Positive corona test – how to get a covid certificate?

Many roads lead to Rome – or to the recovery certificate. "Espresso" shows what applies.

Author: Sabrina Lehmann& Oliver Fueter

In Switzerland, there are three different ways to obtain a certificate of recovery: After a positive PCR test, after a positive rapid antigen test or after a positive antibody test. Only the certificate of recovery issued on the basis of a positive PCR test is valid throughout Europe. The other two certificates are only valid in Switzerland.

Recovery certificate after a positive PCR test

After a positive PCR test, there are two ways to get a certificate of recovery:

  • At some test centers you can tick before the test that you want a certificate of recovery. In case of a positive test result the certificate will be sent automatically.
  • In most cases, the certificate of recovery must be requested from the federal government. If all the details in the application form are correct, the certificate will be sent by mail after six days at the latest.


  • Application form Covid certificate for people recovering in Switzerland Application form Covid certificate for people recovering in Switzerland

Recovery certificate after positive antigen quick test

This certificate is only valid in Switzerland and the test has to be taken after the 24th month. January 2022 have been carried out. The certificate of recovery is issued directly by the test center and sent by e-mail or by transfer code.

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Certificate of recovery after positive antibody test

This certificate is valid for 90 days and only in Switzerland. The test must be performed after the 15. November 2021 must have been carried out by a laboratory certified by Swissmedic. The certificate of recovery is issued directly by the laboratory and delivered by email or by transfer code. You have to pay for the antibody test yourself.

Prolongation of isolation

Positively tested individuals only need to be in self-isolation for five days, provided they have not had symptoms for 48 hours. The expiration of the 5-day period starts with a positive rapid antigen test or PCR test or with the first symptoms. Rapid tests performed at home do not count. But what if the symptoms last longer and the employer requires proof for the extension of isolation?

The responsibility of the cantons
The FOPH does not specify a procedure, this is a matter for the cantons. Extensions usually run through the canton’s contact tracing or the canton’s medical service. In Aarau, for example, a new isolation arrangement is not needed for an extension of isolation of up to five days. In Basel-Stadt, according to the official coronavirus information page, one should report to the cantonal medical service for an extension of isolation.

In most cantons information about insulation extensions is difficult or impossible to find. In case of emergency you can also contact your family doctor, who will issue a medical certificate for your employer. However, costs are then incurred.

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