Make rockets out of paper and cardboard | instructions

Make rockets

Houston we have NO problem – in this easy craft tutorial for you and your kids we show you how to make rockets out of paper and cardboard. With these unique items you not only spice up the children’s room, but also create great toys with simple means. How to make!

Material for crafting

You will need:

  • cardboard roll
  • Scissors (if necessary. cutter)
  • Paper and cardboard (patterned or plain)
  • Corrugated paper
  • Mirror paper
  • Glue and if necessary. Hot glue
  • Pencil
  • our craft template
  • Decoration material

Craft template - Rocket feet

How to make rockets

1. Step: First, take the cardboard tube and cut it to the desired length with the cutter. Thinner cardboard from kitchen and toilet paper can also be cut through with scissors.

Cut the cardboard tube

Note: Always be careful when tinkering with a cutter knife. Children should not handle this tool and this task should definitely be done by an adult.

2. Step: Now print out our craft template for the rocket feet. Decide on a design and cut it out neatly with the scissors.

3. Step: Then transfer the outlines onto thicker clay cardboard or, as in our case, onto golden corrugated cardboard. Cut out three feet afterwards with the scissors.

Cut out the rocket feet

4. Step: Then it is time to decorate. Construction paper with a nice pattern is best suited to stick the rocket with it. Cut a sufficiently large piece of pattern paper that also reaches over the openings and glue it around the roll. You can add a few centimeters to the circumference so that the glued edges overlap a little and the seam is nice and clean. Then simply fold the overhanging paper into the openings.

Glue the tube

5. Step: A rocket top may not be missing, of course. To do this, draw a circle on clay cardboard, preferably with a compass. However, a glass or other round object will also work. The radius of the circle should be at least 10 cm. Then cut out the circle.

6. Step: Then cut the circle to the center once. Now roll this up into a cone. Secure the edges on the outside and inside with a blob of hot glue to prevent the cone from unfolding again.

Make a rocket top

7. Step: Now fix the top with glue on one opening of the tube.

Make the rockets

8. Step: For the feet of the rockets you now need three slits. Start with the first one, this one you just cut on the adhesive edge on the back of the rocket. If the cardboard is a bit thicker, this probably has to be done with a cutter, as in our case. With thinner rolls a pair of scissors is enough. Make the slit as deep as the foot is high and should be pushed into it. It is best to work piece by piece and test it again and again until it fits. Repeat twice for the other two feet.

Attach the feet

Important: The feet are arranged from below so that the edges form a triangle.

9. Step: Now the rocket, which is actually ready, can be decorated as you like – with round hatches or a flap. No matter what you come up with, a rocket can never be colorful enough.

Decorating the rocket

Variations – Making Rockets

When making rockets, we recommend that you simply put everything you have at home in the way of handicraft materials and decorative items on the table. You and your children will certainly come up with many colorful creations. Vary the size of the rocket or even the feet, you will find four variations on our craft template. No limits are set to them.

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