Make your own sailboats out of foam rubber

Sailboats made of foam rubber float in water in the sink

Inexpensive, simple and quickly tinkered are the sailboats made of foam rubber – and they are always fun to make.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to make these cute little boats yourself.

Make your own sailboat out of foam rubber

So one evening, when little man wasn’t as tired as he should be, I had the idea to make boats with him tinker.

But as I said it was already evening. No more time for shopping. The things we had at home had to suffice. And the tinkering should not take too long, otherwise it would be night already.

How to build quickly, simply and cheap Sailboats?


So by making do with what I had available, you now get the benefit of a super simple, fast and cheap Handicraft instructions for sailboats.

You need the following Materials:

Tinkering instructions

First you cut the "bottom" ("Hull" cannot be called that.) for your sailboat from. It should have approximately the diameter of a toilet paper roll, so that it holds itself well over water.

The shape can vary. Whether round, square, wavy, as a motif or whatever – it doesn’t matter at all. I recommend Symmetry, so that it does not tip over. We had z.B. Circles, suns, something similar to a submarine and leftovers from cutting out as a bottom.

Child's hand plays with sailboats made of foam rubber in the sink

Your sailboat of course still needs a Sails, otherwise it would not be a sailboat. You also cut this out of sponge rubber.

What shape your sail should have is up to you; it should just not be TOO big. Otherwise tilts your sailboat still around.

In the middle of your glider bottom you stab the Toothpick pure. At the top, you poke the sail through and your boat is ready to launch into the lake.

Sailboats made of foam rubber and toothpicks swimming in the sink

Field test

Before our boats got sails, you could easily touch them with a toothpick and turn them. The little man loved it.

Child's hand turns foam rubber with toothpick in water

Later we built a real, small Sailboat fleet, launched them into the water and blew them vigorously from one place to another.

The sailboats were really spared nothing. When the faucet was turned on full blast, there was no boat that did NOT capsized. Sure, that Foam rubber kept them afloat, but none stood up after the tap action.

Sailboats made of foam rubber capsize at the water tap

Then the little man could finally "Towed" play. The boats were pinged into each other, and already could be towed away.

Child sticks toothpick through foam rubber

But with time the sink became too small for the sailboats and they longed for freedom. That’s why they did their rounds in the bath water.

Sailboats made of foam rubber float in the bathtub

And then my son was both physically and mentally challenged enough that he could finally fall asleep in peace after this sailboat action.

When bathing, the little man now always lets his sailboats swim in the water with him. He plays really very much with it. That’s why I’m actually quite happy about these evening Craft action been.

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