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this far or this far? this far or this far?

so far or so far?

As far as I know, you can write this far both together and separately. So far, so good! But of course you can not do it the way you want. As far as we are able, we want to explain the difference to you here. Are you ready?

If you’re ready, here comes the explanation:

as far as

Only as a conjunction one writes so far together. The meaning is:

a) after what / so much

As far as I know, he is ill and cannot come.
From what I know, he is sick and can not come.
As far as I know, he is ill and cannot come.

As far as I know, the exhibition closes at 6 p.m.

b) to the extent that

As far as I can judge, he is right.
As far as I am able, I will help you, of course.
The players, as far as I know them, are highly motivated.

so far

In all other cases we write so far separately.

Are you ready? Let’s get started?
we are so far. Let’s go!
The food is ready. You can come and eat.
If he keeps this up, it’ll get to the point where he’ll lose all his friends.
We run as far as possible.
So far, so good.

Still questions?

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  • 23. August 2020

Didn’t know that learning German is written together! Is this new??

  • 26. August 2020

as a noun you write it capitalized and together.
Similar to z.B. at Driving Etc.

  • 25. May 2021

I read this sentence in Richard David Precht’s book, "So far the now-familiar process of brain growth". What does it mean here actually?

  • 25. May 2021

it’s good that you ask. First a small correction, although mistakes in comments don’t matter and I don’t really correct them, because it’s all about communication. But your German is so good that I point it out to you. It was probably just a typo or careless mistake anyway:
I have In Richard David Precht’s book…

To your question, "As far as the now-familiar process of brain growth."

So, in the sentences preceding this one, the author has enumerated everything that is known about the process of brain growth. With this sentence he concludes his listing/summary of what is now known about the process.
The meaning of "this far" here is "This is the now-familiar process of brain growth." / "This far is the now known process of brain growth" / This (just described) is all that is now known about the process of brain growth."

I hope the meaning of "so far" in this sentence has now become clear to you. Otherwise, feel free to ask again.

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