Quickly get money – commented 12+x collection of ideas

Sometimes it must go a little faster. Who must come promptly at money, which finds here a commented collection of ideas for the most promising ways, how without special knowledge and/or. a well-founded training is fast to come at money.

Thanks to the Internet: Nowadays there are quite a number of ways to make money quickly available. This collection of ideas has been compiled over the last few years and is tried and tested for success. The next vacation is definitely to be earned with these tips.

Content: Get money fast

"You must not run after the money, you must go towards it."

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1. Idea 1: Paid participation in surveys

The Internet is the easiest way to participate in paid surveys. If you live in a city, you can go there to market research companies on the spot. A listing of many survey agencies and websites can be found at:

Contribution: Earn money with paid surveys

Opinion counts

Earning with paid surveys can be quite handsome. If you live in a larger city, you can go there to market research companies on the spot. To do this, simply search Google for "market research" plus your city. A more convenient way is to participate in online surveys. Here you can find providers and earning opportunities.

2. Idea 2: Second-hand sales

One of the fastest ways to get money is to sell unneeded but valuable everyday items via E-Bay. In recent years, E-Bay classifieds has also become a good sales channel. For some items like books there are special sites.

Make it easy for yourself: A setting app facilitates the setting of the offers immensely. You can snap the article with your smartphone and then upload it directly to.

3. Idea 3: Test websites and software

This work is usually worthwhile, the companies we pay reliable testers a good hourly wage. Up to 35 Euro per hour or. 20 Euro per test are quite negotiable. Providers are u.a.:

  • Usability.de,
  • Userzoom.en,
  • Scoreberlin.en,
  • testbirds.de

and international sites like


4. Idea 4: Texting for the online world

Thanks to the search engines’ hunger for content, thousands of amateur copywriters in Germany compose more or less sensible articles for millions of websites every day. Most of the time these are relatively short texts between 300 and 500 words. The earnings per word are low at first, with increasing professionalism and establishment on the respective portal, however, this increases rapidly. At the end there are orders that are given directly to you by the companies. Some also start a career as a freelance copywriter and earn hourly wages between 40 and 60 euros.

The most popular platforms for meeting clients and customers are:

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4.1. Write good texts and earn money online – seriously!

You are considering working via the Internet on a part-time or full-time basis? If you liked writing essays in school and still have a penchant for formulating them, you should turn this hobby into a career. Good writers are in demand on the World Wide Web. Here you are guaranteed to find the right client, you can get started tomorrow with the first text. We break down what to look for when you’re getting started and where to get the jobs.

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5. Idea 5: Offer free living space

If there is a spare room in your house or apartment, you can offer it online for daily rent worldwide. The most popular provider with a really good website is AirBnB. Welcome the world into your home.

Videos: Testimonials and tips for renting with AirBnB

5.1. Lessons learned: 1 year of Airbnb

Length: 13 minutes

5.2. Documentary Airbnb

Length: 43 minutes

5.3. Lawyer: Am I allowed to rent out my spare room via Airbnb at all??

Length: 5 minutes

6. Idea 6: Donate blood

During a blood donation about half a liter of blood drawn. This can be done every three months without any health risks. As earnings you receive mostly between 20 and 25 euros. Ask your family doctor where and when the next blood donation opportunity is offered.

At the movies

7. Idea 7: Help out with film and television

In any film production, so-called extras are needed for small appearances. The earning potential is good, but you can’t plan the assignments and thus the earning potential. It is possible in two hours 50 euros sometimes you are six hours on the set for this. It depends on the particular spin, how it’s going, how the weather is playing along, etc. Mostly a delicious Lunch included in the job and you will experience "Stars" up close.

The jobs are mostly About agencies Mediated, where you must first register. TipSearch for "casting agency" on Google plus your city.

8. Idea 8: Smaller contract work via app

Apps like those from Streetspotr or AppJobber use GPS data to send out job offers local minijobs. From testing pizzas to transporting letters. Is more like pocket money .

9. Idea 9: Online poker

Not entirely serious, but a topic for many of our users: poker enjoys a wide mass of players on the web. Through this there is a lot of money in play. Once you’ve proven your poker skills, there’s a wide field of earnings open to you with online casinos. In the beginning, however, you will usually pay apprenticeship money.

10. Idea 10: Cut off hair

and sell them. z.B. at:

11. Idea 11: Earn money with your hobby

Those who like to take photos and have a knack for sought-after images can offer them for sale on relevant photo portals. Or apply to the streaming service of your choice and tag series with keywords (tagging). Or make necklaces and bracelets out of beads and other accessories and sell them with Ebay.

12. Idea 12: Take on contract work

From cabinet assembly to logo design – for many activities there are portals where you can offer your services. In the craft z. B. my-hammer.de, in the service sector for example jobarche.de and for freelancers t3n has.Here are 22 such portals.

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13. Bonus idea: Performing as a street artist

Here Get money really fast, the earnings can be extremely lush. Playing the guitar, singing, yoga demonstrations – there are no limits to the imagination. A certain show factor should probably always be included. The job, of course, requires leaving the Comfort zone, but once you dare to do it, making money can turn into a passion. Few things are as attractive as the applause of an enthusiastic audience. You will quickly find out where the most lucrative performance venues are located in the city and at what times your fellow men will find time and leisure to watch your performance.

14. Rather longer-term possibilities to get money

14.1. Building up your own YouTube channel

Youtube is the trend. Many want to follow the successes of the big stars, most remain stuck at a few 100 subscribers even after years.

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