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In Rummy Palace you can play live at any time against players from all over the world in Rummy go to! Our rummy rules are perfect for beginners. For they are manageable and easy to understand. So you can quickly get into the fun of the game. Once you have gained some experience, you can Special rules use them to shape the game according to your wishes.

In a nutshell

Rummy is a card game that is played at least in pairs. In the rummy palace you can two to four players choose. The goal of Rummy is to get your own cards before the other players get rid of hand cards. To do this, you can lay out cards in figures and put them on figures, and the figures must meet certain conditions. When a player has discarded the last card to the discard pile, the round is over. Then the point values are determined. Continue to the next round!

This detailed guide explains all rummy game rules and rummy terms in detail. To quickly look up a single term, feel free to check out the glossary! And use the in-game help to answer spontaneous questions in the Rummy Palace.

The rummy playing cards

Rummy is played Traditionally with a double French deck including jokers played: 104 cards in the suits Clubs, Spades Hearts and Diamonds, with the 13 ranks – from Two to Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, plus six Jokers – so a total of 110 cards.

Rummy cards – values and ranks

Each card has a rank and, in rummy, an associated point value. This is useful for both the Laying out the registration important (at least three cards with a total of 30 points) as well as for the Counting the points At the end of the round.

In the ranks from two to king, the point values of the cards are easily memorized.

Rummy: scoring ace and joker

Aces and Jokers, however, have variable values in different game situations.

If possible, you should not risk having cards with particularly high values in your hand at the end of the round.


You can always use a joker to replace a missing card in a figure. Two jokers next to each other are also possible, as long as there are not more jokers than natural cards.

If a player, you or your teammates, later has the card that the Joker replaces, he can exchange the Joker for his hand card. Now he can use the Joker for his own pieces.

The rummy board

The Playing field consists of two areas – the Talon with discard pile as well as the large, common registration area. You can also see at the bottom of the screen your hand cards and, when it’s your turn, how much time you have left to make your move. When it is your opponents’ turn, you will see the time indicator next to each player’s name. How many rummy cards your opponents still have you can also see on the edge of the field.

Rummy board - four players

This is how the playing field is laid out in four-player rummy.

The board

In this area all players can play their piece. As soon as a figure lies here, each player who has managed his registration can put on or, if necessary, exchange Joker.

Talon and discard pile

At the beginning of the round, each player receives 13 hand cards. The remaining cards are put aside face down to be drawn. This pile is the talon, from which one card is revealed as the starting card of the discard pile.


In Rummy one after the other in clockwise direction played. The starting player is determined randomly. Each player must play on Start of turn draw a card from the talon or the discard pile and play on the End of turn Discard a card to the discard pile. Then the player to the left starts his turn until one of you wins or the table is empty.

Between drawing and discarding you can different actions Run. The only condition: In each round, you must first Registration play at least three cards and at least 30 points before you can play any further actions. The ranks of the cards used do not matter.

As soon as a player discards his last card on the discard pile, the round is over and the scoring follows. If the talon is empty and nobody could play all cards, the round ends without a winner and all players lose points. Under certain circumstances, the next round will start until the selected number of rounds has been played.

Actions on the turn

Each turn begins with drawing a card from the deck or discard pile. After that you can choose from the actions explained below, as far as your hand cards allow it. Only those who have a turn can perform actions!

Play out figures

In rummy you play or. you report card combinations, called figures, which consist of at least three cards. Before you can choose other actions, you must play an application each round. But first let’s see the two types of figures in Rummy on – sets and rows.

Icon Rummy Group

Sets or groups can be formed from at least three cards of the same rank. But each suit – clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds – may only appear once per group, so a maximum of four cards per group is possible.

Icon Rummy Series

Rows or sequences consist of three to 13 consecutive cards of one suit. Each rank may appear only once per row. the following sequence applies: (Ace), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, (Ace). The Ace can open or close the row, but cannot be enclosed by other cards!

The application

The first combination of cards you lay out in a round must be in total at least 30 points result in. Points can also be scored by reporting several pieces in the same turn. Otherwise, all the usual rules for pieces apply (see above). Note especially that the ace in a row gives different numbers of points – one point before the deuce, eleven points after the king.

