How to write a weekly internship report

How to write a weekly internship report

Since an internship is usually completely different from school or university, interns often do not know what is important for a report afterwards and what should be recorded. However, if you follow some hints, you will be able to write an informative and exciting weekly report about the internship without any problems.

Find and follow the red thread

The purpose of an internship is to give students the opportunity to gain their first practical experience and to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world. Such experiences are of course exciting, so that in retrospect it is difficult to separate the important from the unimportant. Who Write a weekly report about an internship must, therefore, think about a red thread and follow it strictly. For example, you can create a chronological plan in which you record certain time windows day by day and describe your tasks. Alternatively, highlight the different tasks of the respective internship days and additionally name a highlight and explain it precisely. For both variants, it is important that you use the weekly report to describe your tasks and activities, what you were able to learn and where, which things you really liked and what you yourself might improve on. Of course, you must not forget the regulations of your school. You should definitely follow and take to heart the rules for an internship report that apply there.

Chronological weekly report


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If you decide to write a chronological weekly report, you have the advantage of being able to follow a certain order from the outset. In order to be able to remember everything better after the internship day, it is useful to make small notes during the work with indication of the time, if the supervisor has no objection to this. A table with the columns "Time" and "Activities"is very well suited for this purpose. You then formulate your notes into complete sentences, describing your daily experiences during the internship. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that the report may become rather monotonous. If you write every day that you stocked shelves from seven to eight o’clock, cut vegetables or looked through archive material, sooner or later you will bore your reader.

Describe skills, goals and highlights

The alternative to the chronological weekly report is a description of the internship in which you specifically address daily goals, acquired skills and highlights. This type of report is a little more demanding, since you must already recognize during the internship what you can learn from the tasks set and thus establish your own hierarchies. The most useful way to do this is to first explain which activities have been assigned to you. Afterwards, try to make clear to the reader what you were able to learn in the process resp. which theoretical knowledge could be applied and deepened. As a little extra, you can assign the day to a specific goal, giving it its own title, so to speak. On day 1, for example, this could be "getting to know the company", while on day 3 it might be "hygiene in the workplace". It also makes sense to mention a personal highlight that you particularly enjoyed on the day in question. Be specific and explain what you liked most about it and why it was your personal highlight of the day.

Time for a conclusion

If your training center has no specific rules against a summary at the end of the internship report, then a summary at the end is very useful. Here you have the opportunity to briefly summarize the most important things and explain what skills you were able to learn and improve. This is also the place for criticism and suggestions that would have made the internship better for you. The conclusion can be concluded very well with a recommendation for other students and trainees, in which you describe what experiences and tasks await the interns on site.

Write a weekly report

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Linguistic structure

Even though a weekly report on an internship is primarily about the skills acquired, it should still be written in an exciting and varied way. In order not to bore readers, you should avoid word repetitions and not always make the sentence structure the same. "Today I cleaned up the warehouse at seven o’clock. After that I put the shelves away. At nine o’clock I got to know the checkout system", for example, is a very monotonous way of phrasing a report. Use the diversity of the German language: "I started my first day at seven o’clock in the warehouse, where I had to keep things in order. Afterwards, I filled the shelves in the supermarket with new goods until I got an introduction to the checkout system at nine o’clock."
It is also important that you describe your experiences and adventures as concretely as possible if they involve situations that are significant for you. In this way, you can bring the reader close to the action. This way the report reads exciting and interesting at the same time.

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