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Even though meetings over the holidays and the New Year are possible this year, many families do not want to take any risks and prefer to celebrate alone at home. Grandma, grandpa or aunt are missing the small ones of course nevertheless. That’s why we have thought about which games are especially suitable to be played via Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype in these days. This way you can also spend time together separately.

Emoji puzzle

On Whatsapp there are countless emojis that represent people, objects or even emotions. More are added year after year. So why don’t we use the little pictures to relieve our boredom? Just pick a movie or song title and try to rewrite it with the help of the emojis. Your chat partner:in has to guess the title. The one who guesses the title gets his turn. What sounds easy now, but it is not necessarily so. You can tell by the crazy answers of your fellow players. Try it out!


Away with paper and pen – use the white circles in your emoji overview. You create the game field from 3×3 white circles. This game board can then be copied and the white circles can be replaced by other colored circles, which the players have determined beforehand. You copy, replace and send off the playing field until a winner is determined. The winner is the one who could replace all three circles in a row, column or diagonal with circles of his color.


The principle is the same as in Tic-Tac-Toe. But here you extend the playing field to 7×7 white circles. You then copy, replace and send off the game board again until a winner is determined. As the name suggests, four circles in a row, column or diagonal must be replaced by circles in the color of a player.

I see what you do not see

© Kat Smith/Pexels

One player chooses something in the room and names only the color. The other must now guess what it is. The phone has to be swung around the room for this purpose. And the guessing person says stop and names the searched object.


Five dice are needed at both ends of the line and a game slip. Each player gets to roll the dice three times, trying to score as many points as possible.

Your game sheets will look like this

Only ones count
Only twos count
Only threes count
Only count fours
Counting fives only
Only sixes count

Bouns at 63 or more points plus 35

Three of a Kind> all eyes count
Fourpasch> all eyes count
Full House> 25 points
Small street> 30 points
Great Street> 40 points
Yahtzee> 50 points
Chance> all eyes count

Within three throws you have to manage to fill in one line – ideally, of course, the one that gives you the most points. Something must always be entered. Do you have z.B. but you don’t reach a road, you have to enter 0 points in another field for it. The game is over when each player has filled in all the fields on his card. Then the points are added up: First the points with the ones up to the sixes. If you reach at least 65 points here, you get 35 extra points. At the end the total sum is added up and the winner is the one who has scored the most points.

City Land River

For this you need a sheet of paper on which you draw a table. Depending on the liking and age of the youngest person, you pick generic terms: First name, city, country, river, profession, animal – here you can be very creative. One of you names a letter, the other one says stop and then you have to find and enter a word with the selected letter for each generic term as quickly as possible. The first one shouts stop when the row is full. Now it’s time to count.


One person thinks of a word or a sentence and marks all the letters as strokes. The guessing players now name individual letters of the alphabet in any order.The letters that vote are entered in their respective places. Here’s how the word you’re looking for gradually emerges.

If a letter does not appear or if the solver has guessed the wrong word, they start drawing a gallows with a stick figure. This is done in several stages (for each wrong question, a graduation mark is added), so that the puzzle solvers have about 10 to 15 wrong attempts, depending on the level of difficulty played. If the word is not found out, the game is lost.


Player:in One thinks of a word or an action – like z.B. Color Easter eggs – and act it out pantomimically, i.e. without speaking. Player:in two must guess what the word or action is. And then they take turns.

Guessing professions

Everyone thinks of a profession. Then questions are asked to find out which professions the players have chosen. The questioners may only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. If the answer is no, you have to change.

I pack my suitcase .

© Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

The classic: In this game you have to remember what the players pack in their suitcase. The game is played in turn. The first person starts and says, "I’m packing my suitcase and taking with me . " She names an object – for example, a toothbrush. The next person repeats the whole set with all the things already packed and adds something of their own. "I pack my suitcase and take with me: a toothbrush and socks." The suitcase fills up a bit more with each player – and it gets trickier to remember all the pieces. In the end, of course, the person who packs the entire suitcase without forgetting anything or mixing up the order wins.

Read aloud

Reading aloud always works. Grandma and Grandpa – or whoever is on the other end of the Whatsapp line – have ordered or are ordering a book. Most bookstores now also bring the books directly to the children’s homes. And then it is quite simply read aloud to the offspring. And listening goes especially well with a warm cocoa in bed.

Journey to Jerusalem

This game is a true classic among the active games and should not be missing at any game night. Over the cell phone, however, the game works a little differently. First, a game leader is chosen from the group to moderate the game and give you instructions. On the count of three, you will be told which item to get as soon as possible. The cell phone stays in place. Once you have found the item, run back to the phone and hold it up to the camera. The last person to show their item is eliminated from the round. In the end, two people remain and the first person to hold the object up to the camera wins the game

Who am I?

The game is really easy to play and a lot of fun too! Think of a famous person for each other, a fictional character or even a person from your circle of friends. Discuss beforehand only what is allowed and what is not allowed. Now you have to figure out "who you are" by asking yes and no questions. The person whose turn it is gets to ask as many questions as it takes for the answer to be no. Then it’s the other person’s turn.



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