Make money fast: the 17 best and easiest ideas

Earn money fast

As we all know, the money is on the street. But as much as you keep your eyes open for it, you just can’t find a dime there. With our ideas and tips you can take off in your search now. There are a number of opportunities to supplement your income a little on the side. In the following you will see how you can be successful with it and earn money quickly in a short time.

Idea no. 1: Earn money with surveys

Opinion research institutes are interested in attitudes and views of the population. From this, for example, you can draw mood pictures on current social topics. On the other hand, consumer trends and market forecasts are also derived from surveys, which are important in product development. If you participate in a survey, it pays off for both sides: You can earn money quickly and the researchers collect results to evaluate them. The most convenient way for you is to participate in an opinion poll online.

Your first task is to register on one or more platforms such as or register with your data. Your data will be collected anonymously and will be used to assign you to specific target groups according to your parameters. Therefore, you should provide correct information about your situation and person. If you participate in a survey, you will only incur a time cost. Depending on the scope, this can usually be between one and 30 minutes. Special knowledge on your part is not required.

Your expense allowance depends on the survey. Between one and 15 euros (occasionally more) are paid per participation. A high commitment pays off and can earn you up to 400 euros per month. As a tip, let it be known that you can increase your frequency by signing up with multiple survey providers at the same time.

Idea no. 2: Become a product tester

They are of great importance for the majority of companies. As a customer anyway, but also as a test candidate for products that are about to be launched or have just been released. As a product tester, your evaluation will be evaluated and personal suggestions for improvement can also still be incorporated into the production process.

If you give your opinion as a product tester, this is interesting for the manufacturer and you can quickly earn money for it. In a given time, you should reliably test and evaluate an item. Special knowledge you do not need for your task as a tester. You can become a test person, for example, by registering at, or recommended.en register. The wholesaler Amazon also offers the opportunity to pre-test new products for its offer.

What you can earn will be determined by the product itself, the testing period, and the expectations placed on you. Your earnings can vary from a few euros to over a hundred euros. A plus for you: before all others you will receive new products for testing, which you may even keep afterwards in most cases.

Idea No. 3: Test websites and games

Test websites: You don’t have to be an IT nerd to test companies’ web presences. As with products, in this commitment you stand in for the end consumer. By doing this, you may come across weaknesses in websites that a developer would never notice in this way.

Ultimately, the user-friendliness of Internet sites depends on your efforts. How good is the handling of the corresponding website in everyday life, what can be improved in the structure, are all the features obvious at first glance? Thorough error documentation is just as important to such a task as a comprehensive check of the site’s. Every function, all buttons and links have to be tested conscientiously by you. The work can frustrate you because it offers little variety.

The remuneration in this case is project-related and can be worthwhile for you in the long run in the form of follow-up orders. Not only can you earn money quickly, but you also have another advantage: the relatively free management of your time, as long as you are meticulous and thorough in your work. Does such a job suit you, Does such a job suit you, Rapidusertests and Userfriend.en recommended.

Test online games: Computer games should be tested in two ways before they are launched on the market. In this way, similar to what happened before with the Internet pages, programming errors (so-called "bugs") can still be uncovered in time through realistic tests by end users. On the other hand, you also want to find out how the game is received by the public at all. This applies to anything from a sophisticated console game to a free app that’s just for dabbling.

As a prerequisite for your job as a game tester, you should have a certain affinity for gaming or a connection to programming. And even if this sounds like a dream job for every gamer at first – precise work and perseverance are required most of all. If you have to reliably scan games for weaknesses, you sometimes have to play the same game passage over and over again and be able to deal with monotony. Here it is less about the highscore, but more about the very last subtleties.

Job offers for game testers can be found at providers of browser or online games, the payment for this is rarely less than 10 euros per hour. However, here again the dependence on the extent of the test and also the expected qualification.

Idea no. 4: Earn money as an app jobber

Earning money virtually in passing is also offered by some apps. or AppJobber.Here are some examples of how you can earn some extra money by doing microjobs without having to do very much. With the help of the app, you can identify jobs in your immediate vicinity and do them. If you are hard-working, it can pay off for you accordingly.

Install the app and keep an eye on it whenever you have time and mood for it. The microjobs offered therein cost you such a small effort that you can almost always get them integrated into your everyday life. Document advertising placement on a store window, for example, or a menu on display at a restaurant, or the opening hours of a kiosk. The whole thing happens in a few moments via cell phone camera in the app, and that’s it.

Earnings start in the lower euro range and simple tasks rarely bring more than 5 euros at a time, which will be credited to your PayPal account. Download both apps and you can get a job on your next shopping trip or during your lunch break and earn money quickly.

