Pyro show at berlin derby: police investigate

Pyro show at Berlin derby: police investigate . A smoke bomb is set off outside the stadium An der Alten Forsterei: Police are investigating after the incident at the match of 1. FC Union Berlin against Hertha BSC. (Source: dpa/Andreas Gora)

Incident at the Berlin derby: Because fans had ignited pyrotechnics, a snack bar suddenly caught fire. The police have taken up the investigation – the Union boss says, one must have "some understanding".

When suddenly a snack bar roof was on fire, it became hectic in the stadium An der Alten Forsterei. Stewards had to quickly extinguish the fire after a questionable pyro show at the start of Sunday night’s Berlin derby in the Bundesliga soccer league.

For three minutes flying directly after the kickoff of the match between the 1. FC Union and Hertha BSC rockets into the sky, caused a lot of noise and excitement. The 1:1 (1-1) of the two capital clubs took a bit of a back seat, as a container caught fire briefly.

Exactly how this could happen remained unclear at first, even the day after. On a video that the "Bild" published online, it could be seen that fireworks were set off on the stadium roof. In the process, the ventilation system of a snack container caught fire. The Berlin police immediately initiated investigations. "We have already seized evidence such as the detonator and remains of the pyrotechnics for the ongoing investigation", said a spokesman.

Union fans ignited the rockets

It seems indisputable that Union fans were responsible for the action, because the pyrotechnics were ignited on the roof of that stand where the Ultras follow the games under normal conditions. According to the police, the fireworks were apparently controlled from a distance. It is unclear when and how it could have been placed there unnoticed.

"We were neither involved nor did we order fireworks. We did not suspect, know or anything like that", Christian Arbeit, managing director of communications at Union, said: "We were involved in the deletion, but nothing else." Although calm returned after three minutes, the action should still have consequences due to the criminal investigations of the authorities.

"Difficult to still get people excited about our sport"

"We get rightly upset when pyros go off or other things are", said Oliver Ruhnert, Union’s managing director of professional soccer, who did not want to evaluate the incidents in more detail. "In the end, it’s also an expression of the fact that it’s becoming difficult to still get people excited about our sport." Union had also risen "for the people", but "now they see us on TV.

You don’t want the actions, but you have to have some understanding for the people who couldn’t be there, Ruhnert said. That’s why there were about 50 people on site before kickoff to greet the team briefly in front of the gates. Spectators in the stadium were not allowed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

1:1 final score

And what happened on the pitch? Hertha could be happy about a point, but it does not help much in the relegation fight. As table-14. has the team of coach Pal Dardai only two points ahead of the relegation zone, there also the role of the city champion after the 3:1 in the first half does not help.

The Unioners, however, remained in the 13. Home game in a row undefeated and may continue to dream of qualifying for the European Cup as seventh. "Overall, one point is too little. Over long stretches, we were the better team", said Union goal scorer Robert Andrich (10. Minute). For Hertha, Dodi Lukebakio had scored on a penalty kick to make it 1:1 (35.) hit.

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