Recognizing + finding a soul mate: 17 magical signs

Many wish for a soul mate. They are like a gift. But how do I find out if someone is my soul mate?? That one person who understands you completely without words and takes you as you are? It is not only about sympathy or acceptance. It is about a deep feeling of inner, spiritual connection and support in difficult life situations. Here are 17 sure signs of how to recognize your soul mate…

Recognize + find soul mate: 17 magical signs

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What is a soul mate?

A soul mate is like a missing puzzle piece in our heart and soul. We instinctively feel: everything fits! Sympathy and affection, trust and understanding. Two bodies, but one soul in unison. Both people complement and complete each other. They resonate on a magical wavelength. At the same time the attraction is unconditional, intimate, perfect. Often soul mate is accompanied by feelings like love or spirituality. To outsiders, on the other hand, it seems spooky, almost like telepathy.

Many wish for a soul mate in love. But we also find and recognize them in our free time, while shopping or at work. That’s what makes the encounter with them so special and exciting: it can’t be planned or provoked. It happens when it happens.

Recognizing soul mates: 17 intriguing signs

Are you still looking for your soul mate – or maybe he has already met you? In fact, there are a few veritable signs you can use to recognize your soul mate (maybe even find true love).

  1. Attraction
    What is meant is not classic attractiveness. Rather, you feel magically attracted to this one person, want to spend more time with this person.
  2. Confusion
    When they meet their soul mate for the first time, many are first of all completely perplexed. Experts speak of a "shaking of the soul". It is caused by the intense, mental closeness. The other person feels like a mirror image of your own self. The person recognizes us as we are. Many feel caught out and vulnerable at first.
  3. Match
    Behaviors, values and norms, living conditions – everything fits together perfectly. Often there are even surprising parallels: The dual soul is also half-orphan. They have the same birthday. Possess the same books. Travel to the same countries. Something like this.
  4. Complementation
    Soul mates are often complementary. Means: They complement us and make us complete. According to the motto "opposites attract", you help us to compensate for our deficits and, conversely, appreciate our strengths. The result: In their proximity we feel neither weaknesses nor fears.
  5. Connection
    Whether a person is your twin soul has nothing to do with physical proximity. Even at a distance and separated from each other, you still feel this incredible inner connection. Like in a long-distance relationship: You know what the other person is thinking. As if you have known each other forever. Or, for example, because you try to call each other at the same moment.
  6. Empathy
    Because you are similar in so many ways, soul mates show great understanding for each other. They understand each other "blindly. Thanks to the great empathy not even big words are necessary. If one of them is feeling bad, the other one notices it immediately.
  7. Acceptance
    You do not have to bend for your soul mate. He accepts you as you are and vice versa. There is a general acceptance and resonance inside that you can hardly explain to others.
  8. Support
    Soul mates will never hinder or limit the other one. For example, if one is on the road to success, the other will not boycott it. There is no resentment among soul mates.
  9. Trust
    People do not usually open up to strangers immediately. With a soul mate there is immediate mutual openness. They are not only on the same wavelength – they trust each other. Deeply. Effect: The conversations immediately gain depth. Nothing is embarrassing.
  10. Ease
    Most relationships or friendships require compromise. With a soul partnership everything seems natural. Nothing requires greater explanation. This simplifies togetherness and makes everything wonderfully carefree.
  11. Respect
    If there is a disagreement, neither side will be abusive. Conversations take place without insults or shouting. And even if one of you is offended after an argument: soul mates can apologize for it.
  12. The urge to communicate
    You can also recognize soul mates by the fact that you can chat seemingly endlessly with this wonderful person. Boredom does not exist in this relationship. Even sexuality and passion play only a minor role. Mutual inspiration and (platonic) intimacy are in the foreground.
  13. Peace
    In the presence of your soul mate even silence is effortless to endure. There is nothing oppressive or embarrassing about the shared silence. Rather, it resembles a state of deep relaxation and weightlessness.
  14. Self-assurance
    Between soul mates there is no room for power games, narcissism or jealousy, as they occur in toxic relationships. Everyone knows his or her value and that of the other. Joy and admiration are sincere.
  15. Change
    Another indication of a soul mate is the vague feeling that everything will be better with this relationship. You feel that this person and his or her closeness do you good. You yourself change positively and become a better person.
  16. Life goals
    It may even be that the parallels reach so far that both soul mates pursue the same goals in life. Be it professionally or familial: both develop in the same direction in synchronicity. So both can support each other (and understand each other again).
  17. Certainty
    The most unmistakable sign of being able to recognize a soul mate is: certainty. You just know it: This one person is it – my twin soul! The person gives you strength and motivation. They can completely let themselves go and trust.

