Man 1230 vienna

Soup with meaning

Man 1230 vienna

The annual winter relief action of the WIENER TAFEL is back again.

Sensory Lab Sweepstakes!

Man 1230 vienna

Win a day with us with professional chef Petra and a sensory lab for your class.

New sensor technology lab videos

Man 1230 vienna

Agnes and Christoph show you how to recognize and deal with mold. Because those who know more throw away less.

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WIENER TAFEL is Austria’s oldest environmental and social association. We save edible foodstuffs and other goods of daily use from the garbage and use them to supply people affected by poverty in social institutions. The aim of our cooperation with social institutions is that people affected by poverty find professionally guided ways out of poverty. Through our work as an independent non-profit organization, we also advocate a careful and sustainable use of resources.

The WIENER TAFEL as food rescuer:in

Provide instead of dispose – We save up to 4 tons of food/day, feeding up to 16.000 people affected by poverty in& around Vienna. The WIENER TAFEL plays a decisive role in social redistribution. Our 285 volunteers supply 90 social institutions with the following.

The WIENER TAFEL as a bridge builder:in

Between abundance& Demand – We network goods donors with goods buyers. This creates a win-win-win situation for business, the environment and social issues.

Donating companies save on storage and disposal costs. Unnecessary mountains of waste are avoided.

Social institutions can provide their clients with a varied range of food and hygiene articles.

WIENER TAFEL as an awareness builder

Helping people to help themselves – Raising awareness is a particular concern for us. We want to motivate people to treat food with respect and to anchor it on an individual and social level.

We initiate a wide range of projects& Workshops that, in the best case, bring about a sustainable change in behavior.

The WIENER TAFEL as an expert

Know what& Know-how – As the oldest food bank in Austria and thanks to national and international cooperation, we have many years of know-how in the field of food rescue.

We work closely with trade, industry, agriculture, science, politics, administration and civil society initiatives – especially with social institutions.

We pass this knowledge on to politicians, the media& with proposed measures all social actors of the civil society more.

The WIENER TAFEL as a mediator:in

Thinking outside the box – We are a place of encounter and inclusion. We bring together people with different life stories, of all ages, genders and religions, from different countries and with different professional backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences.

People who would never have come into contact with each other without WIENER TAFEL come a little closer together with us.

"We are very happy that we were able to win the WIENER TAFEL as a partner more than 10 years ago. Stale bread is not hard. No bread, it’s hard. For us, it is a pleasure not only to work together sustainably through this cooperation, but also to be able to help."

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