Idea no. 5: Share living space and car

If you don’t have any problems with strangers staying overnight in your own four walls, you can also make money quickly at this point. Either you have a spare room that you offer or you rent out your entire apartment for periods of time when you are away yourself. Before your premises are empty, they can also make money for you.

How it works? About simply register, put pictures and description of the living space (room, apartment, house) online and you are ready to go. What price you can charge depends largely on size, quality, area or demand.

Cars stand around much longer than they are driven. or are specialized in renting cars from next door. And you are already in the game: There are people in your immediate vicinity who need a car and would lend yours for two hours – this will earn you a little extra money. Take advantage of this concept and look around online at appropriate providers. If you lend your car, you are insured through the providers and can earn money quickly this way without worries.

Having your own car gives you another source of income when you’re out and about with it. On almost all -but mainly on longer- routes you become a competitor of train and bus by taking passengers with you. This is about, where you simply enter your offer. For example, about 20 euros can be easily earned for you if you give someone a ride from Frankfurt to Munich.

Whether you’re renting out your apartment or car, or simply giving someone a ride from A to B, there’s an opportunity to make a quick buck in each of these options. In all cases, registration is only a matter of minutes. Note that descriptions or commitments are binding. If you are reliable, this will bring you good references. They also count on the Internet if you want to be successful.

Idea no. 6: Earn money with texts

If you have the talent for writing and are talented in languages, you will also find ways to make money fast on the Internet. Offer your skills on platforms for freelance writers (, and are just a few examples) and also search them for your interests on a regular basis. From simple to complicated topics, texts can be realized as an order for you.

In terms of equipment, all you need is a laptop and your creative mind, and you’re ready to go anytime. Payment is usually made after you have delivered the text and is based on the amount of words, demand as well as the client. A blogger will most likely be able to pay you less than a pharmaceutical company, so it is again quite difficult to be more precise.

Editing texts: You can expect an hourly wage of about 20 euros if you use your talent for languages to work as a proofreader. Proofreaders get paid up to one cent per word. In addition to a high level of concentration, you must of course be top fit in spelling and grammar for such an engagement. The same applies if you are interested in a part-time job as a translator.

Idea no. 7: Separate yourself from old burdens

Everyone has things in the attic or in some corners that are simply worn out or never needed. This ballast can be brought to the flea market to make money with it quickly. Organize this with friends, it’s twice the fun and you still share the booth fee.

You need a certain amount of organization for a flea market appearance, but it pays off. Make a rummage out of old clothes, books or CDs, it will usually be worth it. Things are lying around at home and at a flea market you still get cash for them. If the effort is too much for you, go online. There, in addition to numerous online retailers who will be interested in your accessories.

When selling via, or can quickly earn money. Feel free to describe all the merits of your item, but also be careful not to gloss over anything. You’ll be completely on the safe side by making your payments through PayPal or another secure system certified by the auction site.

On the trade of used clothes is specialized. Shoes, jackets, clothes you can offer as in the 2nd hand store, so that they find a new home. For the sale of well-preserved clothes the best platform.

Idea no. 8: Go to the movie

Appear on television once, preferably as a corpse in "Tatort". This will probably not be so easily feasible. Unless you are satisfied with the role of the mortician, who walks wordlessly through the picture for a moment. As an extra you are needed as you are and can earn money quickly. Casting agencies are always interested in people they can place as extras or extras in series or movies.

Your job just wants you to stay in the background: in your role you walk around the market, go for a walk, wait for the bus. No one will expect more from you as a small-time actor or extras. As a rule, you are part of the scenery and will not even have to say anything. Apply to a casting agency or simply keep your eyes open on the net for advertised extra roles.

Per day of filming, a production can pay you between 50 and 100 euros as an extra or extras. Often in the case of films made by students or those financed by grants, however, this amount can be significantly lower. With a little experience, your appearances can become more extensive, with which you can then also earn more money.

Idea no. 9: Earn money with your own photos

If photography is one of your passions, with the right eye and talent, you can make money fast this way. On the Internet, stock photo agencies are only busy archiving images worldwide for commercial use. Now you will probably not find an interested party who buys your snapshot of the Eiffel Tower at a stock photo portal. There are mainly professional photographers and this landmark has probably been photographed better than by you.

In addition to the camera as basic equipment, as an amateur photographer you will also need to have some know-how in image processing. Register with a photo platform like or and try your luck.

If you want to offer photos commercially, then explore the different payment models (z.B. (permanent subscription or payment per picture), the provider also urgently explains the complex legal situation. Indeed, the Eiffel Tower photographed at night can bring trouble. The light shining on it is actually copyrighted in France!