Find soulmate: Where is my soul mate?

You may be asking yourself, "What can I do to find my soul mate??"If you have not yet found this person, do not rush into anything. Those who tense up tend to achieve the opposite. It is important that you remain open and spontaneous. Approach strangers with an open mind and above all remain authentic.

By being open-minded, open and honest, give others the chance to recognize in YOU the soul mate you have been looking for for a long time. Admittedly, this requires a certain emotional maturity, because in the process you make yourself vulnerable and drop all masks. You may even have to reveal some secrets. But this is the only way to increase the mutual probability of meeting soul mates. The rest is fate, destiny, luck, whether our paths cross. But when it happens, it is as if space and time lose meaning.

Soul mate: physical symptoms

When you meet your female or male soul mate, you can’t miss them both at all. Typical (physical) symptoms and emotions that such heart mates trigger are:

  • Joy and relief
  • Security and energy
  • Longing (for the other)
  • Infatuation

Pay attention. If you recognize several of these symptoms in yourself, you should intensify the contact.

The ancient search for the dual partner

Many who have not yet found their soul mate, accompanied by the feeling of incompleteness. Behind this is a deep longing, which is as old as mankind. The idea that a single person is incomplete can already be found in antiquity.

The Greek philosopher Plato spoke of "spherical people" with four arms and legs. They would have aroused Zeus’ displeasure and were separated as a result. According to this belief, we are still "incomplete" today and are looking for a "dual partner" who will complement us and make us happy. In connection with soul partnership is therefore often also spoken of "dual soul relationships.

What is soul love?

A soul love is much more intense than a soul partnership. Here, in addition to the feeling of intimate connection, there is also a romantic attraction. In addition to spiritual closeness, we also seek physical closeness with our counterpart: want to hug, kiss, more.

  • Soul love in partnerships
    This is the ideal conception for a love relationship: to the intimate love and sexuality also a genuine soul partnership joins in addition. Characteristic of this soul love, however, is that sexuality does not necessarily play the main role. Even without this relationship would remain fulfilling and work permanently, because common values and convictions stabilize it.
  • Soul love in friendships
    Here it becomes dangerous, because these people actually already harmonize so wonderfully. But both soul mates want more and feel the crackle between them. You are "wild at heart. It is the law of resonance: You attract what you send out. However, both must be aware that you may lose a "friendship" by gaining a partner for life. Some things are simply different afterwards.

Benefits of soul partnership

To have found a soul mate means a great enrichment for one’s own life. Even that of others. These are three impressive advantages of a soul partnership:

  • Our personality develops
    Twin souls do not only create harmony. You have the gift of moving us forward or getting us excited about new things. With their help we gather new experiences and gain new perspectives. Thus you form the humus for personal growth and contribute considerably to our personality development.
  • We gain self-confidence
    Instead of being a lone wolf in life, soulmates give us the assurance: "I am always by your side. I understand you and have your back!" This in turn strengthens our self-confidence and makes us more courageous in the face of change.
  • Others benefit from the relationship
    Empathy, consideration, appreciation, patience: these are all valuable qualities that come naturally when dealing with a soul mate. The more intensely you live this, the more it radiates to other relationships and friends as well. In short: The soul partnership even changes your environment positively.

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