Rapper nelly cracks jokes about madonna’s panties body – here the photos!

Fabia Soellner

Fabia Soellner | 01.02.2022, 13:30

Madonna as a guest on Jimmy Fallon 2021

Madonna as a guest on Jimmy Fallon 2021.


Despite criticism, Madonna doesn’t miss the opportunity to regularly cause an uproar on Instagram. Once again, the 63-year-old has posted very provocative pictures, and is cashing in on gloating comments from rapper Nelly for it.

Madonna’s fans are now at a loss – again and again the "Queen of Pop" posts very revealing pictures in obscene poses. And as if that wasn’t daring enough, she retouches as much as she can, making herself look 30 years younger – thanks to filters. Everyone, as he wants – this opinion has represented her fans until recently, but this view seems to slowly crumble. Does the legend really need it so badly to generate attention in such an uncharming way?

But when push comes to shove, fans naturally get behind their idol – this has now been felt by rapper Nelly, who dared to make disparaging comments about Madonna’s latest risky pictures.

Madonna’s fans share out

"Some things should stay covered," the 47-year-old rapper commented offhandedly, drawing the ire of Madonna’s community. Thousands of comments are now directed against the star and put him in his place.

"You all should sweep in front of your own door and ask yourselves why you want to mob this woman for her appearance? This is disgusting. @nelly this message is for you too," one user commented angrily.

If you look at the comments column under the revealing pictures, you will find some encouragement for the singer here and there. But many fans are now questioning Madonna’s choice of images, not understanding why she retouches her pictures so much. However, these critics take a much more polite approach than the rapper.

"… Madonna, I love your music and I think you’ve contributed a lot to feminism. But I don’t understand anything why you use all these filters. This doesn’t bring any advantages for anyone, because it only creates a beauty standard that simply isn’t true," one user expressed concern.

But knowing her, the eternal pop diva will not be stopped so easily.

The queen of pop in filter mania

In the age of social media, of course, everyone edits their pictures, but Madonna takes it to the extreme. For a long time she has been polishing her Insta-pics and could almost be mistaken for her daughter Lourdes. But that she didn’t really stay that young was noticed during a talk show appearance in 2021. Even though the 63-year-old has tried to get the best out of herself with Botox and other various procedures, you can clearly see that age is catching up with her.

Madonna is not being laughed at for the first time

In fact, it’s not the first time Madonna has drawn derisive comments from rappers. A few months ago she already had to take some nasty jokes from rapper 50 Cent, who made fun of a similar photo shoot. Again, the 63-year-old had generously presented her backside, inspiring the rapper to create gloating memes at the star’s expense. In her Insta story, the blonde then defended herself and managed to get the rapper to delete the memes.

Who knows if Madonna will take a stand this time as well. But perhaps she is too busy with her comeback plans.

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