If you have a talent for photography, try to specialize thematically away from common subjects. Offer shots that are not already a million and your chances are not bad to earn money with this hobby on the side. About photo stock agencies on the Internet can be generated in the beginning with sold pictures rather only cent amounts. With time and in the case of success, however, several hundred euros are not out of the question due to commissions of up to 60% of the sales price. An experience report worth reading, which is not only interesting for amateur photographers, can be found here.

Idea no. 10: Earning money by donating blood

Easy and fast money can be earned by donating blood, plasma or platelets. Not only do you do a good deed, but you also improve your finances by earning a small amount of pocket money, which is paid to you directly after the donation is made.

With some institutions you can get between 20 and 40 euros per session, others pay nothing. Inquire about an opportunity in your area and keep in mind that, depending on the nature of your donation, you may have to meet certain requirements. Men, for example, are allowed to donate blood six times a year, women only four times. A plasma donation is possible 40 to 50 times a year. Detailed information about your state of health will be given to you on site at the donation center. As effort you must spend here only about half an hour to hour at time, provided that you bring along the suitability.

Idea no. 11: Classic part-time jobs bring in money quickly

The classic way to earn money quickly is probably in the restaurant business. From the kitchen to the service, there is almost always a need for fresh staff here. So if you think you can do it, go ahead and ask without obligation in a pub or hotel near you.

If you have some skill, that is enough in most cases, a special training is not required for simple work. However, your reliability and a certain ability to work under pressure are also prerequisites here. Comparably "simple" work, through which you can quickly earn money, you will often encounter in everyday life.

A few examples where you could start right away tomorrow without any expertise can be found here:

  • Deliver newspapers
  • Harvester
  • Helping out at the market stall
  • Cleaning or household help
  • Work with inventories
  • Stock the shelves
  • Deliver fast food
  • Moving helper

Idea no. 12: Earn money quickly with advertising consumption

If you still have capacity after all the advertising on TV and the Internet, get to your smartphone. This app sprinkles you with commercials and rewards you for it with a little pocket money. So that you are already roughly assigned to a target group by a few data with your registration, the advertising films on your cell phone should also be "made like for you".

After registering, you have nothing to do but look at one advertisement after another. This "Paid2Click" concept won’t make you rich, but it can earn you a few euros over the month. You are all the more interesting as a potential customer for the advertising industry if you voluntarily allow yourself to be supplied with advertising.

A comparable reward concept is offered by apps like and that reward free app downloads in addition to your consumption of promotional clips. The idea behind it: This is how apps save on advertising costs, but still gain reach.

Idea no. 13: Give tutoring

To tutor young people, you don’t need to have specifically studied exactly where you offer assistance. You should only be good enough at it and be able to pass it on. Now think beyond math, chemistry or French – what about an instrument other than the classic school subjects?? If you can teach someone to play the piano or guitar, let others know about it. Whether school subjects or not: you can create notices for this and offer tutoring in the neighborhood to earn money quickly.

Idea no. 14: Side hustle in the neighborhood

Offer support in your area if you have the time to do so. Via the neighborhood portal Next Door.For example, you can find small temporary jobs or post your own offers there. There are almost no limits to your possibilities.

Consider whether your aptitude is more suited to babysitting or temporary gardening, and whether you’d rather walk your neighbor’s dog or do their grocery shopping for them. Check with your circle of acquaintances and friends and make additional notices about this if needed. These are all ways you can make money fast. Offer your help for a fair price and show commitment.

Idea no. 15: Earn rewards for shopping

Market and consumer research is similar to opinion research. You can earn some extra money indirectly by collecting points at the Gesellschaft fur Konsumforschung (GfK) or the Nielsen Company. For this you will receive non-cash rewards or vouchers for your participation.

Via app or scanner, you need to document your purchases regularly, which means regular effort. Depending on the size of your household, this may take a few hours every month. You don’t need any qualifications, any size of household can participate in consumer research. Reaching your payout threshold, at which point you start receiving rewards, will take months to reach. Earning money quickly is more effective, however, both providers come up with high-quality premiums and are serious in processing your data.

Idea no. 16: Start your own blog

Use your penchant for writing and share yourself with the whole world. For the time being, it is secondary what you blog about. On your writing style and expertise depends the success of the blog and thus the fact whether you earn money with it quickly. Your posts must be clicked and shared a lot, then you are guaranteed success.

