Number porting: take your old cell phone number with you to the new contract

Number porting: take your old cell phone number with you to the new contract

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Even if you have canceled your old cell phone contract, you do not have to give up your known phone number. The porting of a cell phone number is no longer as difficult as many people fear. We show you how to apply for a number porting with your new provider and what you have to consider when porting your number. This is how it works – quick and easy without any trouble with the provider.

Step 1: Apply for number porting

You can apply for number porting at any time, regardless of whether your contract ends in 15 months or there are only a few months left before the contract is changed. Every provider is legally obligated to port the phone number to the new provider. To ensure a smooth transition to your new provider, however, you should pay attention to one or the other detail.

You must inform your old provider via inform, that you want to take the phone number with you. At best, you should submit the porting request to your old provider/provider along with your contract termination notice. For this purpose the providers offer you either forms on their websites or you send them a Informal cover letter by mail. It could read something like this:

Dear provider (…),

to§ 46 Abs. 4 Telecommunications Act, I request the porting of my phone number to the provider (…) at the end of the contract period.

I accept the costs for the porting process.

I ask for a written confirmation of the porting.

In the cover letter belongs also:

  • Your name, address etc. (Must be in accordance with the contract information!)
  • The previous cell phone number
  • Your customer number
  • Depending on the provider: SIM card number
  • Provider to which the number is to be ported

If you have cancelled your previous contract already cancelled, You can still submit your porting request within 30 days after termination. Until then, the phone number remains reserved for you and is not yet passed on by the provider. After these 30 days, you no longer have a claim to the number.

Step 2: Send message to new mobile provider

Also with your new provider you specify, that you want to take your old number with you. This is either during the order of the new contract is possible or is carried out subsequently via the Online service of the provider. You must z.B. at Congstar already indicate when ordering if you want a new phone number. With Drillisch, on the other hand, you first receive a new number and have the option of applying online for a number porting at a later date.

If you are unsure about the porting process to your new provider, you can, in most cases, choose a different provider read the FAQs. Providers communicate the submission of number portability much more transparently than how you want to take your current phone number with you to another provider. Here are the instructions of the largest providers:

Step 3: Wait for confirmation of number porting

You have already survived most of the porting process! From now on, it’s just a case of: wait and see. Up to 30 days the porting may take some time after sending your declaration, otherwise it is also possible to specify a specific date (for example, on 01 January 2009).01. or at the end of the contract period).

You can also find the current status of your porting in the online portals and apps of the mobile phone providers. If everything is green here, you should already be successfully reachable with the new provider and the newly sent SIM card.

This is what you need to apply for the number portability

For the number porting you have to provide your new provider with the following data provide some data, so that he knows, which phone number to take with you and when. In addition to your full name, the provider needs the phone number to be ported, where you have to specify area code and phone number separately. You also have to tell your new provider which provider you were with before. Many providers also want to know whether you had a contract or a prepaid card and which network provider your old provider uses.

If you do not know the exact name of your provider, there is a way to find out in each of the German cell phone networks.

Network number
Telekom 4387 Speed dial (+ enter phone number) Announcement service (free of charge)
SMS to 4387 Answer by SMS
Vodafone 12313 speed dial (+ enter the phone number) Announcement service (free of charge)
0800 5052 090 free of charge
O2 SMS to 4636 (with "network + phone number) Answer by SMS
E-Plus 10667 speed dial (+ enter the phone number) Announcement service (free of charge)

If both providers are informed, the Rest quasi automatically. But be careful: make sure that your customer data with the old provider matches that with the new provider. If you have moved or married during the term of your contract, for example, your previous address or last name may still be stored with the old provider. If there are such differences, the porting is rejected. Therefore, check in the customer portal whether your personal data is up to date and change it if necessary. As long as your old contract relationship still exists, you can port your number Correct information without problems. If your current SIM card is registered in the name of your parents, for example, you can easily have the contract changed to your name in the online service before transferring your number.

This is how porting works

As soon as your old provider has been informed about the porting request, he must inform you about the Release mobile number within 30 days. During this time, your new provider can apply to take over your mobile number from the old provider.

If your new provider has received the approval for the transfer, he will set a date for the porting about which you will be informed by SMS. On the day of porting your old provider switches off the number and the new provider takes over. Due to the transfer of the number, there may be short-term interruptions in reception.

The cost of the number porting

The release of your old number will be charged to you by your former provider. Many providers charged a flat rate of up to 30 euros for porting. Thanks to a decision by the Federal Network Agency Costs of a number porting capped at 6,82 Euro. This rate is valid since 20. April 2020.

Often you do not have to pay these costs. Many providers pay the cost of number porting for you- after all you are now a paying customer. Depending on the provider you will receive you will be reimbursed for the full cost of the number transfer.

If you want to cancel your cell phone contract and don’t want to miss a deadline, you should keep a few things in mind. We give you tips.

Special features of prepaid cards

Transferring your phone number from one fixed-term contract to another, or from a prepaid contract to a fixed-term contract works without any problems. As soon as you have your number activated for the transfer, your old provider will inform you about the costs and ask you to send the Prepaid card for exactly this amount recharge. It can be more difficult if you want to transfer your mobile number to a new prepaid contract. Not every discounter offers a phone number porting – so inform yourself in advance about the regulations.

You should also make sure that your prepaid credit is high enough to cover the costs of the number transfer. Because these are deducted from the card balance. Often the old prepaid provider also requires a Waiver, with which you agree to waive a possible remaining balance. But it is best to clarify this with the support, depending on the provider.

After all: If you change within a provider from a prepaid to a fixed-term contract, this is usually free of charge. In addition, you can often have the existing card balance transferred to the contract.

Legal basis

The transfer of a phone number is regulated by law. In technical jargon, this process is also known as "number portability" Mobile Number Portability (MNP). Since the 1. Since November 2002, the Telecommunications Act (Telekommunikationsgesetz, TKG) has contained the§ 46 Change of provider and relocation. Newly added is the TKG amendment in March 2012, which among other things regulates early porting- This is the transfer of a phone number to another provider from a contract that is still in effect.

The porting includes not only your cell phone number, but also the mailbox and the network prefix. Therefore, a provider or. a mobile network also no longer so easy to recognize by the area code.

Although every provider is obligated to port phone numbers, there are no special rules for doing so no uniform procedure. You should therefore go to the service portal of your provider to find out how to proceed with porting. In any case, your request for a number portability must be received by your provider no later than 30 days after the end of your old contract. Otherwise, your number may be reassigned to a new customer. In some cases, providers also grant longer porting periods, of up to 120 days. You can easily ask your provider about this, too.

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