Points in flensburg: info on system and significance

The Federal Motor Transport Authority already operates the driving aptitude register (formerly the central traffic register) in Flensburg since 1958. 16 years later, the authority introduced the current Points system a. Until this date there were about 21.000 people killed in road traffic per year. For comparison: Nowadays there are about 3.500 per year. Of course, the Flensburg points are not solely responsible for the fact that the number of people killed in traffic decreased by 82 percent. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that they have contributed to this development.

For which offences do I risk points in Flensburg and how can I check points??

The following links also provide information on the most common traffic violations and when points can be imposed for them in Flensburg:

FAQ – Points in Flensburg

Points in the road traffic are pronounced for serious misdemeanors or criminal offenses. These can be, for example, violations with a cell phone at the wheel, speeding from 21 km/h or a qualified red light violation, but also criminal acts such as coercion, hit-and-run or failure to render assistance. A maximum of 1 to 3 points can be imposed in Flensburg per violation. You can find out more here.

Points tachometer: 8 points in Flensburg lead to the withdrawal of the driver's license

If you have up to three points, you will be notified of your status. Four to five points result in a chargeable admonishment. In the case of six or seven points, there is a warning with costs. Eight points in Flensburg lead to the revocation of your driving license. An overview of these levels is also provided by this points tachometer:

You can find out more about the individual levels here.

When points are forfeited, it depends on how many points you have received for a particular offence. Accordingly, the statute of limitations is 2.5 years, 5 years or ten years. You can find out exactly what this is based on here (incl. video).

Yes. After expiration of the redemption period the deletion takes place. However, this deletion is stored for a further year as part of the overdue period. The statute-barred points in Flensburg can only be viewed, however, if it is a matter of reconstructing a possible score at a point in time prior to the redemption. However, you can also actively reduce points.

The catalog of fines provides for a driving ban of at least one month whenever 2 points are imposed for the underlying traffic offense.

What effects does the number of points have on the driver’s license??

Score in the driving suitability registerDriving license measure
1 – 3 points in Flensburg* previous points (no special measures)
4 – 5 points in Flensburg* chargeable admonition
6 – 7 points in Flensburg a warning with costs
8 or more points in Flensburg Withdrawal of the driving license for at least 6 months (suspension period)
* Reduction of one point is possible every five years within the framework of a driving aptitude seminar (if you have more than 5 points, you are still allowed to attend, but you can no longer reduce one point).)

How the current Flensburg points system works?

If you accumulate too many points in Flensburg, you risk losing your driving license

If you accumulate too many points in Flensburg, you risk losing your driving license.

The Flensburg point system combines two essential characteristics:

  • The imposition of points in Flensburg is intended to serve traffic education purposes.
  • The increased attentiveness of drivers is also intended to increase protection and road safety for all road users.

The serious measures (up to the driver’s license withdrawal), which points in Flensburg can mean additionally depending upon point conditions, are not only to make road users more aware of the fact that they have to pay a fine but also to a certain extent as a deterrent. In addition the Attention are increased for particularly serious traffic offences. As a result, the points entered in Flensburg have significantly improved Traffic Safety contributed in the past decades. In addition, the points system provides for the following after the limit of 8 points the driving license withdrawal which is why particularly stubborn drivers repeat offenders and point collectors can no longer endanger other road users. At least for the duration of the driving license suspension.

The points account in Flensburg keeps the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The driving aptitude register, which was still called the central traffic register until the points reform, lists all violations for which road users received at least one point in Flensburg. And this does not only apply to motor vehicle drivers: even e-scooter or bicycle drivers who do not have a driver’s license at all can have a point registered in Flensburg. If you have committed offences for which one or more points in Flensburg were due.

Important information about points in Flensburg

From the age of 14 it is already possible, points in Flensburg to get. Initially not problematic, but later these points can affect the Application for a driving license affect. Under certain circumstances, the authorities will reject the application if there are already too many entries on the points account in Flensburg. Or it requires on the basis of it as a condition for the driver’s license acquisition a MPU.

As a rule, the following applies: Administrative offenses that, according to the German fine catalog, are punishable with a fine of more than 60 Euro can be penalized with at least one point in Flensburg. However, there is one exception: The offense must have a direct impact on road safety.

If, for example, you drive in an environmental zone without a valid sticker, you must expect a fine of 80 euros. However, no point in Flensburg is to be expected, since this act does not entail any endangerment.

The points system based in Flensburg evaluates the violations committed in traffic as follows:

  • 1 point in Flensburg for severe serious violations
  • 2 points in Flensburg for Particularly serious misdemeanors or felonies that are accompanied by a driving ban
  • 3 points in Flensburg for a criminal offense, due to which the driving license was withdrawn

The point system provides for one point in the Flensburg file for a missing registration from the vehicle

The point system provides for one point in the Flensburg record for a missing registration from the vehicle.

Examples of violations that can result in one point in Flensburg are: faulty or defective lighting, disregarding of traffic signs, violation of the right of way or driving without a license.

Two points in Flensburg, traffic offenders receive u. a. for the following offenses: Alcohol and drugs behind the wheel, disregard of the overtaking ban, serious speeding violations or a qualified red light violation.