Find a topic you know well and start your own blog. Give insider tips and amaze your readers with your writing style. Whether it’s about the city you just moved to, sharing your views on world politics, or working your way through bike maintenance tips. Burn for your blog topic and drag people with you.
The effort is manageable: if creative writing on the computer appeals to you, just a few steps to create your own blog and a little patience are enough to earn money with it.

If you find many interested people with your blog topic, this is your new source of income. The more followers, clicks and likes you record, the more you earn from it. From a few euros for the vacation fund to the Internet star who earns (hundreds of) thousands, there are no limits here. Money bring you, for example, product placements, link sales, advertising revenue or guest posts. In the best case, you make a good living from your interests through a blog. However, with the multitude of offers on the Internet, a blog is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Idea no. 17: Conquer Youtube

As with the blog, Youtube is a way to earn money on the Internet with your own creativity. The video platform offers everyone the opportunity to become richer with unusual or entertaining contributions. Think of the success of "Grumpy Cat" or "die Lochis", who have millions of subscribers via Youtube. But don’t set your own bar to such heights right away.

Computer literacy still includes a camera for you as a Youtuber, although the one on your smartphone is already enough. For this, as with blogging, you need a sure sense of which video will excite viewers. Only a really large number of clicks will give you the opportunity to earn money with your video.

From 10.000 clicks on your channel you can earn money with advertising on Youtube. Advertising brings a video with 1 million however also "only" between a few hundred and 2.000 euros. Up to this goal are per 1.000 clicks on your video clip with substantially small incomes to reckon with. It is not impossible to earn money with your own YouTube presence, but it requires thousands of clicks.

Use social media to make money, you have multiple opportunities to get money. With affiliate marketing, embedded advertising clips, banners on the edge or product placement are just some of them mentioned. In addition to the YouTube and blogging variants described here, there are comparable opportunities with Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook and all the providers that can be found on the net and especially the social networks.

The principle is always the same: in the beginning, you need tons of followers, fans, friends. You need to entertain them, provide your followers with reading material. Be likeable and interesting. Bring something original that hasn’t been done before and surprises people. Even for the born entertainer, it’s a hard road until the required mass of fans is gathered. Many have failed before they have made it to a real influencer or Youtuber.

Before you can reach tens of thousands in your network, you are not an attractive partner for companies that advertise through you or the like. And only from there slowly begins the process, with which you can earn money more or less quickly. Success (on the net) depends on many parameters, not all of which can be influenced or predicted. Therefore, you approach projects, such as wanting to make money quickly on the net, with thought and planning. Do not rely on unrealistic ideas regarding the factors of time and difficulty.

How to avoid mistakes in the search

No matter which variant you will choose to earn some money quickly – stay serious. Finally, we give you a few rules to avoid falling in and prevent mistakes.

Do not pay money in advance
And if the offered job sounds still so tempting: Never pay money in advance for alleged achievements. Ignore job offers that want to charge you first for equipment or administration. Also in a training should invest the employer and not you, because you apply afterwards your skill and knowledge for it.

Check the data of the employer
Get your employer’s complete data and check it on the internet if necessary. A client who contacts you exclusively by e-mail and does not disclose any other information might have something more to hide than just phone or house numbers?

Don’t give out data without accurate information
If your client makes a secret of which jobs your services are claimed for, you should be persistent in asking for them. In the end, your counterpart might only be interested in your data.

Don’t take anything against your ideas
It is best not to take on a job that strongly contradicts what you have in mind. If you end up in a dating or call center hotline where you have to deliver almost under duress, it won’t last long. Then you better do without the messed up evening and start the search for a part-time job with which you earn money quickly all over again.

Notify boss or office beforehand
Secondary employment usually requires the permission of your employer or your employer’s tax office. of the job center ahead. So it is better not to hide your new engagement, but ask accordingly beforehand. This is usually just a formality and protects you from negative consequences in case of emergency. In addition, consider whether and, above all, to what extent it is worthwhile to earn extra income. It tends not to pay off if you get over certain limits and have to pay a higher tax burden as a result.


With our 17 tips, we’ve shown you that making money quickly on the side doesn’t have to be an impossibility. Double the benefit, turn your personal hobby into a (side) profession. None of our presented jobs requires a special education or a corresponding study as a mandatory qualification. Without appropriate talent, however, some of the jobs are not doable – the majority, however, can be done by almost anyone without further expertise.

There are many reasons for wanting to earn money quickly. Motivation must be the trigger for you to make this venture successful. Then comes your choice in the next step: what can you imagine having to spend time on as an additional occupation? And last but not least, avoid getting ripped off or stepping onto employment-related black ice. After all, your extra effort should be worthwhile for you.

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