment of all my prayers.
    You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know,
    how I have been able to live so long without you."
    (Like a Single Day, 2004)
  8. "Sometimes you have to be,
    whom one loves, be separate,
    but that doesn’t mean you love that person any less.
    Sometimes it makes you love them even more."
    (With you by my side, 2010)

I love you sayings

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

I love you sayings

Sayings with which you "I love you" are a great way to confess your love for the first time. A romantic saying will help you when you might not dare to say something in person.

"I love you" you can say with a saying either indirectly (example 1 and 4) or write it straight out (example 2, 3 and 5).

  1. When I first saw you, I knew it was real, it’s crazy, love at first sight!
  2. Why we were given only one heart? We have two feet to walk with, two hands to touch, two ears to hear and two eyes to see! But why only one heart? – Because the other half is with someone we have to find first. In you I found that person. I love you.
  3. You give me security and confidence, so I want to dare something. I’ll just say it straight out: I love you – since many days.
  4. I leadL me wIE a winner BEi you. Now a suggestion: DInner for two, with me. Do you read the NaCHIf you read between the lines, you know for sure: I never want to share you again.
  5. The person who can put a smile on your face without touching you, without talking to you, should be the person you give your heart to! I give it to you herewith and tell you honestly: I love you.

Romantic sayings for women

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings for women

In this section, you will find romantic sayings that are suitable when you, as a man, want to say something loving to a woman.

We’ve picked out sayings that range from slightly cheesy rhymes to more serious love notes, depending on your taste. Most love sayings, however, are suitable for both sexes.

  1. The next girl I’ll love will be our daughter.
  2. I wish nothing more than to go through life with you and that we will always be loving to each other!
  3. I wish I were the wind that gently strokes your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly and the moon that guards your sleep.
  4. You are the sun and the light for me – always remember: I love you!
  5. I am happy with you because we love and laugh and do something crazy from time to time.

Romantic sayings for men

Everyone likes to hear that they are special to their partner. To have an individual, irreplaceable connection with someone is always romantic. Over a proof for it, also each man is pleased.

However, it is more likely that a saying without much frills will hit the heart more than a long poem with interlacing, metaphors and numerous rhymes. After all, your partner should be able to identify with the words instead of looking into your expectant face, uncertain and puzzled about their meaning.

  1. Every day I wish that this between us will never end.
  2. With you by my side I can face the whole world.
  3. You are my resting place and my rock. With you I feel protected like with no one else. You give me security and I love you for that.
  4. I don’t want a prince with all the riches in the world. I want a fighter who sees me as his greatest asset.
  5. We were friends, but that was not enough for my heart. Love based on friendship is the most beautiful love there is!

Writing romantic sayings yourself: 5 tips

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Write romantic sayings yourself

If you want to write romantic sayings yourself, the assessment of your best partner is most important. If you want to nurture the relationship and you are already going to the trouble of writing a saying yourself, you should make sure that you like the saying.

I want it to match your partner and reflect your individual relationship. Capturing these special things and putting them into words is easier said than done. We would like to help you with this guide to writing.


The first step to writing romantic sayings is brainstorming. Write down everything that comes to your mind about your relationship in an unsorted way. For this purpose, common hobbies, experiences or other things that connect you are suitable.

You can write down single words, phrases, sentences or already a short text. When you have collected everything, you can divide your notes into clusters or rhymes, depending on your taste. This way you bring some structure into it and simplify your writing process.

Now either move along the rhymes or formulate a saying that does not rhyme and is simply thematically coherent. Sometimes a simple list of words and repetition can be enough to create a nice line. When brainstorming, these guiding questions can help you:

  • When and where did we meet?
  • What was the first thing he/she said to me??
  • Why can I imagine a future with him/her??
  • What were our most memorable moments?
  • When did we first say I love you to each other??

Pay attention to individuality

In order for the saying to be truly romantic, you should dispense with all cliched phrases. Appeal to the specialness of your relationship and prove to your partner how incomparable and irreplaceable he/she is for you. To figure out and highlight your individual bond, these guiding questions will help you:

  • What do we complement each other well??
  • What are my favorite character traits about him/her??
  • How we behave in conflict situations?
  • What have we lived through so far?
  • What makes our relationship special?

Try storytelling

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Try storytelling

When storytelling, you can use anything that came to mind about the questions from the brainstorming session. Depending on how long you want your romantic love text or saying to be, you can include different aspects of your relationship.

If you have enough material to write several romantic sayings directly, use your inspiration and write them down. Who knows when you might need a romantic line again next time.

Another way of storytelling is to literally tell a short story. Remember especially beautiful moments in the relationship and report your memory of them. For example, write a short, freely written text about this.

Include the future of your relationship

Romantic sayings are not only suitable if you "I love you" you would like to say. Even if an important step in your relationship is coming up and you don’t know how to address it, you can use a saying.

For example, if you are going on vacation with your partner for the first time, or if you are even moving in together, you can also express this with a romantic saying. Here are a few examples of romantic words:

Franz Kafka once said: "He who takes care of the present has best taken care of the future."I promise to always protect and love you so that we can always build on each other in the future.

They say you can’t predict the future. But I see our future very clearly and I am sure that it will be like this.

My heart. I ask you a question, it’s been bothering me for many days now.
In my dream I see us both in the same room.
Let’s move in together, you have given me unimaginable powers so far.
My love, it has never been so strong,
so it had to be that I ask you this.
Finally I see clearly – please say yes!

Use your own quotes

Romantic sayings: 60 examples and 9+5 tips

Romantic sayings from quotes

To please your partner, you can also prove to him or her that you’ve been paying attention and are proud of the little things in your relationship.

Think about whether you have insiders in common. Has your partner ever said something that impressed you or did you have a common insight about your relationship or life?? Write it down. Ideally, such a quote is of course dated. Maybe you can at least think of the year.

Another option would be to write down from now on everything that impresses you or what you simply find beautifully said with a date. You give your partner a special joy, because you are not only attentive, but also show admiration and respect for his or her personality.

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