If you have laid out your entry, you can play as many additional actions as you like in each turn of this round.


If you have cards in your hand that would complete a piece on display, you can put them on at any time during your turn. It does not matter who originally played the piece. The following applies: Each suit may only appear once in a group and there can be a maximum of 13 cards in a sequence, whereby the ace can either be at the beginning or at the end.

Replacing the joker

In some laid out pieces resp. Entries can be jokers. If you have the appropriate card in your hand, you may use your hand card on your turn and take the Joker into your hand to use on this or a later turn. You can use it for your own messages, to create or to discard as the last card.

Game end

When you are the first to place all your rummy cards into pieces and have thrown a final card onto the discard pile, you call: Rummy! The Round is over and you win! Each remaining player now receives the total number of points of his remaining cards in his hand as minus points and you receive the sum of all minus points again as plus points.

At one table in the Rummy Palace you can play several rounds and collect points continuously. A table ends, when a selected number of rounds has been played. Finally, the player with the highest total score wins!

Special case: Hand rummy

Sometimes you are lucky and get perfectly combinable hand cards. Take your chance, as long as your teammates have no messages: If you all cards completely in one move out, you play a handromme. The minus points of the other players count double and you also get the double points credited!

Rummy points

At the end of each round, each player gets the values of his remaining hand cards added up as minus points. The winner gets the values of all hand cards of his fellow players credited as plus points.

Remaining hand cards have the following values:

RankValue in points
Two to Nine Corresponds to the rank (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).
Ten, Jack, Queen, King 10
Ace 11
Joker 20

In the case of a handromme, all plus and minus points are doubled! And if you play several rounds, at the end of the table the player with the highest total score wins.

Special rules according to taste

At the standard tables in the lobby, the game is played according to the rummy rules described above. Special rules let you set up your rummy game the way you and your friends enjoy it most. The following options are available:

Rummy menu: Special Rules

The special rules in the Rummy Palace

Special RuleDescription
Short hand Only one deck of French cards is used here, i.e. 55 cards – three of which are jokers. In addition, if there are two players, each receives ten hand cards, otherwise seven hand cards, and the special rule Without registration is automatically active.
registration with 40 The point threshold of each player’s entry is raised from 30 to 40 in each round.
Without registration At this table there is no point hurdle for the first piece in each round.
Cyclic laying The ace can now lie between several cards in sequences, instead of at the beginning or end of a sequence. Sequences still consist of a maximum of 13 cards.
Without Joker All jokers are removed from the deck with this special rule. This reduces the number of rummy cards from 110 to 104.
Strict joker With this special rule, jokers may not be discarded or placed next to each other. Before you can exchange Jokers from a group for cards in your hand, the group must be complete, that is, it must consist of four cards. Swapped jokers must also be played again in the same turn.
Strict groups The order of the colors in groups is determined: Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds must be respected and must not be interrupted. In the case of jokers, special attention must be paid to placement:
Clubs, Jokers, Hearts goes, for example, because in the order only spades are missing, which are replaced by the joker.
Joker, Clubs, Spades does not work, for example, because clubs are the first suit and no card can be replaced before it.
Knock Now even players whose turn it is not can acquire the last discarded card by knocking on it. When the card is received, another card must be drawn from the deck as a purchase price. The rule is: Whoever is faster, i.e. knocks or draws, gets the card. The regular next player can then draw as usual from the talon or discard pile. You can’t knock for a card you put down yourself. So this rule is only worthwhile with three or more players.
Winning without discarding To win, the last card in your hand does not have to be discarded, but can be placed in messages or played out.
Casino ranking The scoring is changed. The differences are small, but important. Therefore we explain it to you in the table below.
Training The table does not enter the league with this special rule. Thus no points, chips or playing strength are evaluated. But you still earn experience points.

Casino ranking

We have shown you the differences in scoring for Rummy in our basic game and with the special rule Casino scoring clearly summarized.

2) The winner gets the total value of all remaining hand cards credited as plus points.

3) The winner receives additional plus points for the cards he/she plays.

Again, all pluses and minuses are doubled for a handromme!

If you want to get more into the rummy card game, apart from this rummy game guide, you can find more explanations and tips on rummy strategy in our rummy lessons.

Play as much as you like!

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