Planning a round birthday: how to make it a lively party!

Certainly, it is easier to hire a party planner and use the Plan a round birthday to let. But how much nicer it is when at the end of the day you can look back on your celebration, which the guests were delighted with and which you planned yourself! To ensure that this effect actually occurs, we help you with this guide to prepare the party for your birthday to the icing on the cake.

Birthday checklist

First of all determine what kind of party you want to have. Do you like it stylish and dignified? Or should it be a costume party? Do you want to set a theme for the birthday party? Also think about who you want to invite, because the type of party must also be based on that. If you want to have rather conservative friends or even business partners as guests, don’t make the party too funky. Even if it is of course about you as the birthday child, you should of course consider your guests and also adjust to their wishes.

Once the type of birthday party has been decided, you can collect ideas for it, which in turn can be used to gradually develop a checklist. With their help, you should be able to create the plan a round birthday and not to forget anything. You can find an example of such a list in the following guidebook.

First determine what kind of party you want to have. Do you like it classy and dignified? Or should it be a costume party? Do you want to set a theme for the birthday party? (#01)

Four weeks before: plan the guest list and location

The question is not only how you want to celebrate, but of course also at which location. Determine an approximate number of guests who should come at most, then the choice of the location will be based on this or. their size. If you do not want to celebrate in a restaurant, but at home, the maximum number of guests may be exceeded. However, if you are bound to a location where there is only room for a certain number of people, you should not exceed this number. Now think about whether you want to invite family and friends, or whether you also want to invite business partners or far-flung acquaintances. You might also want to invite the neighbors – a few more people might not matter anymore. If you want to plan a round birthday, you should always leave a little room for unforeseen birthday guests.

It is best to schedule the celebration on a Saturday, because then the visitors still have the next day to recover from it, to sleep in and to start the new week fresh and rested again. During the week, birthday parties are of course also possible, but here it is to be expected that many people will not appear.

Of course, you also need to invite the birthday guests. If there are only a few people, a verbal invitation or notification by SMS or e-mail is sufficient – in this case you will usually also receive a direct invitation or cancellation notice. If you are going to Birthday planning, design the celebration as a lavish party and invite many guests, you should do this in writing. Use the possibilities on the Internet to send personalized invitation cards – the extra financial effort pays off by the time savings and by a stylish appearance on your part. Ideas for great cards can be found on the pages of various suppliers. Here you can design the cards completely yourself or resort to tips, suggestions and ready-made designs that only need to be completed with individual details.

Three weeks before: plan catering and entertainment

Birthday guests have the characteristic of always being hungry and thirsty. So quite astonishing amounts of food and drinks will be consumed if everyone feels comfortable. You should therefore plan the catering in detail – what to eat and what wine will be served?

Consider whether you want to prepare the food yourself or use a caterer. Take into account when you have set a theme for the party for the birthday. For a larger party, it is advisable to hire a catering service. Then you have time for your visitors and don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has something to eat, that drinks are served and that the buffet is adequately stocked. Clarify with the caterer sufficiently far in advance, which motto your celebration has and/or. What to take into account when designing the catering.

Think in the course also about the entertainment. The birthday guests will want to hear music, a DJ or band is quite appropriate for a large party and adds a personal, classy touch to the affair. However, this can be quite costly, so usually only really worthwhile for larger celebrations.
Important, if you take over the catering yourself: Organize as many helping hands as possible, so that you also have time to talk to one or the other guest without someone else having to go hungry or thirsty.


Two weeks before: start detailed planning

Now there are only two weeks until the big day to celebrate your birthday. Now it’s time for detailed planning, which includes, among other things, getting an idea of the acceptance and rejection rates for the invitations. From this you can read off the concrete number of guests, so that you can also adjust everything else to them.
When celebrating in a restaurant, many things are taken from you, but should you celebrate your birthday at home, you should count everything:

  • Are there enough chairs?
  • Is there enough cutlery?
  • Do you still need glasses?
  • What about the wardrobe?

Plan in detail all aspects around the catering, because this is what your birthday guests will certainly remember. Set a menu or choose what to put on the buffet. Discuss your wishes with the party service or think about what all you need to prepare the menu. Are you skilled enough in cooking to put a complicated meal on the table? Again, the tip to better turn to a professional, because that way you will have more time for your guests.

By the way, the more visitors you expect, the more likely the buffet will be worth it.

As a rule of thumb, for a party size of up to 20 people, you will need three menus and salads. If you decide to forego the menu and focus only on main courses, you will need at least two of them in addition to several side dishes. Keep in mind that some guests may have vegan or vegetarian diets! An alternative for these visitors should be on your menu.

At the same time, decide on the wine to be served. Or would you prefer prosecco or champagne, sparkling wine or do without alcoholic beverages altogether?? We’ve already explained in another article that prosecco is a cheap substitute for expensive champagne.

A short excursus: Which wine goes with the birthday dinner??

Choosing the right wine is not child’s play, but it’s not a closed book either. Remember that some wines are better drunk in the winter, others fit better in the summer. Tannin-rich and heavy wines are better served in winter, fruity and light wines belong in summer.
Sour or sweet wine? When making your selection, consider the type of food with which the wine is to be served. A salad dressing that is acidic will have its acidity multiplied by that of an acidic wine. The consequence: A sour aftertaste remains. The sweetness between wine and menu, on the other hand, cancels itself out. Also be careful with dry wines: they are not suitable for dessert, here they seem too dry. If you are planning a spicy meal or Asian cuisine for your birthday, choose a Gewurztraminer or a very strong Riesling.

The rule of thumb that red meat should be accompanied by red wine and poultry and fish by white wine has long been outdated. You can’t go wrong with this, but you won’t be offering your guests a new taste experience either. Combine a spicy fried chicken with a red wine, likewise grilled fish. You can also serve cooked beef or pork very well with white wine.
You are not only looking for the right wine, but also tips for a good saying for the toast? Then take a look at these fun toasts – there’s bound to be something here for your birthday!

At the latest one week before the party you should think about how your wardrobe should look like on that day. If there is a theme party, it is already set to a certain extent. (#02)

A week before: plan your shopping list

If you have not yet gathered everything for the celebration, you should now set to the last shopping list, according to which you get everything that is still missing. Especially the party decorations can wait until the end – you might even get a discount in the store if you buy in bulk. It pays to ask!

Provided that you prepare the food for the birthday yourself, you can prepare some soups or appetizers already now and freeze them. They then only need to be defrosted again in time. Think also of the ice cubes for drinks!

At least a week before the party, you should think about how your wardrobe should look on the day. With a theme party, this is already set to a certain extent. For other celebrations, you are guided by the guests and their style, as well as whether the celebration should be more casual and relaxed or dignified and conservative.

One day before: planning the last details of the birthday

A day before it goes to the final details. Move the furniture to the side if you want to celebrate the birthday indoors. Mow the lawn in the garden once again if the party is to be held there. Start decorating and think again if you have enough chairs, if the cutlery is enough and if the good table can be covered with a big enough cloth.

Think of all the little things that are so often missing:

  • Liquid soap for washing hands,
  • Towels,
  • Lighters,
  • Trash can,
  • Corkscrew
  • and many other things more.

It’s the little things that make a birthday succeed or flop. If it turns out that something is still missing, you can buy everything you need at the discount store. Often neighbors are happy to help out – if they can then come to the birthday too. Because their help should already be rewarded at least by an invitation.

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