How to write an effective hairstylist biography

Did you know that the "About Us" section of your beauty salon website is most likely the second most visited page after your homepage?

It makes sense. Up to 80% of people research a company online before visiting it in person. And as a business that provides personal care services, your hairdresser bio needs to connect with your clientele immediately. Your bio should make them want to schedule an appointment with you.

This may sound like a lot, but don’t worry. There are many ways to build engagement with potential customers, even with just a few words.

We make it easy to attract new clients and repeat business with all the marketing tools you need for your nail, hair, skin or body care business.

In this article you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • Why a hairdresser bio is important and necessary?
  • What are must-haves in a hairdresser’s biography?
  • How to write a hairdresser biography?
  • How else can you promote your beauty business online?

Why a hairdressing bio is important and necessary?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s nearly effortless for people to find professional hairdressers who meet their needs – and even easier to book appointments online.

However, clients still want to know who their stylist is before they trust them. Very few clients book an appointment with someone they don’t know, as a new hairdresser may not have the knowledge to address their specific beauty needs or style their hair.

Hairstylist biography on the about page of a website

Clients want to learn more about your hairstylist’s expertise. Make sure the information you’re looking for is on the "About" page Be indicated on your company website.

Your hairdresser bio alleviates these concerns by familiarizing potential clients with your specialties and experience before you even meet them. By providing website visitors with this much-needed information, you get a head start on gaining their trust and building loyalty.

In an age where a strong online presence is just as important as word of mouth, writing your hairdresser bio gives you the opportunity to create the image you want your clients to have of you and your brand.

A hairdresser bio can promote your services from anywhere – your business website, Instagram and Facebook pages, and many other platforms. With an effective bio on your website, you will find that it becomes one of your most powerful online marketing tools to build your client list and promote your hair salon or salon.

What are must-haves in a hairdresser biography?

While every hairstylist has a unique background and list of accomplishments, there are must-haves for every effective bio:

  • Your name: Seems obvious, but any bio should start with the hairdresser’s name to make a personal connection. Including your job title – for example, "Master Hair Stylist" or "Top Colorist" – also highlights your expertise.
  • Your photo: While a well-written bio is essential, photos are just as important to hairdressers. Offer a professionally taken picture of yourself. Your company logo and photos of your work can also be good additions, depending on how much space you have available.
  • Your experience: How many years have you been in the hairdressing industry and in what areas – hair styling, coloring, etc. – you have worked. People want to know they are working with an experienced hairdresser.
  • Your specialties: You enjoy creating business-style hairstyles or wilder styles? Information like this can attract different clients. You can also mention beauty products that you use frequently. Your ability to help clients discover and express their personal style or your ability to create a relaxing environment can also be unique offerings to focus on.
  • Your accomplishments: Do you have any special certifications? You can also highlight work that has been featured in magazines or done for celebrities, as well as collaborations with photographers. All of these achievements will give you more clout in the eyes of many clients.
  • Personal Information: Connecting with clients means sharing something personal about yourself. Doesn’t have to be anything fun or fancy. You can share a hobby you are passionate about or a skill you are learning. Think of the image you want to present of yourself and share something appropriate.

Once you have all of the above information in a cohesive and compact body of text, remember to add a call-to-action (CTA). A bio should connect with customers – but it’s also important that you point them to what to do next.

Typically, you want them to make an appointment. You may also want them to send you an email or get directions to your salon.

How to write a hair salon bio?

Depending on where your hairdresser bio appears, you may be able to expand on certain topics or reduce your information to a few sentences. But even if you need to create a short bio, you can use techniques to offer more detail.

Remember, a bio needs to do two things – connect with your clientele and direct them to take a specific action.

Write a long bio

A long bio should still only be 150 words or less. Ideally, it should fit into a single paragraph so a client can easily get to know you.

This type of bio usually appears in the "About Us" or "Meet the Team" section of your company website. When writing your bio, consider your target clientele and write in a way that appeals to them.

Here are some tips to improve bios of this type:

  • Writing in the first person makes your tone seem more inviting. This is effective for communicating that you are a hairdresser who wants to connect with clients in person.
  • Writing in the third person gives a biography a professional feel. If you specialize in business style haircuts and want to work with clients who see the beauty industry as a way to project a professional image, you can try this avenue out.
  • It’s always a good idea to emphasize how your experience and accomplishments will benefit your client. If you helped a celebrity find their special look, emphasize that you can do the same for other clients.
  • Make your CTA appealing. Mention a discounted product you’re promoting or how you’ve made your space more convenient for customers before you include your phone number or email address.

Write a short biography

Short biographies are usually written for social media sites. Instagram, for example, allows you to reach over a billion users, but only offers you 150 characters for your hairdresser bio.

Use Instagram to show off a hairdresser's skills

Instagram is a great way to showcase your hairdressing skills on social media.

To write effective short bios and harness the power of social media marketing, follow these tips:

  • Open a business Instagram account – this allows you to post additional information such as your phone number and business address.
  • When writing your bio, emphasize the main benefit you offer to your clients. Use hashtags that link to other social media sites. This way, you can share information without using up all your characters.
  • Post regular Instagram stories showcasing your best hairstyles. It’s often easier to show your specialties and accomplishments this way.
  • Add a CTA button to your social media profile that makes it easy for visitors to book an appointment, send you an email, or find directions to your salon.

How else can you promote your beauty business online?

Writing a biography for a hairdresser is just one useful online marketing tool to promote your salon, spa or barber shop.

To learn more about promoting your personal care business – through email marketing and other digital strategies – read the Download from Constant Contact. It’s a free marketing guide that teaches professionals like you how to make sense of online marketing and use it to grow your brand and customer base.

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