How to write a rousing introduction

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You have a hot topic. A convincing outline and detailed bullet points. Now all you have to do is get started and write that blog post. But how do you start? How can you introduce all the exciting information you want to present to your readers? How can you convey to users that your post is worth reading? We’ll show you how to write a rousing introduction that will get your blogpost on track from the very first word.

Meet these expectations

Before we go into detail, be clear about what you want to show your readers in the introduction and what they expect from you in the introduction.

  • want to arouse curiosity,
  • expect a context to the topic and
  • want to know the added value of your contribution.
  • with little time to get through the introduction
  • Grab the attention of your readers
  • Get them to read your entire blogpost.

In order to meet the expectations of your readers as well as to realize your intentions, follow these 3 steps in writing your introduction:

Attract the attention of the reader!
Warning signs with signature 'Important


Introductions should usually be short and make the reader curious with every word. Since the attention span of today’s web user is only a few seconds, you’ll be lucky to get readers beyond your headline to the introduction. How to write click-strong headlines, we have shown you in our article “In 9 steps to the headline with high click-through rate”.

The goal of your first sentence should therefore be that your second sentence is read. The goal of your second sentence should be to get your third sentence read. You can imagine how this will continue? A short first sentence is often particularly effective as a starting point for an introduction. 5-6 words that immediately captivate the user and arouse their curiosity.

You have several options to choose from to engage your readers in the introduction. You can put it in the first sentences

Win over empathy, with questions like

Do you also hate it when…?

Shock them by presenting them with amazing facts or statistics, with phrases like

It’s unbelievable, but..

Did you know that

entertain with a witty introduction and thus lead to your topic

using storytelling to arouse curiosity by reaching the reader emotionally through a hook for a story


You have won the attention of your readers. Now show them that you’re not just entertaining, shocking or a good storyteller, but that you’re providing value to them in your post. To hint at this, address a problem that your readers are well aware of and interested in solutions for.

When formulating the problem, always keep in mind that your readers have no idea what to expect and how you will help them.

Therefore, write short and concise sentences or questions that give users a little “aha”. This way you make sure you don’t lose them after the first few lines of the introduction.


The problem stands, the readers are woken up and ready for the main part of your article. To prevent them from jumping off so close to the finish line, make sure you don’t leave the problem you’ve raised out in the open. Tell users exactly that you’ve got solutions in hand and what value they add.

Show that you have the missing piece of the puzzle for your readers!
Two hands holding puzzle pieces together

Be careful, however, that you do not anticipate too much. The conclusion of your introduction should be the climax of the short arc of suspense and should have aroused the reader’s curiosity enough to drop immediately into the main body to learn more. The problem you raise and the added value you promise should therefore create expectations in the users, which you then fulfill in the main part.


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