In addition, a criminal offense such as drunkenness, participation in an illegal race, failure to render assistance, negligent bodily injury, coercion, license plate misuse, negligent homicide or endangering road traffic can also result in two points in Flensburg. However, this is only the case if the court decides against the Driving license withdrawal and instead imposes a driving ban of up to six months. If, on the other hand, the court decides to revoke your driver’s license, you will end up in the three points according to the Flensburg point system on the account of the convicted person.

Specific information on the current Flensburg points system

Points table in Flensburg: What effect does the number of points in Flensburg have?

The graduation of the points in Flensburg is displayed in a table that four measures provides. The so-called "Punktetacho" shows the consequences of the number of points on your points account. In order to be always up to date about your own points status, you can also query the current points in Flensburg.

Here is an overview of the consequences of Flensburg points depending on the number of points:

1 to 3 points in Flensburg: caution

Anyone who has 1 to 3 points on their points account in Flensburg will registered with the KBA. Within this period, however, no special driving license measures are to be feared.

Incidentally: A point in Flensburg does not remain stored in the driving aptitude register for life. The statute of limitations for these points expires after ten years at the latest:

  • Violations punishable by one point in Flensburg expire after two and a half years two and a half years.
  • Offenses for which you have received two points in Flensburg become time-barred after five years.
  • For criminal offenses punishable by three Flensburg points, the statute of limitations is zehn years.

You can learn more about the statute of limitations for Flensburg points in the following video:

4 to 5 points in Flensburg: admonition

The penalty notice can inform you about the number of points in Flensburg, but it does not have to

The penalty notice can inform about the number of points in Flensburg, but it does not have to be.

If the number of points listed in Flensburg amounts to four to five points, you must be written warning calculate. This is furthermore with costs. Up to five points in Flensburg, you also still have the option of participating in a voluntary points reduction seminar to participate. You can reduce one point in Flensburg once every five years via this paid driving suitability seminar.

6 to 7 points in Flensburg: warning

The warning awaits traffic offenders with six to seven points on the points account in Flensburg. Like the admonition, you will receive written and chargeable notification, Which is to be considered as a final note. In addition, the KBA recommends that you Participation in a driving aptitude seminar. If you carry out such a course, however, it builds up no more points in Flensburg from. It is only to demonstrate the good will to change the behavior of the driver.

8 and more points in Flensburg: driving license revocation

The points system in Flensburg ends at eight points. This is the last stage. If you have already accumulated eight or more points on your account, this will affect the statute of limitations Suspension of driving license because of too many points after itself. You must then surrender your driver’s license permanently. The loss of the driver’s license is always particularly annoying if the driver’s license is needed for the professional everyday life. The Blocking period is at least six months, but no more than five years. At the earliest six months before the expiration of this driving license suspension period you can apply for the reissuance of the driving license at the responsible driving license authority.

If the driver’s license was withdrawn within the framework of the points system, it may be necessary to. also prove suitability for road traffic become. This is usually done by successfully passing a medical-psychological examination. However, the competent authority decides on a case-by-case basis whether the traffic offender concerned has to undergo an MPU as a prerequisite for the reissue of points. Decisive are certainly also the respective offences, for which he received accordingly points in Flensburg.

The following points tachometer illustrates these levels of measures of the current points system once again:

Punktetacho: 8 points in Flensburg lead to a driving license suspension

Punktetacho: 8 points in Flensburg lead to driver’s license revocation.

How many points in Flensburg do you have? Your You can find out how many points you have in Flensburg in different ways:

1. Online points query on the Internet

The KBA website is not the only place where you can check your points total. There are various providers that offer corresponding services, e.g. B. points-flensburg.en. On this website you only have to fill in an online form for the points inquiry. This service is less complicated, but there is a charge for it. Here you get to the points inquiry at punkte-flensburg.en.

2. Points query directly in Flensburg

If you live in Flensburg or in the vicinity, you can use directly on site in the so-called "information pavilion" of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority) find out your score. The opening hours of the pavilion: Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please note: You must have an valid proof of identity present (identity card or. passport).

3. Points check by mail

On the Website of the KBA is also prefabricated application which you can print out, fill in and sign. Send this together with a well readable copy of the identity card or passport (front and back side!) to the KBA. A query by fax is by the way not possible. After the processing time you will receive the information about your point status also postal.

4. Query via the KBA website

With a new identity card with activated online-function you can also send your score in Flensburg quite comfortably online query. You will also need a card reader and the "AusweisApp2-Software" on your computer. On the Website of the KBA there is a special Online application, which you can fill in. Following this, the police will check whether your Score immediately online for download can be offered. In case of doubt, this will also be sent to you by post.

Points systems abroad

The points reform 2014 and the conversion of points in Flensburg

The points system in Flensburg was changed as part of the points reform

The points system in Flensburg was changed in the context of the points reform.

In the course of the points reform in May 2014 new deadlines for the points have been introduced. In addition, the legislature modernized the point system in Flensburg, which is why 8 points instead of 18 now lead to a driver’s license revocation. The points reform confused some citizens. For this reason we have most important facts around the current points in Flensburg compiled here:

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